I Don't Need Nothin' But You - Studio C

Studio C

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    As one couple prepares for some major financial changes in their life, they contemplate if having love is the only thing that really matters in a relationship.
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    Cast: Ike Flitcraft, Jetta Juriansz, Tanner Gillman, Matthew Galvan, Arvin Mithcell, Dalton Johnson, Garet Allen, Tori Pence
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Paul Rugg, Adam Anderegg
    Writer: Jetta Juriansz

    Published on 22 days ago


    1. Katrina Beaver

      Jetta's dress is beautiful!!! she could totaly star in a musical!

    2. D L Johnson

      Jetta already looks like he won't have her much longer. 🤣

    3. ZuyachaAnimations

      LOL P.S My favorite musical is Hamilton

    4. Joel Engelhardt

      This is a whole different Studio C than the old one

    5. Nola Rekerdres

      I don't need nothin' but Studio C

    6. Gaia

      For the most part I wondered why there was a chair left, why was it not taken away during all the other furniture? I had that question in my mind... for the whole sketch! (until it got carried away)

    7. TheSuh415

      I miss Jeremy and Matt they were my favorite

    8. Harpist Forever

      My favourite musical is Matilda :)

    9. Frank Furt

      Jason is returning....

    10. Angela Kelley

      Also Jetta is my favorite of the girls

    11. Angela Kelley

      I love studio c I hope when I grow up I can be a cast member 🤩

    12. L M

      my fav musical is Hamilton

    13. Roslyn Pettay

      My favorite musical hands down is....”Phantom Of The Opera!!”☺️💜🎭

    14. Zoe Griesel

      Jetta was unfazed by losing the dog but wanted to keep the table and car

    15. Junjun Agbayani

      3:55 Somebody check Jetta. She might be getting an actual heart attack. You know... prepare the defibrillator.

    16. Alvaro Carrasco

      Better than tralala.

    17. The Junglesey Channel

      Great job guys! I’m excited for Jason to join your cast!

    18. Ev

      "I don't nothing- but THAT! NO- I NEED THAT!"

    19. michael luce jr.

      These guys have got AMAZING VOICES.

    20. Paul Prisbrey

      I'm glad she didn't leave him at the end.

    21. Rodney Iseminger

      If I use this for my next audition, how much will you pay me

    22. Ilex Ater

      Why was the table more important than their dog? Straighten out your priorities; dump the dude, keep the dog.

    23. Mikaylyn Willis

      My favorite musical is probably the greatest showman 😊 I ❤️ this sketch !!

    24. Paris Cloud


    25. Cory Powell

      You guys rock

    26. Cory Powell

      I really love your guys show. I hope that you guys continue posting videos on the BYU TV app

    27. ALex нSIAO

      I was Rooster in Annie

    28. Suman Panda

      They have really taken us back to the old studio c time.

    29. Persefoni Ajax

      Favourite musical? Probably Les Miserables or Newsies for Broadway and Lion King and Prince of Egypt for movies.

    30. Persefoni Ajax

      Jetta looks radiant in this sketch!

    31. Persefoni Ajax

      This is a banger.

    32. Emma Bergheim

      Me: loving this episode so so so much!!!! Also me: I LOVE THAT DRESS

    33. {chiara.muenyi}

      There’s legitimately only two girls (Jetta and Tori) in the sketch

    34. Christina Crowther

      mover: I'm gonna need that dress jetta: What! Ike (now in his boxers): I don't need nothiiiiin but yoou!

    35. sara neziri

      You know, I was watching the old studio C videos rather than the new ones cause I thought it jas gotten boring now. Boy, was I wrong. There are many people who say they don't enjoy the new content but this!!!! This is a masterpiece!! It's so funny and the actors are so talented. It's fresh and gives off an entirely new feeling to it. It's not like the old ones, yes, but it's still very well done. The others who haven't checked these out are missing out a lot!!

    36. Journey Welborn

      I so wish this was a musical

    37. Journey Welborn

      They took the dog xD

    38. Journey Welborn

      I love the new cast just as much as the old cast

    39. Cashew the Cashew

      My favorite musicals are Hamilton and West Side Story. Unless we count Disney cause....

    40. Monocyte1000


    41. Banana Llama

      when he said crippleling debt, i knew they were gonna take the stairs

    42. Micah Loves Jesus

      One of my favorite musical; seven brides for seven brothers!

    43. Mark Collins

      I could only focus on the unstable staircase...

    44. Melanie Cusick

      This reminds me of a movie I watched where the guy tells his fiancee that he lost his inheritance but he was okay with it because he wants to start pursuing his dream of being a teacher. She leaves him because she only liked him for his money and job. Turned out none of what he said was true and he was just testing her.

    45. WooIn Louie YANG

      I don't need nothing but divorce21


      I miss the old cast members, but the new cast members are awesome

    47. Pax Benjamin

      this is my comidy

    48. 1forall Re

      This was definitely shot at the lds movie production studio lol I remember like all of the props from when I served there lol

    49. Benjamin K. Weber

      Favorite Musical is this one and happiest millionaire.

    50. Star S_D

      Watched this with my dad and half way into the sketch he said, "she should dump him"

    51. Rajaat99

      Jetta is gorgeous.

    52. froggylove224 :D

      This is actually pretty catchy. Perfect, another song to get stuck in my head lol 🎵

    53. Me An INFP

      This was amazing. Their voices though! ❤️

    54. tracy thomas

      Really liked this sketch!! One of our favorites!

    55. daniel buckner

      The fake tap dancing. 😔 Points though for the reverse group flip which did remind me of that famous fascinating rhythm number with Eleanor Power!

      1. daniel buckner

        @Jetta Juriansz Oh Jetta... (SWOON) I didnt think anybody young liked tap anymore unless they were specifically in a dance career. You play the uke, sing like a bird, dance, and can legitimately act and do comedy! What do you suck at?

      2. Jetta Juriansz

        I’m really tap dancing just not wearing tap shoes so they added the tap sounds in the edit!

    56. LM Rose

      studio c used to be funny

    57. Abby Petersen

      Not me being in a pit orchestra at the moment and analyzing the soundtrack the whole sketch 🤣

    58. Bryan

      Half expected them to snag the shoes off her feet.

    59. She's an Ace!!

      Imagine Ike and Jetta in a musical together. I would pay an infinite amount of money for that.

    60. Jayden Connelly

      Can this be an actual musical please 😂

    61. Richard Blair

      Remember when studio c was funny?

    62. M Millen

      Every time I think I've seen all your talent you show us more. Loved the singing and dancing! How you all don't have a prime time show is beyond me. Y'all could be the next In Living Color or Mad TV!

    63. Gini Burt

      Them:fighting over an umbrella. Me: who needs that to pay off a debt?

    64. Tracy Stout Behunin

      Love love this. Great job guys!!!

    65. Steve Smith

      Not the dog, been there done that.

    66. tyesthaitaitai

      Jay Chou’s Rooftop is best musical.

    67. {madeline winter!}

      This is sad to me it was so much more funnier way back when

    68. whatthemusicknows

      They took the dog?

    69. Evelyn Lily

      Her voice is AMAZING!

    70. Katriana Berglin

      Favorite musical: Allegiance Also, I’m living this streak of musical sketches! They’re awesome! Plus the way they completely undid the set while we watched was super cool.

    71. FlowerTheTimeLady74

      My current favorite musical is Chess

    72. Kori Clay

      Jetta did better than I ever could LOL 😂 IM NOT GONNA BE BROKE 🤣

    73. Cynthia Caslin

      I don't need nothing but you the funny musical you thought you need

    74. Emma De Wet

      I really like Jetta’s dress in this sketch!

    75. Kate Sansom

      I’m so impressed with this sketch wow. Comedy + choreography =genius.

    76. Ahmed Mamduh

      What happened to the original cast?

    77. Alex Bruce Allred

      You're welcome good man Charlie Brown

    78. Micah Peters

      the Phantom of the Opera is my favourite musical

    79. Prior2Popular

      I love how the movers are taking the dog too lol

    80. Adam Cruz 2

      I guess you don’t need to know that The Greatest Showman is my favorite musical I guess

    81. Ceri L

      Please do even more musical sketches, they are my favorite!

    82. Jency Petersen

      When your dad decides to go back to medical school, it pretty much looks just like this skit 😂😂 worth it though!!!!

    83. Wicked Shades Productions

      I don’t know what was more amazing The set design The costume design Or their singing voices

    84. Astro .-.

      Jump in the Cadillac

    85. Kay Tournay

      Very, very, GOOD! Chorus line darling!

    86. Matthew Aaron Allen

      I knew Jetta wrote this before I read the description! I love her musical sketches! This was definitely my favorite video from y'all in a while! Thank you, Jetta!

      1. Matthew Aaron Allen

        @Jetta Juriansz speaking of, I still need to cover the Elevator Love Song!😂

      2. Jetta Juriansz


    87. Eileen Butterfly

      Either Six or Legally Blonde.

    88. Sophia Adams

      They aren’t as funny as the old people They are still funny though Very funny :)

    89. ASAVAGE J

      I don’t need nothing but Jetta singing in videos

    90. Fabulous Family

      I thought this would be like Thoroughly Modern Millie, because he's Jimmy, and she's Molly, but he turns out to be rich in the end.

    91. Isaac Arteaga

      well, that was cute

    92. Michelle Rodeiguez

      I miss the old studio c.

    93. Lakita Houston

      I love Phantom of the Opera 💙💙

    94. Jenny Cook

      We love Studio C. We have several favorite musicals, all those oldies are the best: Singing in the Rain, Meet Me in St. Louis, Easter Parade, Wizard of Oz, etc.

    95. James Haining

      I would watch this musical.

    96. Brynn Thiede

      My fav musical is probably Wicked.

    97. soundpreacher

      What kind of heartless monster repossesses a DOG?!?

    98. david whiting

      0:24 I thought "Oh no he got himself into debt, didn't he?"

    99. No One

      Need scott sterling

    100. merity withers

      I don't need nothin' but YOU- (Studio C!) BTW I LOVE her dress!