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    When a film script is pitched to a few reputable Hollywood executives, the story direction takes some unplanned twists and turns that the writer doesn’t agree with.
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    Cast: Jetta Juriansz, April Rock, Austin Williams, Dalton Johnson
    Director: Paul Rugg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Michael Christian

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Tsuyu Asui

      . . . . . im confused . . . . . but good sketch :D i think . . .

    2. Glimare

      Real-life Hollywood pitches explained at last. This explains so much of Netflix originals.

    3. Mr. No0bie

      2:40 her face was amazing

    4. Veer Tuliani

      Wow wow wow wow.... wow!

    5. Mike Dubo

      I simultaneously intrigued, but horribly disturbed.

    6. Bo Cowan

      Cocaine, am I right? 😂

    7. KimballTho

      How did you get Alex Hirsch to do his Grunkle Stan voice over the phone

    8. Dana Scully


    9. Taracinablue

      I didn't get this one at all. I'm afraid it's not comedy; it's just weird...

    10. Jessica Wang

      My favorite Hollywood film is Harry Potter.

    11. Talis Mastny

      how Twilight was made

    12. Live in the Adventure

      I enjoyed this 😂 I think for the people who weren’t too thrilled by this it was because of the obnoxiousness of it. Which I get, but I think that was the whole point. Being that this reflects how I feel about Hollywood for the most part I got a kick out of it 😂 Mark on the phone, you are the best. Please don’t drive off the cliff!

    13. Nanasi Kioa

      Me: not funny Also me: going back to the old videos

      1. Nanasi Kioa

        @《Lucky》 I know I am just sad

      2. 《Lucky》

        I mean I get u, but that's was more rude than it had to be

    14. MadiKaye

      I feel like I kinda get this, but at the same time.....

    15. Preston Michael

      I feel like this is what happens in the writers room at studio C. Hate to be critical but the content hasn't been as good as usual.

    16. Ken Lieck

      Lemme tellya, nothing sweats like a pig! And I speak from personal experience! *LET'S GREENLIGHT THAT SUCKER!*

    17. David Turkstra

      It’s good, the humour just isn’t on the same level as the old cast

      1. Naomi Motichka

        Yeah I just don’t get the jokes. I feel like they are funny, but they don’t stick to the point of the sketch, and just act crazy.

      2. Ashton Graves

        Yeah... it's honestly not even good

    18. Gertqwer walton

      No offense guys but when the new crew came in this got super cringey mabye it's just me since the first crew started getting cringey after a while but I think u guy should up ur game a little

    19. Cerria Douglas

      I watch yall at school at lunch

    20. jknifgidfui

      Meanwhile at studio c: "so you got a sketch for me" "yes sir i do"

    21. Gacha Natalie

      Hi studio C just wondering when did you join USfilm?

    22. Quantom X

      I've been watching this channel for a few weeks now and laugh at most of the videos a lot... but I gotta say this one was all crickets. barely cracked a smile for this one. this was just bad.

      1. Jofox

        @Quantom X Yeah sorry, I was confused XD It’s not very funny...

      2. Quantom X

        @Jofox Oh?

      3. Jofox

        Oh wow😂 I thought I was commenting on a different video... nm

      4. Jofox

        I think it’s hilarious😂

    23. Danny mahé

      Jetta is glowing, she's absolutely gorgeous

    24. Big Man Panda Gaming

      i miss the old one

    25. Tanya C

      What the heck is this?

    26. Budgie Girl

      I'll bet this is a nightmare that hollywood moviemakers and writers have

    27. Killi D

      Anyone else think that the old cast is WAYYYYY better? ✋🏻🙋🏼‍♀️. These people never make me laugh. At all.

    28. coco

      This feels like a fever dream. It's a feeling I can't explain but it's familiar.

    29. Chadwick Hufft

      I’m confused

    30. Melissa Jones

      Making a pitch meetings is SUPER easy barely an inconvience

    31. Evan Killgore

      I thought this was supposed to be freakin funny

    32. Makena Kelly

      The old cast was better

    33. Juggie Bonebrain


    34. Juggie Bonebrain

      It's MARK ON THE PHONE!!!

    35. Camille Randall

      I do not find this funny at all

    36. Samuel Pun

      I closed my eyes.... Now I can't see

    37. Shalayne Johnson

      I love pitch meeting

    38. Starlion

      this is kinda funny :/

    39. Armaan Ahmad

      That... Was... Interesting...

    40. MacaRon · Weasley

      First 5 seconds I thought my phone was broken

    41. Lisa Jones

      Where is the cleverness? Not a fan of this one. Yelling and bird walking is not very funny. Sorry, guys.

    42. Benjamin P. Ellis

      Unpopular opinion: the laugh track in Studio C videos is unnecessary.

      1. Benjamin P. Ellis

        Your content is already funny in a natural sense.

    43. Joshua Harris

      Back to the drawing board and be more funny not cringy for crying out loud

    44. Ariel Gonzalez

      Who was that on the phone?

    45. Michael O'Connor

      So, you have a sketch for me? Yes, sir, I do.

    46. Mary Browne

      1:38 and 2:54!!!!!!! 😂👏

    47. TK Skagen

      I'd love to see a Studio C version of "SPEED" with a Keanu Reeves look alike!

    48. renji90998

      Pretty much sums up Hollywood trying to turn a book into a movie

    49. Coates Coates

      cool video

    50. Brilynn Westwood

      I now want to get a hockey-playing pig

    51. Chloë W.

      To the cast: Your videos always make me smile! It makes me really sad to see all the harsh comments you guys get. Keep going, and know that you have at least one person who watches every single video and loves every one! :)

    52. Simone Perry

      Oof.......I barely made it through this sketch....😣 Y'all have so much potential but.....not sure what's going on with the writing :P

      1. 《Lucky》

        Yeah I didnt understand at all

    53. Elizabeth Fujimoto-Maza

      squawk? :v

    54. Yours Truly


    55. loves2shoot

      sorry, I tried to like this, but more annoying than funny.

      1. Joshua Borre

        lol we got a couple haters above me and its not being rude to give honest feedback that is what the comment section is for lol

      2. Patrick H


      3. Just Julie 111

        Don't like it don't watch it? No one's forcing you to be here :/

      4. Patrick H

        U don't have to write ur rude comments

    56. Sawney Snows

      The first time I watched this, I was off-put by the usual not-quite-natural laugh track, the occasional lack of clarity in the spoken dialogue, and the obvious continuity errors. Yet I knew I would watch this again and again, close to a dozen times already, as this sketch (as well as the one, not included here, into which it segues) is some peculiar form of brilliant. Dalton's voice acting and the lines "Mark" is given are entirely, and I mean entirely, convincing despite the lunacy of every line. To me this aspect of the sketch is astonishing from beginning to end. (Part of why I say this is entirely convincing is that I didn't realize it was Dalton until I read the credits.) People like Mark actually exist, and both writer (Michael Christian) and performer nail it. The pacing of the variation in Mark's constant re-identification (again, this person exists) and automotive drama is perfect. The writing flows quite naturally from character to character, and I especially enjoy the lines "Don't solve those problems...," "I wish you could see...," and "Do it, Mark..." as well as April's delivery of them. Jetta's ability to be completely consumed by a character, to the point where it doesn't appear to involve acting, is generally uncanny but in this sketch is borderline frightening! And Austin, in a normal and sane role as happens from time to time, keeps her facial expressions and gestures duly attentive and timed; not every sketch can feature her brilliant bumbling waiter, neighborhood biker kid, or Animatronic Abe, but she's still my favorite of the cast members. A great job all around here.

    57. Nioxs

      Like what happened 2 years ago the content was awesome and now bad acting and fake laughing

    58. Lauren Turtle


    59. Tiago Jacó

      Eu sou do brasil e gosto muitos dos videos do studio C. I am from Brazil and i like so much the videos studio C

    60. Lauren Gavin

      I love being in the first thousand people to watch!

    61. MarshMallow Cheetah

      Oh no... my worst fears, people trying to change my story :w:

    62. Nate Christensen

      Imagine if Star Feraldo came to this for a job interview on show business.

      1. Melissa Jones

        AW NAW

    63. Alena Dyball

      Oh wow...........

    64. Bidoof-oof 99

      Not as funny as Ryan George’s pitch meeting on Screen rant

      1. Amy Ness

        You watch him too?! (and yeah.)

    65. Hunter Lewis

      2:55 why was TikTok used as an adjective?

    66. T. Martin

      "So, you have a new movie for me?" -"Yes sir, I do."

      1. Elisha So

        @Kylo GQ what made me lose respect for SR was reading their articles. they don't understand the motivations of characters and make easily refutable arguments Edit: spelling

      2. Kylo GQ

        @Elisha So I wouldn't say that but he did carry it lol

      3. Elisha So

        Ryan George is the only good part of SR

      4. T. Martin

        @Aphrodite in America Yeah yeah yeah!

      5. Aphrodite in America

        Referencing ScreenRant is TIGHT. It’s super easy barely an inconvenience.

    67. Scruffylooking 21

      When the shot widened out near the end, did anyone else expect Mark-from-the-phone's car to crash through the wall?

    68. Qoedie Anugrah


    69. Darkseeker 111

      If I needed to provide empirical evidence as to why women aren’t funny, I would submit THIS video. Jesus Christ this skit was cringe.

      1. Darkseeker 111

        @《Lucky》 I actually completely agree. I said “if I needed to provide EVIDENCE women aren’t funny”. I already know for a fact there are funny women, I just find the energy and the delivery of every line spoken by the women in this skit to be EMBARRASSINGLY awful.

      2. 《Lucky》

        You had me, but didn't have me📈📉 I find women to be just as funny an entertaining as men. Take the old cast for example. The were very good actors and could all make me laugh. So just because they're women doesn't mean they're not funny, it's just a unfunny sketch and slightly not the greatest acting.

      3. Amy Ness

        Lots of women are pretty funny, but this... There are funny people, and there are non-funny people.

      4. Tori Pence

        Mmm, and I would direct you to the fact that it was written by a man.

    70. Draconia Drawing

      Liking this sketch was super easy barely an inconvenience

      1. Elisha So

        @NoaZeevi he's the first guy to ever do anything

      2. NoaZeevi

        Ahhhh! Not again! What’s with the Ryan George references anyway?

      3. Elisha So

        That's tight

      4. Amy Ness

        Hi there hello

    71. Banana Llama


    72. Ivan Osornio

      Where are all the ogs

      1. Aaron Long

        On JK Studios!

    73. Some Guy

      These days any pitch that begins with, "Well, it's about a woman" automatically gets approved. Yes, I just typed that.

      1. kibukun

        Speaking of which, that laughter at the beginning. That's not the only thing that's fake in Hollywood.

      2. Paris Cloud

        Fact check: yes

    74. gansosmansos

      :D :D

    75. Worry For The World

      LOVE IT

    76. EC & Timston

      Jetta's face expressions went like 😐😒😄😃😫🐷🤩🥴

    77. Arrows and Aces

      I.... don’t think I know what just happened

    78. Heed My Warning

      *Quack* That woman was soooo nutty with all the *Quack* bird squawking. Everyone knows *Quack* that ducks are where it's at. *Quack*

    79. Mr. Powell

      Sadly. . . this is how Hollywood really acts!

    80. Muffin Head

      Who else misses the old cast?

      1. Meghan Christensen

        @Amy Ness yeah Ik I miss it too, at least they’re still doing what they love :)

      2. Amy Ness

        @Meghan Christensen It's not the same. Which is fine, their choice, but I miss their older Studio C videos.

      3. Meghan Christensen

        @Muffin Head np!

      4. Muffin Head

        Oh okie thanks :D

      5. Meghan Christensen

        The old cast did start their own USfilm channel, it’s called jk studios if u haven’t checked it out yet :)

    81. Zeke Gore


    82. Zeke Gore

      This is why I want to write my stories, no one can dramatically change them upon a whim.

    83. The Meat Man

      Scott Sterling!!!!

    84. Ellie's Reviews

      I dont understand why anyone would think this is funny. I love Studio C but they seem to be losing their touch and running out of ideas. I was excited to see a new group of actors and writers on the crew, but this is almost just sad. Wish we could go back to the good old days, where the content was original *and* funny.

    85. Dalton Johnson

      Hey guys. It’s mark. On the phone. Just saying hi

      1. Hailey Bentley

        Woah, right when I read this comment they just said it in the sketch🤣

      2. Dougherty Girls

        HELLO MARK

      3. Nora Kate Evans

        Oh hi mark

      4. Averi Bone

        Hi!!!! 👋

      5. Starvel

        @Dalton Johnson and the wolf can have a forbidden love with a monkey

    86. Sixitboy


    87. Sixitboy


    88. Fallen Angel

      I feel bad for Stevie (Austin), she just kept getting talked over

    89. AlphaWoomy

      I love their jackets! Especially April's jacket.

    90. Ender Craft7393

      Yoooooooo hyyyyyyppppppeeeee!!!!!

    91. LunerTea

      2:56 Was that English?

      1. Kat D

        It was, but all the words were used in the wrong context ☠️😭

    92. Aaron Long

      My notifications don't even work, yet I somehow always come 7 minutes after the upload

    93. Blu

      i literally thought this sketch was a karen hollywood pitch meetinng for a sec 😭

      1. Blu

        @Ivan Archeous AAAAAAAA i love that series

      2. NoaZeevi

        @Ivan Archeous ahhh! My worlds have combined!

      3. Ivan Archeous

        Super easy... Barely an inconvenience

    94. FaceTheOdds

      HOLLYWOOD UMMMMMM Why are you scrolling you're wasting your time whatever its your choice ..... wow your still going you've made it this far here's a cookie🍪

      1. FaceTheOdds

        Yo welcome

      2. Tori Pence

        I’m truly grateful for the cookie

      3. AlphaWoomy

        Best comment ever! Lol........ Oh free cookie!

      4. FaceTheOdds

        @Samantha Kennedy no problem

      5. Samantha Kennedy

        Thank you for the cookie.

    95. Kurt Nielsen

      I was like six minutes ago i’ll be first comment nope. not the case 👎

    96. Fuzzy Stripetail

      "Graveyard Shift" would have probably turned out to be an absolute boar if the female lead wasn't rewritten as a pig.

      1. IPplays-, Pokémon,Roblox, and more

        Puns are funny

    97. Kat D

      2 views, 104 likes? Makes sense.

    98. Ezra O'Connor

      2 views and 59 comments, logic :)

    99. Emily S

      Omg this

    100. Hayden Touhill

      My mom: your addicted to your phone take a break. Me: *goes to turn off my phone to take a break* Studio c video pops up* Me: just one video Me 30 mins later: I am addicted 😐

      1. Hayden Touhill

        @Jada Craig lol

      2. Jada Craig

        Same! I tried convincing my mom to let me watch this one and she wont let me.... your mom's nicer than mine :(