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    She's no ordinary tooth fairy. She's the tooth fairy from your worst nightmares, and she's here to stay for a while.
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    Cast: Jetta Juriansz, April Rock, Austin Williams
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Paul Rugg
    Writer: Austin Williams

    Published on 15 days ago


    1. claracat OwO

      this. is. A NIGHTMARE

    2. Diamond World

      Just imagine a dodo fairy's child asking the same thing and it's just infinite

    3. Brad Drake

      Truly magical

    4. rvsgg56

      Look at the views of the new and old cast

      1. rvsgg56

        Even jk studio gets more vievs

    5. OverTaker743

      The true ogs will only know how I am talking about

    6. OverTaker743

      And Matt

    7. OverTaker743

      Please reply to me

    8. OverTaker743

      Bring back the Jeremy and all the other ogs from like 9 years ago those were the best and funniest videos I stop watching because they left. They made Studio C The best. I watch all those videos 100 times but now sorry Studio C just isn’t the same.

    9. Calder Wishne

      Good thing the bird is toothless or we’d have an inception situation.

    10. UncivilFN


    11. Brie With

      April and janel both look beautiful!

    12. Menachem Salomon

      Well done. Nice premise, good follow through, excellent twist, and well defined punch line, with a solid recurring gag. And Jetta, Austin, and April were great. Thanks, and keep it up.

    13. Athsmeth

      I saw the dodo fairies teeth

    14. Joe Duke

      So fairies are strictly bi-racial? Maybe the next generation will be stripped?

    15. Super44

      Do they just get random thoughts during the day?

    16. Mr. No0bie

      I'm scared

    17. Nice I guess

      I suddenly don’t like chickens anymore... or what the heck that thing was

    18. MissHatter

      I lost my 1st tooth in year 5 (grade 6 in America years)

    19. Anmol Singh


    20. Winslow Tjiptadi

      The new studio C joke concept gets too repetitive with 1 or 2 punch line that gets thrown over and over again.. I like the old ones better their joke concept was more diverse and have mixtures of jokes inside a single sketch..


      Is scott sterling still here?

    22. Blonde Boi

      Question of the skit: Who collects the tooth fairys teeth. Me: Who married the tooth fairy.

    23. Heidi K.

      So uhh is this costume available to rent for Halloween? 🤣

    24. ASAVAGE J

      It’s crazy how Studio c can read my mind bc I wondered who collected the teeth of tooth fairy’s for so long 😂😂

    25. daniel buckner

      Her best performance since the Hamilton parody sketch, which Jetta stole.

    26. Brilynn Westwood

      I lost my last baby tooth and I got nothing from the dodo fairy! dang, it!

    27. Armaan Ahmad

      is that a dolpin tail?

    28. escapist from hell

      Leave a BAAAKKAAA comment

    29. SAS15G

      This is disturbing 😳

    30. G. Miles Lenz

      I've been a subscriber for a long time... since the beginning really. This is just not the same quality. Still clean comedy, but it's not my style.

    31. Elias Tapp

      Why does the girl scream every time the dodo says “Bc-Gah!”

    32. R Thompson

      The dodo fairy's face at 2:14!!

    33. Isaac Smith

      This was horrible

    34. 11EdYi11

      I want the old guys

    35. blaster23456

      Don't see it as you seeing that Dodo creature 19 more times. See it as being able to receive 19 more Dodo eggs!

    36. Jacob Alatorre

      Original cast better

    37. Sarah Rodriguez

      Wow, this channel just keeps getting less funnier as time goes on 😴

    38. AS Rodriguez

      That bird is nightmare fuel. I think I would just take my chances with the Teeth Thief.

    39. dd dd

      Is it my bad trip or is it a bird that can talk?

    40. ELFudgeOreos

      The Dodo costume and unnerving effect on children has big Jim Carrey Grinch energy

    41. Alex 알렉스

      You ever think, "Who started the tooth fairy tradition?" Like seriously, did one family think it up and other people were like, "Hey let's do that with our kids," and so it goes?

    42. 2Torial

      I will rather be toothless than stand in a room with that thing

    43. k.c. Bake

      Fake news: tooth fairy teeth Don't fall out

    44. timbuck222

      Studio C used to be much better before everyone left

    45. Calvin Baxley

      This, could be a meme template.

    46. Yum

      What about a sketch where Canadian robbers apologize profusely as they threaten their victims with firearms.

      1. Amy Ness

        Firearms in Canada? You're dreaming.

    47. Anna Taylor

      Anyone else getting holiday armadillo vibes?

    48. Daniel Rehner

      I do like some of these new studio c, but the old ones still make me laugh so much more

    49. Xendusso

      I love her being scared mimic. Really good actress.

    50. lakshmivallabh

      Da hll?

    51. The Life of Brooke

      Best studio c video in a while!

    52. Cynthia Barlow

      Which witch would send that monster into children's homes at night!?!??!

    53. Aiden Hall

      Can you guys do a if food babies were real skit

    54. Dalton Johnson

      I don’t even have a sleep paralysis demon and Austin is my sleep paralysis demon

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        Well said :D

    55. Monique

      I lost my first tooth on the floor of my room watching SpongeBob back in ‘04 or ‘05

    56. Hugh Mahy

      Ow how Studio C has fallen RIP ⚰

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        F in chat for Studio C

    57. Persefoni Ajax

      Great performances from all!

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        I know right! :D

    58. Yoyo Panda

      Austin haunts my dreams

      1. Dalton Johnson

        @Cynthia Barlow absolutely

      2. Cynthia Barlow

        @Dalton Johnson can i join the brotherhood of being haunted by Austin

      3. Dalton Johnson

        You and me both

    59. Micah Owens

      Her tooth is colored black to make it seem like it’s not there

    60. Persefoni Ajax

      Ba-caw! *screams* Ba-caw! *SCREAMS* THIS IS PEAK COMEDY, I TELL YOU.

    61. Juggie Bonebrain

      Why did I expect a song after she says, "I wonder what he's like."

    62. The Gamer

      But who collects the dodo fairy teeth?

      1. The Gamer

        @DanielJS489 oh ok

      2. DanielJS489

        He doesn't have any. So it works out well.

      3. Cynthia Barlow

        *illuminati noises*

    63. Joshua Hebebrand

      It helps when you read it as the *doe doe" fairy and not the do-do fairy.

    64. Eric Huber

      I swear Mystical Creatures these days are just getting more weirder and weird.

    65. James Anthony

      Great job on the costume; it was massively disturbing =D

    66. cutsiepixie

      Don’t forget the wisdom teeth.

    67. Exodus Productions

      This was kinda goofy. Even by this channels standards

    68. Space vortex


    69. GamingGummy

      When we gonna get a behind the scenes for this vid?? Baga

    70. Ryan Adams

      when it was dark was it wrong of me to think it was Dalton dressed as the Dodo? I was shocked when I saw who was playing

      1. Ryan Adams

        @Dalton Johnson DALTON HEY I Got to say I enjoyed you in these skits The Newlywed Show! A Mole Problem A Massive To-Do List Scary Sports Drink Side Effects But I especially enjoyed your performance in A Show About Babies A Kindergarten Fight For Power

      2. Cynthia Barlow

        @Dalton Johnson Of course, with that grace!

      3. Dalton Johnson

        I’m honored

    71. John London

      True fact: That's exactly what dodos sounded like. Including the lisp.

      1. Brandon Nelson

        It's no wonder they went ecthtinct.

    72. Ethan Cheney

      Do a one were they are going a math test and they double check their answer but keep getting a different answer every time

      1. S W

        @Michael Yu it really is like that, though lol

      2. Michael Yu

        Well my calculator found 5.284851699 but that's not within the multiple choice options. Well, 6 is the closest so let's choose C. Wait I chose C 4 times in a row already, that's suspicious. And it's been a while since I chose B...

      3. Toby Bartels

        You think that's bad, imagine being the math teacher trying to do a demonstration and it's like that! True story.

      4. Dalton Johnson

        I like that!

      5. Paul S

        Oh. That is funny...because I have been there in some very unhumorous situations.

    73. Paige Gordon

      Why a dodo?

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        Private Information. Stay away from Area 51 for now, k?

    74. Al Chuck

      I'm just not gonna believe in fairy's if that means that creature is alive

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        lol imagine that thing coming into ur room at night

    75. Flint 25

      I feel the sketch would have been funnier if a dentist visited tooth fairy kids. This is alright I suppose

      1. Flint 25

        @Worry For The World I'm giving my own opinion. Usually, comedy shows encourage feedback so they can better get an idea of what the audience finds amusing. That's why I said what I did. And I said it would be funnier, not that it wasn't at all funny this way.

    76. Zero Shadow

      Tooth Fairy, Kidney Fairy, Love Fairy, and now the Dodo Fairy?! What next? The Giraffe Fairy?!

      1. Local Maple

        Giraffe fairy, collects the teeth of the fallen giraffe babies. Doesn’t bother to catch the babies, or else the teeth won’t fall out. Sometimes, they even try to make the fall worse to get more.

      2. Anna Taylor

        I want to see the giraffe fairy

      3. •{ SprinkleUnicorn }•

        That’s a genius idea

    77. Mary Kate

      Who else loves the Dodo Fairy's costume?

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        me! it's AWESOME

    78. Mathew Mimbs

      I love this channel very much because I always have a good day after

    79. O G


    80. Laura Paul

      This was pretty stupid!

      1. Flint 25

        As harsh as your statement sounds, that's how I feel too. I thunk it would have been funnier if the person who collects the teeth is a dentist or something, but hey, if people liked this sketch...

    81. Josh The Red Pen

      Where the heck is Jason Gray

      1. Amy Ness

        @Cynthia Barlow He's coming back here though soon. Not sure exactly when I think I read by the fall, but someone please check that.

      2. Cynthia Barlow

        he is now a clown at JK's haunted house. rip Jason's mental health

    82. kit Katze

      2:14 hilarious

    83. The Queen

      Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day! 😊

      1. The Queen

        Cynthia Barlow, your welcome. ;D

      2. Cynthia Barlow

        Thanks. You too! :D

    84. Aswad Faruki


    85. AlphaWoomy

      0:48 So beautiful, so majestic, so-- 0:55

    86. Evie Rawlings

      Who came up with this idea? That person needs a raise.

      1. Brighton Nelson

        The description says Austin wrote it. And I agree, this was brilliant. My siblings just walk around saying “Bgaw!” “AHHHH!” since we saw this last month in the full episode.

    87. Obsidian scythe

      I love these shorts

    88. Esther Brewer

      So funny!! 🤪😂🤣

    89. Chloe R

      dodo fairy starts dancing gracfuly than suddenly bumps into funiture.(wakes child/fairy up) lol love it!

    90. R. HD

      the first time i lost a tooth it fell out and my hand reflexed and caught it i got lucky

      1. AlphaWoomy

        @Cynthia Barlow Lol!

      2. Cynthia Barlow

        @AlphaWoomy Maybe you made like a Do-Do Fairy and swallowed it lol

      3. AlphaWoomy

        I remember the first time I lost my tooth. I was laying down watching TV, then my baby sister just walked over me and decided to sit on my face. I don't remember finding the tooth though.

    91. Backyard Rebel

      Swing and a miss!

    92. Chloe R

      more magical than us?

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        so magical, so charming, so... disturbing

    93. Sarah Grape

      OH MY GOSH THERES ONLY 42 COMMENTS I've never been this early

    94. Luke Sutton

      You say hi stereo see if you hearYou say hi Studio see if you can hear me

    95. King Kyle God


    96. AlphaWoomy

      "One tooth down nineteen more to go. Good night.

    97. kit Katze

      Fun Fact:

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        well played

    98. Charles Ibe

      How do I become a dodo fairy? 🤔

      1. Charles Ibe

        @Aaron Long BAAAAA KAAAAAAHHHH I think I got it. 🤔

      2. Aaron Long

        @Charles Ibe kinda like a BAA and than followed by KAAAH

      3. Charles Ibe

        @Cynthia Barlow is there a certain type of scream I will need?

      4. Cynthia Barlow

        Step one: scream

    99. R. HD

      YOU CAN FLY!?!?!? no (decides to jump out the window

      1. Cynthia Barlow

        lately I've been wantin to jump out a window lol

    100. Ivan Archeous