The Ballad of Big Bad Ron - Studio C

Studio C

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    Apparently it's no longer possible to find a decent villain in the Wild Wild West. This is a song about bad guys (and girls), gone good.
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    Cast: Ike Flitcraft, Dalton Johnson, Austin Williams, Jessica Drolet, Tori Pence, April Rock, Garet Allen, Tanner Gillman, Jetta Juriansz, Matthew Galvan, Arvin Mitchell
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Gabe Casdorph
    Writers: Ike Flitcraft

    Published on 25 days ago


    1. derp smith

      this is best western song


      i love studio c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Clare helmstetler

      3:06 reminds me of Robin Hood

    4. J Double C

      Buster Scruggs reference 😂

    5. Amy Piero

      Whoever did the sound effects for this video did a fantastic job!!

    6. randomcactus56

      Gotta love that devil went down to georgia reference

    7. Bee Well

      probably the only one i actually liked with the new cast

    8. heruaza elxia

      Studio c is always about song now. The new cast had their specialty on singing

    9. That Cool Llama

      My favorite studio C video with the new cast

    10. Shanna JOY

      Me and my brother have watched this at least 8 times now😅 it’s awesome🤠😂

    11. That Cool Llama

      Imagine if studeo C made a western movie. That be so cool

    12. Backyard Rebel

      Ya had me u till "good guy devil". Nope. That won't ever be ok.

    13. lil_trout

      For a moment, I forgot this wasn't TILLN by Jaron Myers and I was like, "Fiddle off!"

    14. David Cottam

      Love the "Hide you kids, hide your wives" reference!!

    15. Alberto Camejo

      Later we find out that he can’t get any of the candy that falls out but has too see everybody else getting it.

    16. my vintage life

      Pinned this comment please

    17. Benjamin Loyd

      That much flourish will probably kill somebody

    18. Anna Ivins

      Is it just me, but this song reminds me of, the tune from ghost rider, or at least the beginning does.

    19. Bobby Retrac

      Where did aaron go?

    20. Milo Harkins

      I love how "Ron" says "I'm so much richer than you!" in a menacing voice, then continues with, "but now I'm a changed man, let's play go-fish!"

    21. Satine Kryze

      Remember good isn’t just the absence of bad but it’s also the presence of good - the devil

    22. Ciel Sebastian

      I seriously miss the original cast. This new group just isn’t up to par with the OG.

    23. Jada Craig

      Ike's a good singer

    24. mateo taylor1763

      Sorry y’all this isnt funny anymore

    25. Evelyn Prete

      How is nobody commenting on the “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” reference at 4:00???

    26. Machtyn

      Well, those thieves were pretty bad. They stole it from the bank and gave it to the poor. Okay, and all those farmers that have their money in the bank are now the poor.

    27. Evelyn Prete

      The piñata was the best part

    28. Evelyn Prete

      Garet made a great devil in this one

    29. Evelyn Prete


    30. Evelyn Prete

      Did anyone get the “The Devil went down to Georgia” reference at 4:01

    31. John London

      The struggle is real.

    32. BADWOLF

      I wanna get my comment pinned someday.

    33. BADWOLF

      what's so bad about a pinata?

    34. Ahmed Qureshi

      Fluoride in the water... that actually was a real villain...

    35. Rebecca Durling

      So glad Jason is back even if he’s not with the original cast family! God bless y’all and your journey! Remember God loves you sooo much!!

    36. Vavman 16

      I miss the old studio C

    37. Genre Productions

      Moral of the story, never judge a book by it’s cover

    38. Some Guy

      The town's founder was Bob Ross

    39. Fio 08

      This somehow reminds of the narrator hater

    40. ISAAC ROWE

      Bro y did the other people leave

      1. Nitro Harley

        They started there own channel called jk studios now my childhood ruined

    41. A

      Did anyone see the last episode? Jason is coming back to the show 🤩

    42. BADWOLF

      my new fav!

    43. Daniel B

      I demand a follow up song

    44. Bri

      Ike is lowkey good at singing his voice sounds great in country and this song is awesome

    45. Persefoni Ajax

      B e a u t i f u l

    46. Kcaz001 // Captain Kcaz

      In a very strange way, this episode reminds me of Narrator Hater

    47. Flitcraft Fanboi


    48. OneWeirdDude

      Suggestion: Take Amendment 6 to an extreme and have a sketch VERY SPEEDY trial.

    49. Chloe R

      good guy devil

    50. Greece CountryBall


    51. Morgan Sauer

      That was freakin hilarious!

    52. imajeff Smith

      Well a few problems with the "good acts"... Point a toy gun at someone, yer dead if they had a gun. Rob a bank? You seriously think it's ok as long as you give my stolen money to other people ?! Try delivering a baby with machete/cleaver would be bad Flouride can be deadly in wrong concentrations, or at least bad

    53. Brent Martin


    54. The Maniac Master

      this is catchier than the marvel one

    55. Bigbad Kid09

      Bring back the original cast

    56. Talis Mastny

      but it's actually a GOOD song

    57. GearBreaker

      This is somehow the most wholesome video I have ever seen. ❤

    58. benny botros

      some group perform this song live

    59. Stana Milanovich

      This was actually just delightful. High production quality too! I'm surprised. I was wrong! Dang it, ya got me! Where's the piñata?

    60. PKC Productions

      I was half expecting bees to fly out of the piñata.

    61. Brilynn Westwood

      This dude has some isues.

    62. damian blackmore

      Old studio c was much better 😔 I’m sorry but it’s true

    63. Kennedy Patton

      This is the perfect interpretation of my mind trying to figure out who the villain is in a movie.

    64. Random Shenaniganery

      the town is Scp and everyone who goes in it becomes uncharacteristically good except for Ike

    65. Andrew Wunrow

      Somehow every time the twist came I wasn't ready for it...

    66. Nina Dorado

      Love these guys ....hilarious and clean

    67. Drop Shotters Fishing

      Did y’all here jason Is coming back

    68. Bryan White


    69. Virgils _Red_Boots

      This was a pretty good one!

    70. Paul Prisbrey

      Good Guy Devil! That made me laugh.

    71. Borgar Bakke Ekhaugen

      Please get a spotify. Please. For the love of god, you have some incredible songs.

    72. Matthew Rose

      The best episode, this year! Fabulous!

    73. Captain Stickman

      i thought it was James singing when i first watched this

    74. AJ

      Love this one........ This season is really strong glad PPL have the new cast a chance

    75. TheFlash1171

      no wonder they can't get 1mil views anymore

      1. Redline Studios

        amen..... theyre just kinda riding on the brandname " studio c!" and excepting people to watch it

    76. Thomas McGowan

      This is one of the best episodes yet

    77. SarahLaLaLa

      Is this filmed at pioneer village in provo? It looks like it 🤔

    78. C. Ellis

      "Oh screams" lololol

    79. Ammon Who

      If Studio C wrote the music for Fallout New Vegas

    80. Marcuri

      good song actually

    81. meena sharma

      3:50 Not to be a party popper but If you change fluoride concentration from 1ppm to even 2 ppm you get from white and shiny to brown mottling of teeth

      1. imajeff Smith

        I missed that one in my list of "good acts" being bad, thanks!

    82. Geoffroy Laville

      Ike Flitcraft playing guitar and singing made me already love this sketch.



    84. Mary Browne

      All their characters were so well developed and acted out!! Tanner’s voice was EVERYTHING😂😂

    85. Henry Norman

      Matts back yay!

    86. T. Stark

      This guy wants to find a villain? He should find Micah Bell.

    87. Stephen Kicinski

      Everyday I want to unsubscribe from this horrid channel, but I can't because of my respect for the original cast members.

    88. Prior2Popular

      I guessed it was fluoride lol

    89. Tristan C

      You guys have been rocking the musicals! This one was awesome!

    90. C

      Wow this was fantastic! The tune, the singing, the sets, and the sketch were all top notch!! Loved it, keep up the good work!!

    91. Silver Rose

      This is The video that made me unsubscribed I’ve been watching this channel for over 2 years and honestly I’m done That good guy devil line just pushed me over the edge Satan is the embodiment of pure evil I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys but I’m out

    92. NAGJRC JasonBower

      The Ballad of Buster Scruggs with a happy ending... Cool!

    93. JakNekon


    94. Esahcae Eneiradgbo

      Well its nice to know that all good villains are men & wemon. Well if you'll excuse me I'll be a bad villain gone good. 😂

    95. Rachel Kornak

      I love y’all’s western set 😂

    96. Kimberly Tousley


    97. Somos Hubers

      First cast was better

    98. Somos Hubers

      Here early

    99. Samuel Pun

      Big bad Ron looks good in the costume 🤪

    100. Lucas Bury

      So if anyone watched this episode on BYU TV, they finally reveal that Jason Gray is returning to Studio C!

      1. Shanna JOY

        I know!!! So excited!😃

      2. Esahcae Eneiradgbo

        It was so good to see Jason again. I literally just cried. 😂

      3. Karissa Rusk

        I know! I screamed with joy, but to my family, it sounded like I saw a spider in my room XD