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    In a matter of minutes, history was made and mankind was changed forever. This exclusive footage will give you a peak at the first human to set foot on martian soil, and the first words she uttered, while there.
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    Cast: Austin Williams
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Gabe Casdorph
    Writer: Austin Williams

    Published on Month ago


    1. A B

      Dissapointing "punchline" 😢

    2. Filip Otto

      There was nothing funny on this scech....probobly the only scech from studio c i disliked

    3. Rifat Mehdi

      Nope.. it was "First Comment"

    4. Tatyanah Hall

      First words on Mars- “FIRST COMMENT!”

    5. Dj Mars One

      Cool" goo!🤣

    6. Muhammad Pk

      Cool channel. I subscribed

    7. Christian Builds

      Btw the lander is actually called Orion not Athena

    8. Timothy Timonen

      The first words are "any aliens here? "

    9. Grampa Lettuce

      2/3 sitcom references obtained. I would totally do something like that. Twice.

    10. Random duder

      With each step on the red planet, you become more alien.

    11. Nicholas Johnson

      "Wow. It really is red here." "It's official. There is life on Mars right now."

    12. stefoehmen


    13. rubick307

      First words: Another planet that we can destroy. Beware Jupiter, you are the next.

    14. Lacey Delong

      I thought it was kind of dumb

    15. Guten Tag

      Funfact: after a crew burned alive in the spaceship cockpit during a preflight test in 1967 in Cape Canaveral all cockpit and landing module doors were designed to open outwards. This is due to the fact that the crew could not open the door while burning and suffocating inside since the fire drastically increased pressure inside the cockpit making it impossible to open the hatch

    16. iAm Kay

      I would probably say “I’m the greatest astronaut on this planet!”

      1. Jemma Deloach

        “I am the greatest earth bender in the world!”

      2. Cinétiste

        ...I was about ...but wait... It would be true !

    17. I Am Casserole

      Am I the only one that thinks that with the right hair and wardrobe Austin Williams would make a good Billie Eilish for a skit!!

      1. I Am Casserole

        @Cinétiste I am just glad someone took time to read my comment!! Have a wonderful rest of your day!!😜😜

      2. Cinétiste

        You have too much culture to get many likes... 😉

    18. Kris Stepke

      Live my butt.

    19. Mojang Monkey101

      While sending signals the moon may be a small space the audio signals would not reach from Mars to earth for more than 4 minutes.

    20. James Taylor

      They should have used Starship

    21. Ronald Homer

      Speed of light lag between Earth and Mars is at least 8 minutes, minimum.

    22. Rydal S

      I was expecting something funny but we can't always get what we want

    23. Rylee Wittwer

      That was boring

    24. Jadyn Saunders

      No matter what you say on Mars, don’t drink the water!

    25. Jarhe

      This is a huge breakthrough for us, but also the beginning of a new era in history of mankind

    26. Praharsh k studios

      Hey signals take 20 minutes to reach earth from mars. Just sayin.

    27. Akaash Sachdeva

      "Coming dear!"

    28. DaCoconutKing

      2050 be like: omgg they predicted the future!!1!

    29. Ava Puccini

      I loved this one!

    30. Christian Henderson

      That was stuuuupid

    31. Angeline Manga

      Go to JK studios if u want to see the original cast of Studio c :)

      1. Tatyanah Hall

        This ones better in my opinion... 🤫🤫🤫

      2. I Have Hope

        Yeah, but they rarely upload. This is my first time watching studio c in a few months and not much has changed. :(

    32. stillwatersrundeep

      I think all that elaborate, slow-motion narration and grandstanding is an artifact of the theatrical and sensationalist 60's. When we get the first human on Mars, it would probably be treated more matter-of-factly and cut to the chase.

      1. Cinétiste are right, probably just a little window on Bing news.

    33. Silias Porter

      Them talking to each other cant actually work because it would take 12-20 minuetes for info to travel a round trip which means if she says something and ground control responds it would take 20 minuetes for her to hear a response. Not doable.

    34. Steven Barker

      Some poor sap is going to believe this is 100% legit

    35. Elise Belsley

      I feel bad for the ppl named lucy

    36. Rifat Mehdi

      "Lucy I'm home" that's really deep if you think about it... Lucy is the name of the human like organism who was probably the ancestor of all humans alive.... So better you know

    37. Ertagonn

      You know there is like 15-30 min delay between Earth and Mars, because there is no delay in their communication. FAKE!!!

    38. Rachel love

      um okay then

    39. TEG Gaming

      Is it just me... or does anyone else miss the quality cast members of studio c? (the first ones) They made videos that could actually make a person laugh. Now these new people make the vids just to get views. Thumbs up if you agree with me.

      1. Tatyanah Hall

        Actually I think this cast is better. I think the old cast tried hard to get around the boundaries they set of “family friendly” ... honestly, i really hated the new cast for leaving, and wasn’t sure about these guys, but now I love that they try to find good humor even if their jokes fall flat at times (also I think a lot of that has to do that there trying to get different crowds of people to laugh, so a few sketches may not make one person laugh while it does another) I’m really not trying to argue, I just like a good debate way too much, so I hope it didn’t offend you ... 😅😅😅 Anyway have a great dayyyy!

    40. Suzanne Clark

      Man... all that build up, for this?! Really? You had so much potential for a great joke, out of ANYTHING you could say, you decided to go with that? Man... how lame...

    41. Kyle Vorkink

      Everyones a critic, but I think what this sketch needed was funnier dialogue up until the punchline. It's fine to build up to a joke, but in this case it meant 95% of the sketch wasn't funny...which isn't a great ratio. It would have landed (no pun intended) a lot better had there been two announcers with some personality or banter.

    42. Juggie Bonebrain

      3:00 - Aaaaayyyy. Fonzie? Is that you?

    43. Juggie Bonebrain

      What's with the numbers are 1:35 being recited?

    44. Jessica Grace

      When they said Underwood !y first thought was Grover Underwood and I was like HAHA coincidence BUT THEN THEY SAID ATHENA AND I WAS LIKE OK THE MUST HAVE HAD TO READ PERCY JACKSON!!!

    45. Aidan Cliff

      I stay subscribed to studio c purely because of all their old videos not because of whatever is happening here

    46. Me Myself

      My first words on Mars: "I want to go home."

    47. minecraft dude

      This looked real at the start

    48. Milk Pie

      I would say “cows”

    49. Lincoln Schaaf

      There is a delay so they wouldn't be able to communicate like that. Sorry I am a space nerd but it was still a great sketch as usual.

      1. Lincoln Schaaf

        @Tatyanah Hall they are constrained by the speed of light. By the time we are landing on mars, we won't be able to go faster than the speed of light.

      2. Tatyanah Hall

        1. Nerds are amazing (and I should know, I am one) 2. I could argue that in the future they could create better technology that could carry a signal after. Idk if that is actually possible, but I think it is probable....

      3. Cinétiste

        No need to be, everyone like space nerds ! At the moment, they would need you in the cinema industry. Even more with the last Star Wars, the rules of space battles are a mess. 😉

    50. Juan Otero

      Any one else hear the newscaster, “making her way down town...” 👀

    51. Wicked Shades Productions

      If I was her, my first words would be “Afternoon everyone”

    52. Purerage13

      Hmmmm seem fake but I don’t know

    53. Alan Yeap

      Mars say: go back to earth human! You not welcome here.

    54. Arlo Tharp

      First comment

    55. kingsleysh

      I would have said LEEROY JENKINS and run into the distance

    56. ArrowSparrow

      This was such a good set and recording - seriously felt real....just like the moon landing

    57. MaiAolei

      My words would be: "To infinity ... and beyond!"

      1. Tatyanah Hall


    58. AlphaWoomy

      Hey! Last time I checked the first words on mars was "It wasn't me!"

    59. Diane Vroman

      Terrible skit. Not funny

    60. astronomer 72

      Am I the first one to notice that they have been making sketches that sound more old school? They're great but I was just noticing a pattern

    61. Machtyn

      Is it going to be, "Where's the bathroom?!!"

    62. Ryuzaki Hirokai


    63. Cammy Melon

      yes full house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes i love it

    64. imajeff Smith

      Yeah I always quote the Fonze. But on Mars I would want the world to remember, "nominal."

    65. FaceTheOdds

      I would say, "subscribe to Studio C"

      1. Cinétiste

        A billion dollars publicity... 🙂

    66. FlowerTheTimeLady74

      The Mars landing was faked.

    67. GenerousFox

      I would say. "GOOD MORNING MARSHANS!"

    68. Pepsi Fifa

      That Fonzie " eyyyyy "

    69. Soufian El Aiassi

      Light takes ~7 minutes for light to travel to and from mars, so this is very suspicious...

    70. Geoffroy Laville

      It has been a really long time, probably the first in my knowledge, I really disliked a sketch. Why ? Easy... writing can be average, terrific or sometimes terrible but you're acting pretty well and make me at least smile when i'm not nearly dying-laughing. In this episode, no acting... And for second, if you are not american and not aware at all about a tv show called " I love lucy " (is that it ?) You really do not understand the joke.

    71. Agata Alvarez


    72. The Martian


    73. Jada Craig

      first of the new cast's videos that I've actually laughed at so far. All she had to say was "Lucy, I'm home!" I and my family watch old tv shows and I Love Lucy is my favorite.

    74. Ezra O'Connor

      she takes 2 minutes to get down from 3 steps.

    75. Karizkeenan Bagastria

      She had 8-6 month to prepare a simple sentence.

    76. JG Abraham

      How about "I am now standing on the planet Mars".

    77. Grumpy Grandpa Patriot Show

      I work out of studio Z on my show and TWO Old People On A Couch. We are trying to get up to at least studio X by the end of the year.

    78. Little snom Snom

      What would be the first words if your standing on Mars my words would be e will take over or f or c! ....... hmmmmmmmm what about AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    79. Tim McConnaughy Jr.

      Most of the world's millenials... who's Lucy?

    80. underwrap

      I was expecting a woke comment. A step for womankind...

    81. Whitedrago

      *Trips and falls down final step* "$!#@ $@#%%& $*$&$&@" - First words said on Mars

      1. imajeff Smith

        Basically what I thought would be a good one.

    82. Kamden Johnson

      im dum

    83. Glimare

      Personally would have said "I need to pee" and go straight back onto the ship. With our luck though, it will be an outdated meme.

    84. Zack Lawrence Films

      Was that Paul Rugg narrating?

    85. Bored Introvert

      nothing, I just attempt to 'Jim' a camera for a full 5 minutes before someone realizes what's happening and tells me they can't see my face

    86. Joey Bagodonuts

      Oh ffs.

    87. Roslyn Pettay

      I think Mars would just have endless sounds,or maybe none at all,but YOU haven’t heard this from me though!!🤫🤫🪐

    88. Madison Hackner

      You got it dude! Best one!

    89. Joshua Spencer

      It actually takes several minutes for a signal to cross the gap between Earth and Mars. For the Perseverance landing I believe it took about 13 minutes for the signal to reach Earth, so the conversation in the background would realistically have gaps of more than 20 minutes to get a response back from Mars.

      1. Tatyanah Hall

        Lol but who knows when we get there, we may have better technology..... just a thought 😉

    90. Kay Tournay

      Very good props, scenery, space suit! Y’all are great!

    91. Shadow_Mustang 101

      “Lucy im hoooome!!”

    92. Rebecca Loves Cats

      I loved happy days and full house!

    93. 138th Federation

      "Where's the bathroom?"

    94. Elizabeth Stephens

      I'm dead!!! That was amazing!

    95. ian melvin Fernandez

      Mine will be.. "huh! Neat!".. or... "woooooowwww....*pause*...ok now i'm bored...mission control how do i go home?"

      1. Isaac Gruver

        "I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but is this really it?"

    96. Biased Baker

      My first words would be " HOLY COW THERES A MARTIAN, wait no its just a rock"

      1. Kristina Dabaghyan

        this is hilarious

    97. BDOG

      i dont get it, its was not funny

    98. Deval Maheshwari

      Commander Clark, we're here...