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    It has been a rough quarter for T&K Toys, and because of that their team is desperate to come up with a new idea for a pool toy that will make a splash and save their business from financial disaster.
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    Cast: Tanner Gillman, Garet Allen, Austin Williams, Arvin Mitchell
    Directors: Micah Merrill, Paul Rugg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Jetta Juriansz

    Published on Month ago


    1. Wicked Shades Productions

      An underwater speaker does sound like something I would want to buy

    2. blueninja52

      I want a beach cube

    3. Joshua

      If you had a merch store you should totally add a beach cube. And adds numbers to it like a dice.

    4. ShadowstormProducts

      Yeah, I was sold on its functionality....meanwhile they were designing an Underwater water gun....

    5. georgi de casas

      why is the blond guy so handsome, like omg I cant-

    6. Luke W

      Give him a break please. He just wants a beach cube that won’t roll away.

    7. Luke W

      I would love beach cubes

    8. H G

      Beach cube... I would totally buy it.

    9. Ray Rowley

      That was a square not a cube.

    10. mysdannie

      Okay, was anyone going to say that Studio C has a Gilbert Blythe on the cast or was I supposed to learn that by finding a web series of a modern Anne Shirley au?

      1. Tanner Gillman

        Only the real ones remember the good ole’ days

    11. Walker Wellman

      I miss the old ones

    12. Alyssia Lee

      I actually like the water gun idea

    13. Corey Goldwaves

      The problem with arguing about beach cube is people usually don't know WHICH SIDE TO TAKE!!!

    14. Mr Futzy

      I would buy a beach cube!!

    15. Ahsoka Tano

      At first I thought he cussed- 😂

    16. Cool Guy Caleb

      I love how casually he said, "Kent your fired"

    17. The Banana Squad

      I would love a beach cube

    18. whofandb

      Yes he has lost his mind.

    19. Alan F.

      I brought several beef cubes in the form of ice

    20. James Silverio

      Is studio c remaking every past sketch with a different plot?

    21. Charlotte Cushingham

      5:02 that second "ruined" is amazing

    22. Charlotte Cushingham

      when ur in a group at school and this one kid has stupid ideas but they think they're amazing so you have to pretend to consider it like "hmm, maybe we could do that... these are all great ideas... betty i thought your idea sounded cool could you tell us more about that?"

    23. ijk7

      I need Garet's and Tanner's hair

    24. Melissa Jones

      Guys guys I don't know why but I just feel the need to get one of those beach cubes

    25. James Long

      Tik toys, in 2020 it becomes Tik Tok

    26. Caleb Wright

      Honestly, when he said beach cube I thought it was a great idea, better than the water gun.

    27. Whatchamacallit

      I miss old studio c

    28. Kailie Creations

      Both me and my sister agree: Beach cube is a magnificent idea!

    29. Rosalea Buchanan

      Studio c needs to have a beach cube as their murch

    30. Steve Jarvis

      So I guess studio C is back? Anyways, a beach cube could make a good foot rest.

    31. Captain Jack Sparrow

      3:52 he smiles in the background lol breaks character for a sec

    32. Colleen Criste

      When you go to the beach "MY BEACH BALL NOOOO" Then when you see a beach cube "AMAZING"

    33. Anonyomus Stryker

      Okay, I legit thought Gamecube when he said Beach Cube lol...

    34. Quack 90

      Studio C is terrible now

    35. Feed Back

      the old ones was best

    36. stefoehmen

      a beach cube sounds funny, but i just realized the edges might poke kids in the eye so maybe not

    37. Lori Applebaum

      i would buy the beach cube

    38. Sophia Mccullough

      The beach cube could also double as a chair tho

    39. Aurelia Cathey

      I actually want a beach cube now

    40. Serina Aguilar


    41. Not2be4gotten02

      Ok, better idea... beach pyramid. Less sides and corners, still cant roll away.

    42. shai cartoon

      Is it weird I want to buy a beach cube? 😂

    43. Simone Perry

      I don't know why, but like, from 3:40 onwards, it felt like everyone had forgotten their lines and were just ad-libbing XD

    44. Ruth Cook

      Like actually i'd buy a beach cube

    45. Wallace Alvey

      I thought this sketch would end where everyone would reconsider the Beach Cube and think it's a great idea. Did anyone else think that?

    46. Trex King

      Just had surgery this morning. Been binge watching studio c and horror movie analysis since I got back around noon. Really helps take my mind off the pain and hunger.

    47. Slimy Skates

      but i give it a like

    48. Slimy Skates

      I am not subscribed any more.

    49. Slimy Skates

      I like the old people more. these people are not the same. Good but not the same

    50. Grady H.

      No joke, I actually would buy a beach cube. It sounds very fun.

    51. Multi Media Death

      Wut happened to the original studio c crew

      1. Simone Perry

        The original crew now have a channel called JK Studios

      2. Eli Schaffer

        They left and now these guys took over, they aren’t as good

    52. Tim Murphy

      The beach cube look just awsome like nice dude

    53. Toby Bartels

      A water gun made from recycled beach cubes!

    54. justalittlebitmo

      Ooh! Like real-life Minecraft.

    55. imajeff Smith

      I can't imagine you guys discussing your sketch idea, and somebody sayin "that's a terrible idea"

    56. Alex 알렉스

      FEAR NOT, for I would buy a Studo C beach cube! Where is the Studio C merch?! People must not get our inside jokes on a t-shirt!

    57. Wes Johnson

      Jesus loves you 🤩😜

    58. Lil Yousy

      Kent just lost his job because he is a follower international Pi Day!

    59. Olivia

      Garet’s hair looks nice like that.

    60. Y Weaver

      I think beach cube is a great idea (not sarcastic). I was expecting the others to be like, "actually I like it, this works. It's familiar, but also novel". I dunno, I feel like a lot of the studio C sketches lately don't have a punchline or conflict resolution, they just... end. It's very unsatisfying.

    61. yamato

      I miss the old studio C they where actually funny

      1. imajeff Smith

        would you say this sketch is a terrible idea

    62. MijoSmash

      I miss the old crew.

    63. Lexiconikan

      Beach dice. Just sayin'.

    64. Preston Michael

      "There are no bad ideas" yeah except this sketch... Please make funnier content guys!! Your so talented!!

    65. Aaron Long

      How about *each side of the cube has a different picture of Garet on it?*

    66. EddyGurge

      I want a beach cube now.

    67. Rebekah Griffith

      What if it actually is a genius idea.....Nah

    68. K15hw4r M

      I wonder if Flinn named his old beach ball Wilson

    69. L.

      Er- not to be a hater, but if this is comedy not sure I get it?

    70. Alex95

      Beach Cubes exist and I want one.

    71. Hebl von Heblowitz

      I really don't get why the beach cube idea didn't get more traction. They really should have rolled with it.

    72. Shokora-Chan

      Yeah but beach cube could be used as a table/chair wherever? Or what if it had a cupholder? OOH OR WHAT IF YOU COULD BUILD WITH THEM LIKE BLOCKS AND MAKE A FORT ON THE BEACH???!

    73. Anayah Rennie

      "I guess no one knows how to beat beach cube."

    74. Haz wizZRblx

      Minecrafter be like

    75. UnderCode

      The beach cube isn't a bad idea. I would buy it.

    76. iTs Messiah

      If you don't know then know that old studio c team is on JK STUDIOS channel now I like both channels

    77. Studio C Fan

      Okay we all can come together for now. They could have done a little bit better. 0.001% less than their usual sketch.

    78. Ainesh Mohan

      This is just Flynn’s PTSD

    79. Ainesh Mohan

      The others are actually amazing and I would love them

    80. Nadia 1306

      I actually would buy a beach cube tho

    81. Tim McConnaughy Jr.

      i hadn't heard of a beach cube until this Studio C episode......hmmm maybe they're on to something.

    82. Some Guy

      Instead of sandcastles, let's make them triangular! That has never happened before!

    83. Sorban

      What if we can assemble the beach cube to build something like Minecraft ? It will flotte on water ! They will build more to build bigger

    84. Marina Capri

      It would be more fun to toss around the beach cube then the Beachball. I have spoken

    85. Diabandana

      The beach cube actually exists!! :D

    86. The Stock Source

      What if the beach cube WAS the water gun? And doubled as a waterproof speaker?

    87. Jessica Umrigar

      Lol I have a beach cube 😂😂😂

    88. Emily Sidden

      I feel like Flynn is an INFJ

    89. Shadow_Mustang 101

      A massive, huge beach cube would be even better!!!

    90. David Warap

      Just write it

    91. Scruffylooking 21

      Since I live downhill from the beach, Beach Cubes would drive my highly profitable 2nd-hand beach ball store out of business!

    92. Kelly Craft

      I legit want a beach cube

    93. Arlo Tharp


    94. Eric Haas

      Around to the other ideas..... I see what you did there

    95. Julianne Lin

      aaahahhh was that tanner trying not to laugh at 4:15

    96. CalLadyQED

      I'm confused. I thought that actor was a man, but "he" is pretty obviously a woman from this sketch. Is there a brother and sister in the cast?

    97. Tiffany Oliveira

      You guys should do one about Hantzel and Gretel when they come to the candy house but they talk about how candy is unhealthy

    98. Persefoni Ajax

      Dang he got really worked up! Great acting, man!

    99. BluStar ッ

      I would actually but one of these... or 5

    100. ASAVAGE J

      I actually like the beach cube idea it would be easier grab while playing water polo 🤽‍♀️