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    You've never heard "America the Beautiful" sung like this. This is one for the history books.
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    Cast: Ike Flitcraft
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Garet Allen
    Writer: Ike Flitcraft

    Published on Month ago


    1. Megan Jaime

      1:56 Well you can say that all you want, but when we get there you’re going to be eating your words because there’s definitely going to be hot springs.😂😂😂

    2. Saoirse OReilly

      Ike. Cracks.Me.UP.

    3. Kelly Taylor

      For anyone wondering, America the Beautiful was actually written by Katherine Lee Bates atop Pikes Peak in Colorado.

    4. Ray Rowley

      They should just play this videos before baseball games.

    5. TheGlaceon Thomasfan

      Catherine Lee Bates’s friends needs some help.

    6. Grant Johnson

      Not your best work...

    7. A’Tia White

      Was I sposed to laugh... this is stupid now... did y’all like get high then say lets make sketches now. 😔😢 you know what Jk studios😁

    8. Havah Alcorn

      "I LOST MY HORSE IN DELAWARE, we had a falling out... but I don't need him anyway, I like the word brotherhood!" Too good, too good. Also weirdly enough, my brother has been singing this nonstop, and now there just happens to be a sketch about it. I'm debating whether or not to share it... I wouldn't put it past him to memorize this.

      1. Milo Cocola


    9. LinneBelle

      I wanted to like this skit, but knowing the real person who wrote America the Beautiful was a woman, and also knowing where she was inspired to write it - Pike's Peak just makes this one fall flat.

    10. Ev

      I love the squeal he does at 1:30

    11. Nick S

      The quality of studio c has plummeted since the new cast. 😔

    12. Yuri Boyka

      Thanks for the one man show 🎶🎩

    13. The Jar Girl Bella

      ITS MINE

    14. Clare helmstetler

      "Above the fruited? plains." Does it sound like he says it that way to anyone else?

    15. Dang Nguyen

      He reminds me of Jack Sparrow when drunk.

    16. badbiker666

      America the Beautiful was a poem written by Katharine Lee Bates after a visit to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. It was first published in 1895 and was first paired with the tune as we know it in 1910. It wasn't written by a dude in a buckskin coat and a tricorn hat.

    17. You

      Muskrat Susie, muskrat sand, did a little dance down in muskrat land. Peeerrrrrrrrrfffffeeeccccccttt.

    18. Neli42

      That looks nothing like Katharine Lee Bates.

    19. Terrence Harris-Hughes

      He looks like Francis from Malcolm in the Middle

    20. Redline Studios


    21. Maia A

      America the Beautiful was written by Katharine Lee Bates in the 1890s. The sketch was hilarious, but not very accurate.

    22. dscrive

      Kudos to the prop department on the pen, I noticed it looked about right for the era ;)

    23. Flitcraft Fanboi

      Delaware... Delaware... Delaware....

    24. Flitcraft Fanboi

      Ike has been a very good little boy this year

    25. Time

      I’m just coming out here to be honest but, does anyone else agree that the old cast was way better, and now the new cast is just trying to make things work with 1million dead subs? No offense to the new cast in any way. I just think that that’s been the case for awile now

      1. Reg Fife

        That's 2.53 million subs. Spare us your concern trolling if you don't even care enough to look at the subscriber count.

    26. George196207

      :( not funny as I had hope for or as funny as you thought. :(

    27. Tomb

      This is the actual lyrics right?

    28. Trzascan

      Ate these supposed to be funny?

    29. Aaron II McCullough

      Wow... Very disappointed in this one

    30. Live in the Adventure

      I will admit I wasn’t really feeling Ike’s characters in the last couple sketches, but THIS GUY cracked me up and also made me worried about that snake venom 🤣 I almost feel bad for laughing...almost...If I bring a horse will that make it better?

    31. Satine Kryze

      He drank sea water didn’t he

    32. Ken Lieck

      Sing in the key of D-lirium...

    33. mistyapril29

      He looks like a young Jerry Reed (Snowman, Smoke and the Bandit)

    34. David Hawn

      it doesn't even make any sense! stupid

    35. Sean Corbett

      AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! Slowly dies of snake venom while writing song

    36. Brody Tekeste

      Me going outside after Quarantine

    37. K bm

      0:06 - 0:15 How we feel waking up in the mornings or finishing an all-nighter college essay!

    38. jojowi23 :D


    39. Jordan T

      Can we petition to replace the actual song with this version. It's, well, beautiful.

    40. Brilynn Westwood

      If he did Canada he could say "oh Canada oh Canada we invented maple syrup!"

    41. Brilynn Westwood

      "above the fruited planes *panting then takes a water bottle out and outcomes sand* Who did that!? Who Did This!? *gags*" Me: "there is no one there"

    42. Spencer Hanson

      Muskrat Love... Real song

    43. Jake Kelleher

      Ike go home your drunk.

    44. PizzaHunter

      i didnt know ed sheeran found america and snake venom is actually beer

    45. RedZOrBlaze

      Wish I could be noticed...

    46. Roslyn Pettay

      Okay so Muskrat went on land,to seek what exactly??I got you covered in writing a story here!!😉📘🖋

    47. Rick Petersen

      Katherine Lee Bates wrote "America the Beautiful"

    48. Super Console 76

      ??? What ???

    49. loves2shoot

      This just wasn't funny. I blame the script.... No amount of comedic genius was going to save this one!!!

    50. Ray LeBaron

      BYU, you really see nothing wrong with this? If

    51. TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81

      After watching this, I feel inspired. Who wants to ride purple buffalo into the sunset with me?

      1. MacaRon · Weasley

        I will!

    52. Ellen Jacobson

      So, the words for America the Beautiful were written by a woman, Katharine Lee Bates. The sketch is funny, though :)

    53. Samuel Pun

      You know there's such a rare chance studio c will heart you to comment and reply (it has been my dream)

    54. Yoyo Panda

      Welcome back to episode 394861 of Ike going crazy

    55. Hufflepuff Art

      Am I insane or just a genius? I can hear the music

    56. Scalzitti Kids

      Watching this made me forget the actual words 😂

    57. David NIGHTINGALE

      So is this funny because anyone who would write a song about America has to be out of their minds?

    58. Zachariah Johnson

      Nobody: Drug awareness commercials:

    59. Virgils _Red_Boots

      I love you guys, but I feel like this one was a swing and a miss

    60. Ithenna

      Ok so, if this came out like 10 years ago or maybe even 5 years ago, I probably would've found it funny. But in light of all the revisionist history and "I hate America, it's just full of blah blah blah" in recent history.... let's just say I'm leaning on saying that this joke was made in poor taste...

      1. Reg Fife

        I'm annoyed with the revisionist history as well, and I thought this was funny because it doesn't touch any of it.

    61. Lucy Neerings

      🤨 studio c really did go down hill 😞

      1. so random and quirky

        Ever since the old cast left

    62. AJ

      This is the songwriting history I want to learn in music class!

    63. Alysa Smith

      yep. they are running out of ideas

    64. Monica

      Not trying to be rude to the new cast, but does anyone just watch their episodes because your an OG and don't want to let studio c go,but you dont necessarily have to enjoy the new videos? (Cause that's exactly what I do) actually this episode was pretty good.

      1. imajeff Smith

        I especially miss having a punchline or a twist. I don't dare say this one is "pretty good" because when I was young they would have been in prison for treason if they though this was good. Free speech means something different now, that's why we shrug and accept that a small militia raided the Capitol but no military response.

      2. Ramya Nambala

        I think the new cast is pretty amazing. But if you miss the OG cast, I highly recommend also following JK Studios, where they upload new comedy sketches and episodes :)

    65. Grace Praska

      Was this dude drunk?

    66. Machtyn

      America the Beautiful - the song that should be the National Anthem!

    67. Ash The Sandwing

      So patriotic. Truly a masterpiece.

    68. Persefoni Ajax

      "I want a horse so I don't have to walk everywhere." Love that.

      1. Simone Perry

        Especially after he lost his horse in Delaware XD

    69. Persefoni Ajax


    70. Banana Llama

      This didn’t happen! It was written by a girl! I think...

      1. Ellen Jacobson

        Correct, Katharine Lee Bates

    71. Some Guy

      It's been decades and I'm still trying to find those purple mountains my man saw.

      1. Hardrockkenny

        @Janelle Northcut I have no power over google and I've never been to Colorado, either. For all that, I do still know what purple looks like.

      2. Emily Robbins

        @Hardrockkenny I've been there yes they really are beautiful. :)

      3. Hardrockkenny

        @Zagi Productions Can't help you there, but If you find some, I'm interested in seeing one. Why do they glow? Raiding a trash can full of radioactive waste, maybe?

      4. Zagi Productions

        @Hardrockkenny find me the glowing bears

      5. Janelle Northcut

        @Hardrockkenny Google says it's actually Colorado Springs so..

    72. Madelyn Y

      Fact: You liked this video before you watched it

    73. Tala U.

      1:13 ah yes, beautiful grazing 𝘽𝙡𝙪𝙚 grass. Nature is such a beauty, isn't it?

    74. CosmicSlothAndAHalf

      "ooooh Caaaaaaanada- oh." *frantic correction of country while also trying not to drop the precious purple buffalo in his hand*

    75. david lee

      So, as am Australia this just looks like a man high on drugs writing songs

    76. shaddy sehly

      there are 2 explanations 1 he's drunk and drugged or 2 this happened after the apocalypse. or both,

    77. ohifonlyx33

      American Patriots after 2020 be like...

    78. Ahmad Amirulhaziq Zulkifli

      *"WHO DID THAT? WHO DID THIS?"* crew: 0_0

    79. Pastor Mathew Vroman

      I use to laugh at this, but with so many people running down America I definitely gave it a thumbs down. Please do better! USAF veteran I am

    80. drsdino

      I can never remember how the words to America the Beautiful go either.

    81. Shalayne Johnson

      We love America

    82. Armaan Ahmad

      that was the best national anthem ever.

    83. Samsung smart Dishwasher

      I miss when studio c was funny

    84. Larry Bothe

      “Oh Canada, oops, America..!!” LOL

    85. Sophia Adams

      It wasn’t funny

    86. •H O P E Y• シ

      here before total viral😘

      1. imajeff Smith

        Wow this would only go viral to people against America, I hope it's not that many

    87. Kyra Lee 李

      This is awesome!

    88. Doc

      Wished that was in the real lyrics. LOL

    89. Doc


    90. Madi Does STUFF

      This is the earliest I've ever gotten on to one of ur videos lol I just watched the witch one 🤣

    91. Juggie Bonebrain

      This is me right now, going thru Covid

    92. Juggie Bonebrain

      Wait, what, a 50 star flag?! Lol

    93. Madi Does STUFF

      This is so great! How do you guys come up with this?! You're the best!!!

    94. Aaa Moo


    95. Ty Porter

      collab with jk studios!!!!!!


      This was what I imagined actually happened.🤣🤣🤣

    97. Mary Kate

      Why do I imagine this as being some comedy show instead of a historic moment in history?

    98. Gudarz Davar

      98th comment, 2,713th view, 307th like! ya!

    99. Me Cat

      pUrPlE mOuNtAiNs Snakebites Amber Fruited *coughs* Purple *dies*

    100. adrien and other stuff

      You know what? Why don't we change the lyrics to this?