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    Prom is an event that is often met with excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, for one couple, the actual prom proposal is about to get dangerous very quickly. Lives may be at stake.
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    Cast: Jetta Juriansz, Matthew Galvan, Austin Williams, Tori Pence
    Director: Brandon Christensen
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Dalton Johnson

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Avatar Aang


    2. Aryaman Gupta

      4:14 man i really thought i was gonna get rick rolled

    3. blaster23456

      What's more dangerous then a ninja? Mrs. Smith with a shotgun. What's a bit less dangerous then her? Bee Ninjas.

    4. Jack DeHoog

      Old cast vs new cast?

    5. Chap C

      We always like to watch these on Sunday because we know they won’t be inappropriate, but the last several (with the new folks) are just not funny. This one was ok, but so far I am sorry but I’m not too impressed. Also PLEASE stop telling us about the BYU app which I now won’t download just on principle. So tired of that. Thank you for trying.

    6. Darkninja Studios

      why the smosh vibes?

    7. ArhaanPlayZ6

      it should have been punprosal

    8. Richard Skeen

      I miss the old studio c

    9. John W

      I love seeing healthy relationships

    10. CosmicDig

      I miss the old cast 😥

    11. Brandon Nelson

      I expected more bees in the outro. "Be sure", "BYUTV", "below"…

    12. Hans Haroldsen

      Most discouraging ask I ever had. I open the door to find a cake asking me to go to a dance, but there was no name on it. I, excited to find out who did it, and even more excited to eat a fat cake, take the cake to the table, grab a massive kitchen knife, and go to start cutting. Little did I know the cake was actually a phone book. 12 years later I’m still bummed it wasn’t actually a cake.

    13. Mary Carlson

      Its kinda sad how little views studioc gets now...


      Never seen bee-deploying ninjas before.

    15. Marina Gibbs

      You still want to go to the dance together after maiming each other?

      1. Marina Gibbs

        Okay, not MAIM. But definitely INJURE.

    16. Emma Wilde

      Good job Allison

    17. Molten Ice

      Finally decided to stop just binging the old Studio C and watch the new Studio C 🤗

    18. Gabe Hitchings

      i miss the old cast the new cast great but its just not the same

    19. Jessica Wang

      The craziest way I have been asked to do something was to join the winner's circle of a greek appreciation hula hoop where I was then asked to leave because it was for winners only. My friends had told me to join but I was told not to by the school teacher.

    20. emmmaa

      all the locations lowkey look like to all the boys locations. is that just me?

    21. Joe Metts

      Romantic in a twisted way.

    22. Starvel

      Anyone else catch the Looney toons reference

    23. Andy Scott

      Trash videos

    24. PoeAn Lu

      our BEE-yu tv app

    25. badbiker666

      Craziest way I've been asked something ... Nothing comes to mind. Tori is my dream girl.

    26. Zeke Gore

      I love how each pun's literal manifestation occurs at the exact moment that part of the note is read. Come to think of it, they don't actually read most of the notes!

    27. Banana Llama

      Sorry I’m to bzzy to go to prom with you 🐝

    28. SweetTear's

      Let's see how many subs I can get without any videos once I get to 1k I will post

    29. Wolftal 117

      Okay ever since the cast change I found studio C nowhere near as funny, watching this episode I now retract that statement!?!🤣🤣😃😃😆😆😁😁😝😝😀😀😅😅😅😄😄

    30. Benays Tesfaye

      yea i aam in 6 grade and dont do that yet

    31. daniel buckner

      I imagine that Tori already had that outfit and talked herself into this sketch! 🤪 Why arent there more singing sketches with Tori and Jetta tho?🤨

    32. oazie parzivalb

      I miss the old studio c with matt and the others

    33. Inevitable Humor

      This kinda gives me vibes from the old cast for some reason

    34. Yuri Boyka

      4:38 bees were backup just in case she refused to go to prom

      1. Andy Scott

        Noooo really?

    35. E'lissa G.

      The cheerleader gets me every time

    36. Shannon :S

      The fact they continued punning around was awesome-

    37. ThatDaneKat

      I hope the walrus comes and teaches me a lesson. A japanese lesson. Nothing motivates you to learn a language more than having a walrus as a teacher.

    38. Doggoperson626

      They’re so fricken toxic

    39. Ian McNeil

      hi m-mr walrus

    40. RagamuffinBabyDoll

      I could not stop laughing when I saw this sketch for the first time!!

    41. Blaine Wilson

      Best one in a long time.

    42. Scruffylooking 21

      I guess they started dating after meeting in the elevator.

    43. MGHennebach

      No lie, high school drama really be like this.

    44. Laurisa Borlovan

      Ahhh I laughed so hard. This was too good.

    45. Sally Abraham

      3:18 is my fav part

    46. Amanda Williams

      To find true love, you need to break there neck. And possibly set up dynamite.

    47. Haylee Oller

      When I moved to Utah, I thought it was low key creepy how you had to find where someone lived in order to get the poster to the right place😂

    48. Backyard Rebel

      No bees were harmed in the making of this sketch.

    49. Aiden Hall

      Can you guys make a if food babies were real skit

    50. Mario Mario


    51. Jim Burke

      There's a "Bee, Why You?" app? I think I'll try to avoid the bees. I don't want the bees, and at this time of year, they wouldn't survive very well. So hopefully they just let that bee without letting these scenarios play out in real life.

    52. Madelyn Y

      When I see you my heart goes Nam. Soldiers show up at door

    53. Fortnite Stuff

      I think the old cast should make an appearance in a sketch and make every one happy and then all 20 or more do a telephone game sketch.

    54. Cecilia Lacayo

      That was hilarious and where those real bees

    55. Hebl von Heblowitz

      This is one of your best ones ever!

    56. Peyton Merwin

      You gotta love ACME! The ultimate Looney Tunes brand!

    57. Charles Vahsen

      I have a question did you guys watch the original cast when you were younger?

    58. orosee

      Small missed opportunity at the end when you talk about "Bee-Y-U" :-)

    59. Elaine Nolte

      The banana part made me laugh so hard!

    60. Elisabeth Coombs

      When you take puns too far...

    61. Melissa Moses

      This has to be one of the best

    62. Avery Larson

      I loved being an extra in this sketch! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    63. Genre Productions

      Plot twist: these two were looking for a prank war

    64. Out of My Element

      I got a note in class that said, "Hey Stupid, Wanna go to prom with me? Love Billy." I did.

      1. Skyfire

        Makes sense to me.

    65. Allison Leyer

      My Freshman year, a guy in my English class asked me if I would go to Homecoming with him Junior Year. It was so weird. But I wasn't interested. Also, before my bf and I started dating, we had a 2-hour text conversation that was nothing but plant puns.

    66. Spencer Magnusson

      I helped on the visual effects for this episode - so glad how they turned out! Thank you to my great coworkers in post production.

    67. veronica mars

      i love the concept for this sketch! the writing was fresh and funny and honestly seemed like it could turn into a fun netflix teen flick!! kudos to the entire team

    68. Abigail Shamrell

      I was asked over dm

    69. Christian Perkins

      Okay, that's all. Bees.

    70. mateo taylor1763

      Sooo... who else kept waiting for the Dynamite to randomly explode?

    71. Sophia Mccullough

      It seems like they would both be INTPs so many puns lol

      1. Skyfire

        @Sophia Mccullough Maybe, but they went for revenge instead of getting all upset. I wondered about ENTP.

      2. Sophia Mccullough

        Or infp

    72. Aris Odi

      Love the ACME reference!

    73. HoNg JaY dEn

      4:14 I thought I was about to get rickrolled

    74. escapist from hell

      Don't worry Shane, I have never been to a prom we don't have that here in Roumania

    75. U̶n̶K̶N̶o̶w̶N̶


    76. Jimins Jams

      I thought the walrus was those hugging things 🤣

    77. Taiyeba Ahmed

      I actually guessed she'd be sending actual nuts to say I'll be nuts if i won't accept your proposal 😂😂

    78. SharpWhit

      Am I the only one who preferred the original cast?

    79. Beavis Kapowski

      I had a gf. She was about a 1 cow woman. Spent all my money on her and I. She ended up going to her own school’s prom with a dude that was her crush. They fornicated

    80. gillian pinarski

      Janelle laughs evily and puts dinomite near door

    81. HMO Creations

      🤣🤣🤣 briljant sketch!

    82. V3 TheTest


    83. OrangeAni

      Could you guys change the intro graphics and music?

    84. Acidrain82

      as the dynamite box has ACME written on the box i was expecting something to go wrong

    85. randomDS

      Who are these new people why are there why is there a corporate intro help i only watch old studio c videos this was a mitake to come here

    86. Sticky

      who else thought we were going to get rick astley at 4:13

      1. MacaRon · Weasley

        Yeah 😂

    87. Jonathan Desrosiers

      That's how I asked my date to prom, "don't explode"

    88. Lily Cottam

      It's okay I missed the Walrus wordplay too

    89. ClarkToons

      I wish the song at the end was “never gonna give you up”

    90. ClarkToons

      Imagine having studio c respond to your comment

    91. TheRazzBerryBois


    92. Mony Hy

      Prank couple youtubers

    93. Roslyn Pettay

      I’ve NEVER in my entire life been to a prom!!The ONLY thing that was Ever close,was a Daddy & Daughter Dance,& that’s about it!!👱🏼‍♀️💃🏼🕺🏻👨🏻😉

    94. Ken Lieck

      Oh, right, Studio BEE, er, I mean C! Like I'm really gonna download your *BEE* -YUtv app after watching this sketch!!!

    95. Ken Lieck


    96. Ivan Archeous

      " -Wait did he say "BEANS" or "BEES"? "

    97. Brilynn Westwood

      I love Jetta's evil laugh

    98. Samantha Bradford

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      2. CoolKat 3000

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      3. hi hi

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    99. Aman Kumar

      Literally a great video after a long time 🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥

    100. Lauren Blaney

      Yayyy I’m in this one!