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    If it has 4 wheels, it’s a truck. At least that’s what these three men believe. Unfortunately, this group of unorthodox vehicle owners is going to have a difficult time getting their “trucks” registered at the local DMV.
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    Cast: Matthew Galvan, April Rock, Tanner Gillman, Ike Flitcraft
    Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writers: Matthew Galvan, Ike Flitcraft, Tanner Gillman

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Lucy llama

      I'm dying of laughter

    2. David Meier

      in my state at least the first one would have worked

    3. GordonFan No.488

      “I would like to register my truck.” “Make, and model?” “Uhm.. found it in the Hudson River..” “Uh.. sir? In the Hudson River?” “Sir that is a dead corpse, lying in there since 1962.” “It’s a truck.” *”I put wheels on it maam!”*

    4. Alex Pitts

      Ford or Dodge or Chevy

      1. Alex Pitts


    5. YouTube is trying To Censor me

      This totally inaccurate. The DMV is almost always full a d there’s always a long line

    6. Katie N

      So what I learned from this episode is: If you put four wheels on something, it becomes a truck.

    7. V00py

      Is Matt that guy who played lil Pete in ridiculous 6

    8. Kiki B

      See I really want to like this, and their acting so good! But their writing is just, so bad..... this is just my opinion so please don’t argue with me, but I really would like to know anyone else’s opinions!

    9. Pokemonguy

      If we put wheels on this sketch it would be a truck

    10. Pokemonguy

      Two of the best parts are where he says but I put wheels on it ma'am and when she says there's nothing in the constitution

    11. Leviathan Stream

      The people who run Studio C now, are so bad at making videos, and they don't make me laugh at all. Jason, Matt, Mallory, and all of them. They actually made me laugh. (pls don't ban me YT lol)

    12. Saga Sandland Equestrian

      Who else misses the old crew?😢

    13. WatcherMagic

      But... but I thought a truck needed 18 wheels o.o WHO LIED TO ME-

    14. Rose Vale

      Studio C used to make me laugh i meant the orginal ones Ow they were talented actors. The new guys i dont know something is off about their acting

    15. Lorenzo Indiogine

      ROFL This one's got the magic of pre-season 9

    16. GAMING MASTER 1093


    17. Anonymously MJ

      And so they say, after this incident, they always had a poster in the front showing the definition of a truck. This caused several people to approach, see the poster, and walk away mumbling something about “the land of the free”.

    18. Maren Kendall

      But I'm actually from Georgia, and this is actually what it is like

    19. Juggie Bonebrain

      Ma'am. How respectful

    20. Austin Joseph

      The original were much much(x10000) better. Whitney's facial expressions. The script itself. And everyone else top notch. These girls(not from this particular video) just scream. The script aren't that funny. There are no facial expressions.

    21. Gacha Gamma

      3:15 She's right. Whenever an amendment was made, motor vehicles were far from the topic of them.

    22. Nature Kitten

      This is how many times they said truck 👇

    23. Banana Llama

      I chopped of the two wheels and replaced them with FOUR wheels

    24. United WeStand

      Should I laugh now or later 😕😕😕

    25. PanikGamer

      I smell shaggy

    26. Diamond Butler

      💀 ima put wheels on my husband... He's a truck

    27. Beth Bland

      Now if you’ll excuse me lemme go drive my fish microwave

      1. Anonymously MJ

        Fish microwave- I don’t even know exactly what that is but I want one

    28. Chloe R

      but i put wheels on it ma'ma

    29. Camille Randall

      It feels like they stoped making vids 🙁

    30. Skunky Wild

      3:22 "I made another truck, it's a pogo-stick with fireworks on it."

    31. Charlatan

      All of those would be legal in the state of Florida from what I've heard

    32. Simply Season

      What you mean it's not a truck it's clearly a drivable truck omg how many times do I have to tell you it's a peace of toast with wheels no it's not it's a truck 🚚

    33. Jack G

      How much are they selling them trucks for?

    34. Martin Pagano

      Studio C is no longer funny. Bummer.

    35. Sunset Swerve

      When he just shuffled away on his hands and knees 😂😂

    36. Garren

      Um ok...

    37. StarWarsHarryPotter 8

      This comment is a truck...

    38. FaceTheOdds

      But I put wheels on it ma'am

    39. Nik Reimer

      In my town this is common occurrence at the insurance place

    40. Little Rascal Eventing

      It's funny but they're accents are so bad... So bad.

    41. _xItsHyperdrivex_

      I miss the old cast. Especially Matt

    42. Rochelle Gary

      Wonder how they will fit in those trucks...

    43. Mollie Garland

      As a native southerner, I can name at least 10 people who would try to drive those, probably muddi'n.

    44. Anna Nestor

      I miss when studio c was able to make funny sketches that didnt make fun of people or use sterotypes.

    45. Richard Montoya

      O God I miss the old studio c crew I miss them so much 😢

    46. monke

      This video is trash, All it is is a woman being a bad worker and denying the people with trucks. Is this supposed to be an "exposing" video?

    47. kibukun

      Whew... I almost thought they were gonna register the Subaru Baja.

    48. Zeke Gore

      The title of this sketch should be: "But I put wheels on it ma'am!"

    49. J watkins

      This is horrible

    50. Kelly Lunceford

      scout master is gona be real mad vacation was his idea

    51. AceOfSpades

      who misses the old studio c

    52. Jacob Nichols

      The one with the mustache sound just like Jeff Foxworthy.

    53. Mikkel Sv

      THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING IVE EVER SEEN. Maybe its because I grew up in the south and this actually happens here

    54. KolourfulNeco

      It’s the ficking rat tail for me 😭😭

    55. Beth and Ruth

      This is really great 😂

    56. Nathan Warkentin

      Tesla Cybertruck!!!

    57. Daemien McDaniel

      More V.I.S.C.I.P.A.

    58. Zachery Langevin

      Studio c do be the best comedy show

    59. whistlingninja11

      Poor April. 😁

    60. Varsha Sangam

      You're probably wondering which half...its the back half My favorite line

    61. Lizzy Darcy

      ..... this isn’t funny

    62. Lord Vader

      When is Scott Sterling coming back

      1. Professional Nargle finder

        The new cast wants to be their own people and do their own characters.

    63. jonathan olson

      Ever since the old crew left I almost never laugh at these, they just are not as funny as the old ones, RIP old crew. 😔

    64. Storm

      "they sent me back cause I told'em I wanna live in muh truck and make my family a permanent resident" making the most of his truck I see, respect

    65. Greenkitten45

      I love the third guy's transformation as they talk. Brilliant. 🤣

    66. Starvel

      Anyone else think of two guys on a scooter at the end?

      1. Starvel

        Two guys on a guy truck

    67. Midas’ Life

      Why do I remember watching this exact thing a few weeks ago

      1. Professional Nargle finder

        Time travel....

    68. Tanuki

      This is just Idaho

    69. TheHalfblood Studios

      “I asked you to leave” “oOHHhhHhH”

    70. EvanJPH

      As an American I wish this wasn’t accurate for a certain half of the country


      does anyone the OGs

    72. BlamelessDemogorgon

      So this takes place in Florida right?

    73. Ryan Gromer

      Studio C isn’t even funny anymore

    74. 36Bananapies

      This is offensive to my people. We aren't all this backwards or stupid. In fact, when I put 35" mud boggers on my boat and dropped in a LS1 I was smart enough to register it as a boat...

    75. Ben May

      Favourite is my 2010 silverado 2500 4x4 6.0 gasser named Francis

    76. cool cattle

      Dude I saw an ad with a guy from studio c in it!

    77. ijk7

      I wanna see bloopers created by this masterpiece of a video

    78. Captain levi

      We need more just jeremy

    79. LokiPlayz

      but it's a truck

    80. Raise of Hope Garden

      The pogo stick 🤣

    81. Ezra O'Connor


    82. Ezra O'Connor


    83. Yellow Ladybug

      I feel like Matthew, Ike, and Tanner were hanging out one day (making a "truck" with wheels), goofing around, chatting about hill billy's and this sketch was born.

    84. MissGimpsAlot

      :/ Sad.... Studio C used to be funny. Now it's a bordline dumpster fire....

    85. Edward Salazar

      This was funny until you used a nations national flag as a visual aid to highlight what? Ignorance? Stereo typical behavior? You guys how is it that third world countries show more education and respect than us?

    86. Tristi Pinkston

      I don't even know what to say.

    87. Jemma Deloach

      Why does this remind me of something on Disney channel

    88. Leahs Little Pets

      "the contatution has nothing on it"

    89. Jestre, Lord of Fools


    90. special finger

      He laughed track is way to cringe

    91. Justin Werner

      their sketches are unnecessarily too lengthy

    92. FlowerTheTimeLady74

      Someone was once arrested in Minnesota for drunk driving a La-Z-Boy

    93. Danny mahé

      Alternate title : I put wheels on it

    94. David Beckley

      "But I put Wheels on it."

    95. Vera Bean The Tire Ant Queen

      I... I know people like this. 🥺

    96. Milo Harkins

      I love how as he is talking about his tent-truck, he just casually rips off his clothes and puts on a hat.

      1. dakota123422

        He also adds long strands of hair too

    97. JJ FRENZY

      This is the first funny sketch studio C has made since the split between the original cast and studio C.

    98. A Hemsley


    99. A Hemsley

      It's a truck, it's got four wheels, and it's a truck . . .

    100. A Hemsley

      Micro wave on four wheels. It's a truck. Yah. What are you driving home jimmy? My truck, Can I get a ride? Sure! It's a mirco wave.