First Time Green Screen - Studio C

Studio C

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    When an actor arrives for his first role on a green screen set, the learning curve proves to be too difficult to overcome.
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    Cast: Dalton Johnson, Tanner Gillman, Ike Flitcraft
    Director: Paul Rugg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Michael Christian

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Dalton Johnson

      We kind of played a prank on Tanner for this one. We rehearsed it one way, but right before the performance, the director told me to go off script and not tell Tanner. So all the repeating of what he says, sound effects, etc were not what Tanner thought was gonna happen. Props to him for making it through!

      1. Risky kai

        1,000th like

      2. Harrison Davis


      3. Kimball E

        Dalton, this has got to be my favorite sketch of yours! Hilarious! And knowing you went off script and made the character sillier just makes it even better. Awesome job!!

      4. Eliza Shannon

        O my gosh, thats hilarious. Also, I'M A GIANT fAN OF STUDIO C!!!

      5. gillian pinarski

        I was crying from laughter

    2. SageKasuto

      "HELP ME, RAZLOR! They've turned me into a stick!"

    3. Marko Korenski

      I wanna watch movie with sir Malcom and Kiki...just sayin

    4. J Cook

      I would low-key pay to go see this movie in theater.

    5. Derek Animations and Things


    6. stillwatersrundeep

      I wish i could do the mid-atlantic accent as well as Dalton can!

    7. stillwatersrundeep

      Better title: Watch Tanner break character again and again!

    8. Denny Allman

      This is one of my nephew’s and my favorite sketches. We weren’t sure about the new cast but we love this one!

    9. Brody Lucas

      3983th comment

    10. Scissor Demon Suya

      Should've CGI-ed Blinky in

    11. Rey Skywalker

      I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy.

    12. Monica

      My favorite scetch from the new cast so far

    13. Smiling Red Panda

      Oh my gosh, this was absolute GOLD!!!! I laughed so hard at this sketch! This is easily my favorite that you guys have done. Fabulous job! 👏👏👏

    14. Dark ShadowSlayer

      Anyone notice the Super Mario Brothers green pipe in the background?

    15. Echo Mara Swift

      Just you..."yep" and me..."yep" and Kiki of course... "nope"

    16. Wolves gamz all 231 wolves

      The derector and action actor dose the complete opisit 😂😂

    17. Julia Vance

      I barely recognized tanner bc his hair wasn’t 49 feet tall!😂

    18. monke

      Oh my god, This is so amazing! I hope that Tennis Ball Man gets more character development in the sequel.

    19. Andrew & Sarah DeVries

      Fantastic sketch! Lol

    20. Angela Namkorw

      Looks like a Viking guy is really giving Tom Holland a hard time

    21. Don Osborne

      Reminds me of the days with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.

    22. Paul Larsen

      Methinks that this is the real reason why so many filmmakers keep trying to limit the amount of green screen shots...Lol.

    23. Lisa Love

      This is probably the best Studio C sketch form season 10 - 12

    24. Grace

      This sketch reminds of that one sketch with the character Russell 😂😂

    25. Zagi Productions

      “What an odd creature”😂😂😂

    26. Joy's joyous life

      I am just as amused by Daltons imagination everyday but kiki?

    27. ijk7

      I'm never trusting again anyone who says: "I understand completely" :D

    28. gillian pinarski

      Tanner kept breaking character I was like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    29. Zev Feitelson

      This was an amazing sketch

    30. M mohamed


    31. Funny Sqaud

      Why does tanner look like tom holland from far away

    32. natidaschoolboy _

      π × X - Y=53 Me: I understand completely

    33. Nature Kitten

      Tanner looks like Tom Holland with the glasses on!

    34. Joe Eaton

      This is the closest the new group has gotten to the spirit of the original studio. And I utterly love it!

    35. Abnormal Experience

      I miss classic studio C

    36. shem henrichsen

      Who the heck are these dudes???

    37. Shelby Hassall

      I petition to rename this sketch: “Tanner breaks character more times than Mat”

    38. Tiahna Burton

      This is one of your best yet! I loved it!

    39. Bethany Jones

      I just saw A ad with Matt in it and it was funny soooo funny

    40. ItsaFandomThing 1211

      New game: take a shot (of lemonade ofc) every time Tanner breaks

    41. David Ray

      I'll bet Tanner had a blast doing this one.

    42. Vince Canete

      Anyone else thought tanner looked kind of like Tom Holland Spiderman in the thumbnail.

    43. Joe Hawkins

      the old crew was much better, these ones are not very good

    44. Drummer UziBer

      First time seeing a acter breaking character🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Hehadada


    46. SuperHashBoy

      This was a great one - kudos to Tanner!

    47. The Flash and the Flame

      The ending effects were spectacular.

    48. Madwizard145

      in his defense, there would ALWAYS be an actor or reference for them to play off of

    49. Tanya C

      Tanner looks so like Tom Holland in this sketch

    50. Adrian Cigher

      Now this goes to show how much experience wheighs. Also I still love the old Studio C over this one. Dalton is just the best of both worlds.

    51. Danielle Kowen

      It would be so funny to see studio c do the San people and someone going to the animal saying that they don't need arows and run away from the animal

    52. Crimson Cloak

      This has to be the funniest new cast sketch yet. Brilliant one

    53. Warnerboyz

      That moment you realize you can screen record this entire sketch and change the background

    54. GoofballLtG

      I kept expecting a Mario character to pop up out of the pipe. I love seeing them do a sketch where it’s just having fun and losing it lol!

    55. Tyler Barton

      Love this, the director when he laughs made me crack up.

    56. OneWeirdDude

      This, as well as Tori singing to Adam, and Mallory doing her sound effects for a radio show, are something I'd like to see in a more serious production, just because.


      I think that's the first time Iv'e ever seen Tanner break character. XD GO KIKI!!

    58. Jessica Steen

      You guys are soo funny 😂😂😂😂😂

    59. Capybaracarl

      Why does Kiki have a gun when he’s the frog thingy

    60. Mary Catherine Stephens

      Ah, I see Tanner as become the Matt Meese for the new cast.

    61. Sentient Mango

      This was a good one. Well done.

    62. Tron4x4

      The end XD

    63. R & R Channel

      This was absolutely hilarious, best sketch yet 😂

    64. Jenny Brooks

      Can we have a whole sketch of Dalton improvising dramatic nonsense on the green screen set??

    65. Peter Strand

      This is so lifeless and dry. Definitely not as good of comedy as Studio C used to be.

    66. CarnegE 44

      Matt breaking character slightly once is funny but breaking character this often...

    67. Satine Kryze

      That green screen tho ........ I’m already seeing the memes

    68. D Phantom

      Lol tanner cracked up so bad. Maybe a bit worse then Mat😂 good job guys.

    69. Missy Humes

      Props for tanner still getting through the sketch😂

    70. Mary Gerlach

      😂 omg

    71. V1PER


    72. Obbinexx

      This is amazing...

    73. Mr. S

      Heard Ian mckellan got pretty pissed about how much green screen he had to deal with filming the hobbit movies,

    74. Deval Maheshwari

      And here I was thinking no one can beat Matt Meese at character breaking!

    75. Deval Maheshwari


    76. Danny mahé

      Dalton is just a child in a man's body...

    77. Sharp Design

      Wonderful. I understand completely. The tennis ball is not real.

    78. The Trender

      I’ve been using green screens since i was 11...

    79. Lindsay Whitemarsh

      Shout out to Tanner on this one haha

    80. King Killjoy

      It's nice to see studio c having fun with their own sketches. Keep it up! If you guys have a good time. We have a good time.

    81. Abby Holloway

      I feel like Tanner needs to do a Tom Holland impression in a future Studio C sketch.

    82. Bi- Han


    83. Ryland Sieverts


    84. Blue Mer Studios

      Matt was the king of breaking character, but this is the greatest episode containing it. Poor Tanner. Great job getting through this prank!

    85. crystal panda1

      Really amazing

    86. Carleton Clements

      This one was funny. :)

    87. Benjamin Fliehmann

      How did you talk Ian McKellen into playing the role of Sir Malcom?

    88. Emily Raney

      I LOVED this!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    89. Stephanie Schlerf

      Anyone else thinking about the old Studio C "Bad Actor" sketch with Jason? 😂

    90. Betsy Harris

      Tanner's breaking is giving Matt a run for his money.

      1. Oliver Delica

        @Firiel see what you did there 😏

      2. Firiel

        Tanner's money is breaking Matt a give for his run

      3. Oliver Delica

        Oh heck yeah

    91. Christie Constantino

      This is so great! 🤣 Thank you for creating this!

    92. Aaron Long

      So THIS is the sequil to treasure hike!!!

    93. frylander

      Loved this sketch, felt so organic and interesting, keep up the good work! Also love some breaking of character from time to time, so don't be afraid to leave those in either :)

    94. Inmu Yataz

      Reminds me of Jason and Matt,

    95. Hope Bladow

      Dalton is channeling his inner storyteller. He sounded like Jay O'Callaghan in several moments.

    96. Madison Libby

      I love that we got to see shots with kiki

    97. Julianne Lin

      Yesssss giving me so many Matt vibes

    98. Darla Akins

      This was amazing! Absolute perfection. 💜💜💜

    99. Coko Fleischer

      Why did he break character so much 🤣🤣🤣

    100. Totally Not Sydney Dumoit

      Every time Tanner breaks character: 1:36 2:38 3:18 (You can hear it in his voice) 4:21 5:03 - 5:10 - 5:23 6:01

      1. Daniel Walker

        Nice job with that