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    In a mysterious and suspicious turn of events, every cow on the farm is trying to become Grandpa Harold. There must be something in the milk.
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    Cast: Dalton Johnson, Austin Williams, Matthew Galvan, Jessica Drolet
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Garet Allen
    Writers: Michael Christian

    Published on Month ago



      this is too sus

    2. Mr. Alkenly

      This man drinks unpasteurized milk

    3. Greenkitten45

      I have never milked a cow, but even I know it wasn't a good idea to suck down milk fresh out of a cow's udder.

    4. Private First Class , Noob

      This is hilarious.

    5. Smiley the duck

      this isnt funny. studio c has become dogshit.

    6. Jeff Skousen

      Is it just me or does this new cast try too hard to be funny therefore they are not

    7. khadrelt

      My grandpa's name was Harold. He kept horses, but not cows. That's obviously why he never had this problem.

    8. Ace Q

      I love the intense zoom-ins on the cows just standing there-

    9. Johnny G

      Grandpa’s having a lot of steaks tonight!

    10. Homer Hanson

      I thought the twist would be he was a cow

    11. Brian Hebert

      I keep trying to like these, but then this happened. There are flares of comedy, but then this happened. What in the world!?

    12. steve steven

      that sketch was brilliant

    13. luke tuckey

      I'm curious to know did anyone laugh during this sketch? Not hating just wondering... personally didn't find it funny but perhaps I've been spoiled with comedy...

      1. Brian Hebert

        No. Not once.

    14. Belphimus

      just grill them but don't mistaken grandpa for the steak tho

    15. A.E.P. Reader

      I love how each cow looks so "This dude shouting at me needs therapy."

    16. Kasper Christensen

      Grandpa actor looks like a cartoon XD

    17. Nels Anderson

      The barn(s) and field at the end looked real. Where was this filmed?

    18. Brendens Galactic World

      Hey I saw this on tv

    19. G Smith

      When the imposter is sus 😳

    20. daniel buckner

      But wait, whats this!? Four seconds to go and Jessica comes in for the steal... she hits her mark... she says her line... OmG, she just stole the scene!!!

    21. Ammon Felt



      The Grandpa: it tastes like cola! Me: MOOPOP If you know you know Hip hep hipty hep

    23. Revised Files


    24. Nicki Crump

      Click Clack Moo to the extreme

    25. SlitherinBanana

      Ok i must ask a question.... where did the old actors go... they just disappeared...

      1. Blue Whale

        @SlitherinBanana 😁

      2. SlitherinBanana

        @Blue Whale thx!

      3. Blue Whale

        @SlitherinBanana yup!

      4. SlitherinBanana

        Oh really?!

      5. Blue Whale

        They started a new stech comedy called JK Studios.

    26. ・゚: * l a y n a *:・゚

      gUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS IM FREAKING OUT~ mY GRANDPA'S NAME IS HAROLD AND HE'S A DAIRY FARMER **conspiracy theoriiiiiiiiiiiiiessssssssssssss are in my heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad**

    27. Brilynn Westwood

      Does Dolton Drink his colonge!?

    28. Angeline Manga

      Go to JK studios if u want to see the original cast of Studio c :)

    29. Red Tiger

      I was imagining the cow walking up the stairs😁😄👍. This one's My favorite

    30. BlueThunder and Frank Challenges and parody’s

      I guess you could say, he had a cow over that, also halfway expected that he was revealed to be a cow in disquise

    31. Prior2Popular

      I swear- more and more of these sketches seem like fever dreams

    32. Nilus

      These cows are a little sus

    33. Klinton

      4:15 Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

    34. Panda Monium

      When the Cow is SUS!

    35. Coulter Gill

      How would he know what his cologne tastes like

    36. Cringee_Videoo

      Scott Sterling

    37. Genre Productions

      Moo moo here and a moo moo there!

    38. LappySheep


    39. main malmika

      Aww how that cow try to kiss dalton. She must be very confused when he started yelling

    40. Panda rox

      My dad after watching this sketch: A Wisconsin Horror Story

    41. Will Hooker

      *drinks raw milk*

    42. Spencer Bodine

      You had ever opportunity to title this "Grandposter" and you didn't. For shame

    43. General Baguette

      When the impostor is sus 😳

    44. Alex 알렉스

      The Chick-Fil-A cows always seemed suspicious....

    45. Raaed Amhar

      Haha cow sus I am not sorry

    46. Studio C Fan

      Why does he know what cologne tastes like

    47. Anish Kumar

      In india "you become the cow" or is it too soon?

    48. David Warap

      I'm from a country called Papua New Guinea or PNG at the North of Australia. I love Studio C.

    49. gamingdave45


    50. AlphonYT

      Everyone's talking abt the rest of the skit, but nobody is talking about how they're all drinking unpastreurized milk

      1. Joshua Borre

        @Catherine McBride we get our raw mil from a family at our church it's the best thing ever!! grass-fed too

      2. Catherine McBride

        Raw milk is a thing, it’s way healthier for you than pasteurized milk it’s just hard to get from most places cuz it won’t last as long and can’t be shipped far. We’ve gotten raw milk from local farms my whole life and it’s great!

      3. Coops123

        i doubt they really are

    51. Benjamin Fliehmann

      Two Harolds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Epic flying duck


    53. Epic flying duck


    54. Epic flying duck


    55. Joseph Koester

      Plot twist: the grandpa they are with is just the most successful cow

    56. D L Johnson

      When Studio C crosses over into The Twightlight Zone, normal everyday farm animals are no longer just ordinary.

    57. TripleG

      I thought that was an actual child in the thumbnail for a minute!

    58. Furry Friends

      The cows the whole time: What are you talking about, Why are you yelling at me, why do I have clothes on?

    59. Roslyn Pettay

      Well I get the case isn’t so black & white anymore!!😏🐄

    60. Lord Of Deception

      Fnaf 2 be like- "Wh-what?! If you're here then who- *TWO HAROLDS?!* "

    61. Jayheartsjonas

      This concept would honestly make for a good Twilight Zone episode tbh

      1. Jayheartsjonas

        @OneWeirdDude true, but that's not the point I'm making in my comment lol

      2. OneWeirdDude

        Not as good as "What Is Real?" where everything is "fake", I think. And a couple others, too.

    62. Cadence Plinsky

      Animal farm all over again

    63. Persefoni Ajax

      Those darn cows.

    64. Persefoni Ajax

      Love the subtitles. TWO HAROLDS!? *dramatic sigh*

    65. Persefoni Ajax


    66. Persefoni Ajax

      Reminds me of Daniel Thrasher's recent cow video, only a little more tame.

    67. Caitlyn Halliday

      Well it seems like the cows were planning a complete and "utter" takeover of the grandpa roll. Or maybe trying to make him "cow"er in fear because he might have eaten beef before. Well, either way, they definitely weren't "cow"ards.🐄 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    68. Ryan Howay

      They are on a downward spiral that I don’t think they can recover from.

    69. Trav

      This wasn't funny...

    70. Sabrina Rockelmann

      0:42 it was the cow's reaction that got me😭

    71. Cassi Banman

      When I saw the title of the episode I thought what in the world have they came up with now. But in the good way.

    72. Rayek

      No subscribe & like at the end of the video!?!

    73. bff gaming

      Best. One. Yet!

    74. Kalani McClannen

      if the cows are turning into grandpa will the cows make grandpa into a cow?🤔

    75. PicoGaming

      When the grandpa is sus 😈 he’s the imposter 😱

    76. Hope Rowgo

      Gertie's sus, vote her out

    77. Blonde Boi


    78. Rebekah Griffith

      This. Was. Strange. That's all I've got to say.

      1. Cactus Creates


    79. Banana Llama

      674 Like!!!

    80. Cosmic Wonderhoof

      Slaughter them all.

    81. Tyler D S

      I expected the grandpa to actually be a cow, and it has the real grandpa locked up. 😂

      1. Mr. Shnizls

        Too dark

    82. natidaschoolboy _

      Yayyy another cow

    83. Gudarz Davar

      Studio C, you're soooooo amazing! You're all the best on USfilm! We love you!!

    84. Dylan Atkinson

      Bring back Matt and all of them please

      1. Dylan Atkinson

        AKA Scott sterling

    85. Sharp Design

      I thought maybe he was tasting it from his mustache. Lol

    86. Starlion

      grandpa cow that is super weird

    87. Redline Studios

      i miss the old cast. this stuff just isnt the level of comedy that matt and mallory and jason and everbody else was able to trrancend.

    88. Rectorbj

      I don’t think I quite understand this one. It’s bizarre sure, but unlike all their other sketches, I just don’t get the humor in this one. Can someone explain why they find it funny?

    89. Amy Corbin

      I don't really understand...and I don't know if I want to...

    90. J.A.P. THE CAT

      Should have put a Mustache on the cow 🐄

    91. Yehia Lahib

      That is just creative

    92. Taracinablue

      Well. That sure is something.

    93. Walt R. Buck

      The implications of this video are insanely disturbing on many levels. Haha

    94. Chunky Monkey

      I miss the old cast please bring them back!

      1. Maxwell Anderson

        I don't think you understand

    95. Awareness with Andrew

      I hate when this happens to my cows

    96. Red T

      When a cow just wants to be a human a real human freaks out

    97. _ Thomas

      When Dolton dropped the cup and immediately reacted to the taste!!🤣👏 Amazing execution + @ 3:53 those gestures remind me of Curtis's gestures from Tyler Perry's House of Payne🤔😄

    98. Dalton Johnson

      Looking at a cow straight in the eye and yelling at it was one of the weirdest experiences of my life

      1. Jonathan Rand

        This was one of the best episodes yet!!! Great job! Who's the talent behind this? Great accent, by the way Dalton! My son and I couldn't stop laughing! Very entertaining!

      2. Dalton Johnson

        @Aaron Long ok fine, but it is up there for sure!

      3. Dalton Johnson

        @Emery Schultz no, I didn’t have to. I think the cow and I were equally relieved by that

      4. Benjamin Fliehmann

        @Slend Veny usually its a sidelong glance....

      5. jw Brown

        Oh that's normal wen you a dairy farmer.

    99. Sindel's Cat

      Who else was thinking of among us when the title said "imposter"?

      1. Sindel's Cat

        @Slend Veny oh

      2. Slend Veny

        I thought of ditto.

    100. EPICFLOWS