Snake Dad at Career Day - Studio C

Studio C

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    On Career Day, one father's goal is simple--to show his daughter's class that the only way to save human lives from poisonous snake bites is to get bitten himself, hundreds of times.
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    Cast: Garet Allen, Dalton Johnson, Jetta Juriansz, Tanner Gillman, Ike Flitcraft, Jessica Drolet, April Rock, Tori Pence
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Paul Rugg
    Writers: Michael Christian

    Published on 29 days ago


    1. Stella the Bulldog

      I wish my comment could get pinned by Studio C!

      1. Jessica Talley

        well it is

      2. Jessica Umrigar

        @Studio C big fann!

      3. AwesomeDiamonds7

        Everyone : WRITE THAT DOWN

      4. Valka Solidor

        "Alright kids! Who wants to be a perpetually pinned youtube responder!" (all hands shoot skyward)

      5. Christian McCaffrey


    2. Noah R

      I love that the doctor raised his hand too.

    3. D L Johnson

      Kids just running around the room with snakes everywhere. That couldn't have ended well. 😄

    4. Star

      I think everyone in the world raised their hand

    5. Mochi Chimmy

      3:30, the noises, im dying

    6. Jenna

      And this is why women live longer 😂

    7. blaster23456

      The snakes knew he's too dangerous to left alive. It's said they're still trying to kill him to this day...

    8. Shawn Kersey

      Leopard gecko

    9. Jennifer Horowitz

      The doctor wants to be an amateur Immunologist when he grows up!!!!!!!!!

    10. Jennifer Horowitz

      I love how the doctor's involved in this!

    11. Ang Meg

      After this video there was an increase in sales of headstones with the inscription “if I die y’all better bury Me”

    12. daniel buckner

      Who else never knew how much they needed Jetta to yell daddy more than once in a skit? Ok, just me? Ok.

    13. Kylie Gunderson

      This is like a rip of an SNL skit series but kid friendly.

    14. Slend Veny

      I thought this was gonna be like that church sketch with the snake woman. Sad. I do like that someone named Jackal focuses on snakes.

    15. Tpaat

      yeah but why does the class have so many freaking snakes in the corner

    16. Paul Prisbrey


    17. PJ Bell

      Teacher: so who wants to be a doctor when they grow up. *nobody raises hands* Ok who wants to an ammunition when they grow up? *whole class raises hands*

    18. Not2be4gotten02

      "I'm tired of all these heckin snakes in this heckin classroom." - Snakes in a Classroom

    19. JosiJudy

      I’ve been watching studio c for a while I guess I always only watched the old videos I didn’t even realize their was a new cast

    20. jamesroad316

      There is actually a guy who can produce an immunity to snake venom


      who misses old studio c?

    22. Nyssa Brown

      If somebody's blood type was O-, this could actually work.

    23. Phteven Sekluchi

      Anyone else want a JK! studios and Studio C crossover

    24. Cringe King

      I wish we could get the humor and laughs we used too

    25. Michael Dorsey

      And then Samuel walks in, "I'm tired of all these dang snakes, in these dang classrooms!!!"

    26. luke tuckey

      I'm confused... was I supposed to laugh??

    27. Armaan Ahmad

      where did he get all those snakes? and is he Australian?

    28. 10 Cute Moose

      I could tell that was Tori the second she turned around. She is immune to anything that comes her way that her face is so recognizable 😄

    29. BlackAshKetsoup

      Love how Tanner is in the line of fire in these kinds of sketches 😂😂😂

    30. Blue Mer Studios

      I mean I want that job when I grow up just because Tori makes is seem amazing!

    31. Maya Garrett

      Tanners reaction to the snakes is my favorite thing🤣🤣🤣

    32. Lily C

      I forgot it was Tori, because she acts so well XD

    33. Sword & Dove Gaming Productions

      i've had it with these dang snakes in this dang classroom

    34. Fresh Out Of The Box

      Cast is lookin a little diffrent, what’s going on with the original cast?

    35. TheOnly TwentyFive

      I miss the old cast from 2013☹️

      1. luke tuckey

        Same! It seems either they are running out of ideas or I'm not supposed to laugh... because it wasn't very funny.

    36. shaddy sehly

      idea! setting: house a girl breaks into a house, everyone treats her like a guest as she raids the house, as all the guest watch, only 1 guest knows the girl is robbing the house, at the end of the sketch, everyone except the 1 guest are revealed to be robbers too.

    37. S. M. Budge

      Studio C, if you read this comment, please consider putting the word “cucumber” in the title of your next sketch.

    38. Brilynn Westwood

      WOOOOH GOOO DADDYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Helen Lauaki

      😆 😂🤣 Crikey mate! 😭

    40. kibukun

      I've had it with these mother f-ing snakes, in this mother f-ing classroom!

    41. muliersicarius

      Black and White Tegu! Also California Red-sided Garter!

    42. Adalynne Lovins

      Tis but a scratch

      1. luke tuckey

        They should do a Monty Python remake or something...

    43. Family Styles Nunes

      This was made for me, I want to be a herpetologist. My favorite reptile is the Piebald Ball Python.

    44. Pocarrot jongema

      I miss the old studio c 😭

    45. Heather Toomey

      3:56 Most fun theatre class ever

    46. Amelia Paradise


    47. Banana Llama

      I love y’all’s content, but I think y’all make too many random sketches if you maybe give us more relatable content, you’d regain some subscribers but I still love your content and the subscribers who stayed do too ❤️

      1. luke tuckey

        I agree I think if they didn't post as often and make the sketches more actually interesting and funny rather than trying to make it funny they might build a fan base.

    48. Gudarz Davar

      Tori can literally be ANY character, and it's still perfect! Oh! Y'know Dalton Abbey? you should make one like that but with Tori!

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      5. Cindy Jones


    50. Erica Steinfort


    51. Whatchamacallit

      Not to hate but i miss old studio c... RIP

    52. Angeline Manga

      Go to JK studios if u want to see the original cast of Studio c :)

      1. luke tuckey

        Still not the same tho...

    53. Tanya C

      Coyote Peterson...

    54. AJ's guinea pigs

      My favourite reptile especially favourite snake redbelly black snake.

    55. Benjamin Fliehmann

      The star of this one is the high waisted teacher slacks, followed by the Richard Simmons hair.

    56. Agnes Tennisberg

      I love studio c

    57. Tim McConnaughy Jr.

      I would be freaking out if those were real snakes

    58. A.E.P. Reader


    59. Alex Nielson

      "I'm not doing good kids"

    60. Ay P

      Why that class has a box full of snakes lying in a corner??? I think they conspired with the snakes hiding in his bags to defeat him. 😂😂😂

    61. Persefoni Ajax

      Why does she keep sniffling!?! I mean it's funny but *why?*

      1. Tori Pence

        Mainly because this character was partially based on my brother, who did many many drugs and sniffs constantly 😅

    62. Persefoni Ajax

      Jetta's enthusiastic acting was golden! "GO DADDY!"

    63. Persefoni Ajax

      Tanner's hair was beautiful.

    64. Corn Syrup

      Why does Tori do such good impressions of men 😂

    65. Stana Milanovich

      I wanted to be a herpetologist, but instead I'm commenting on a USfilm Snake Dad video -- Just as the wizard predicted!

    66. T. Martin

      I want to see this character return

    67. badbiker666

      I just got home from a grueling day at work to find a new Studio C sketch waiting for me. I will sleep well after watching Tori play a Steve Irwin-esque character superbly. Tori is my dream girl.

    68. Jessica Cannon

      Best part? Tanner FLIPPIN OUT when a rubber snake landed on him. How are your knees after banging into the desk?

    69. Taracinablue

      Wizard Telemain-- Tori just referenced one of my childhood favorite series! I literally just bought used copies for my personal collection, lol.

      1. Tori Pence

        They’re so good!!!

    70. Justin Brown

      I gotta be honest, I’d rather jump out a window then sit through a snake part of Carere day

    71. M Ghafori

      Man used to watch this channel everyday, good memories

      1. luke tuckey

        emphasis on "used" to

    72. Ryan Adams

      The fact that Tori (the way I see it) plays more male roles and some how gets in to that character seamlessly is mind boggling.

    73. Wicked Shades Productions

      This brings back memories of when my dad came to my 1st grade career day

    74. Katelynn Kenney

      If Bindi Irwin brought her dad to Career Day.

    75. Danny Bordjadze

      I can’t believe studio C doesn’t get more views on their videos. This one was really good studio C!!!! 👍

    76. Alex 알렉스

      Reminds me of that guy who got stung by wasps and other venomous insects on purpose to rank them...

    77. gkygrl7

      Very funny!

    78. marta Lis

      Think you really hit your stride with this more it was very funny

    79. Aaron Long

      Wait, if he's gonna be a universal anti-venom, does he need studio-O blood?

    80. Aaron Long

      You know it'll be great when the thumbnail has Tori with a goatee and fur coat

    81. Esahcae Eneiradgbo

      I've gotta admit Dalton makes one cool teacher & Garret is one awesome doctor. Tori makes the best man (on a weird level) ☺😂

    82. Esahcae Eneiradgbo

      My favorite reptile is the Burmese Python!

    83. Frostbyte

      what happened to the original cast?!?!?!!?!??!!??

      1. luke tuckey

        insert sad face here*

      2. Esahcae Eneiradgbo

        The Original cast is now JK! Studios look em up! They still funny! 😂

    84. Blackpowderkun

      Imagine bringing a Government assassin as a parent.

    85. Kegan Hall

      Now there's a Scott Sterling of snake bites...

    86. Anne Onimus

      So how does he just have that many snakes in a bag

    87. Anne Onimus

      This could also be titled career day gone wrong

    88. KYLE BELL (Student)

      There is a 100% chance Studio C won't notice, like, and reply to this comment. 100%

      1. Backyard Rebel

        Awww. You were right. ☹

    89. Donald Duck

      I don’t know what I just watched, but I’m not complaining...

    90. Jason Delarosa 2000

      This is like Disney Channel doing it's own version of _Saturday Night Live_ but for kids. *AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    91. Zachariah Johnson

      It’s all fun and games until the father asks for a volunteer...

    92. Belphimus

      Mozambique here.

    93. Jasper Kelly

      Can we get a special with the original cast?

    94. Bianca Di Angelo

      Hmm... I wonder how many fake snakes they had to buy for this sketch....

      1. Heather the Dutch-American

        Honestly they probably already had them.

    95. Sierra _

      Exactly correct Mr. Dr.

    96. wasem gara

      What happened to this channel?? It used to be top comedy, now its pure cring....

    97. LadyNoir Love

      I'm telling you all, any sketch that has Tori or Tanner or both is BOUND to be funny 🤣🤣🤣

    98. eavening

      Venomous snakes in a school...ignored.

    99. Shalayne Johnson

      I love career day;)

    100. Jens Anderson

      Forget Spiderman the new super hero is snakeimmunity man