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    Time to buckle up for a 4-hour long musical about one of America's favorite breakfast foods, eggs. From the brilliant mind of Andrew Lloyd Weber, comes an emotional story of happiness, heartbreak, courage and of course, breakfast. By the end, you'll be starving for more. We promise.
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    Cast: Austin Williams, Jetta Juriansz, Ike Flitcraft, Dalton Johnson, Tori Pence, Jessica Drolet, Arvin Mitchell, Matthew Galvan, Garet Allen, Tanner Gillman, April Rock
    Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writers: Austin Williams, Jetta Juriansz

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Annalise TB

      @Dalton Johnson Please will you make this a real movie!?!?! LOL I will pay BIG BUCKS to watch it!!! So good

    2. Aphrodite in America

      I actually would watch this

    3. Rosalie Beaulieu

      i actualy want to watch it

    4. Jessica Talley

      Tori and Jetta are such good of a singer!

    5. Faika Kount

      Something Rotten.

    6. K Bell

      wait... joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat?

    7. Jane Toniolli

      Ok can I just say what an amazing voice Tori has

    8. DawntheRadiant

      Can we just appreciate Tori? She sounds amazing

    9. Jessica Talley

      lol if you guys actually sang that im impressed

    10. Khloe Judkins

      Why does this seem like something that I'd actually watch? 😂

    11. Autumn Miller

      You know, the special guest should have been a bacon.

    12. Snow’s Stingray

      Those are weird looking chickens

    13. Alexis

      Can we please get Tori's whole song as a video? Absolutely stunning voice!

    14. ENLplays

      Why is this not a thing?

    15. Kendall Graves

      I guess Nicholas Bottom decided to join Studio C! The Something Rotten fans will crack up from this joke!

    16. Dara Turchin

      Wow Tori's solo...chills!

    17. Sasha Gatt

      I kinda want to see it

    18. mLafayette9845


    19. Aphrodite in America

      They probably saw that something rotten slime tutorial, Tap Dancing Eggs: The Musical and decided to do this and I salute them

    20. JackAttack!


    21. Ava Todd

      I just noticed that in the egg carto the things that go in between the egg slots are traffic cones spray painted silver lol

    22. The three Amigos

      I always just skip to the part where tori sings

    23. Siongbong Ugba

      I'd watch this musical

    24. Second Opinion

      I love musical comedy

    25. THEakPULL


    26. Kenny Dunn

      I’d pay to go see that

    27. Evil Queen Ginny

      Watch your breakfast deal with real life dilemmas, like friendship

    28. Marian Staroba

      I'd actually want to see this...

    29. Lightning Dragon

      Bro Tori can SING!!

    30. Ty Pryor

      This is at least 5.2 squared times better than cats.

    31. Lmfao

      Be honest would you rather binge watch Cats or this MASTERPIECE?!

    32. kathy lo

      I’d watch it

    33. Seth Griffith

      Id watch this musical

    34. Chadwick Hufft

      Am I the only one who can’t stop watching this?😅

    35. Kathy Guitard

      Just stopped by to say, please finish Tori's song! My husband and I have been singing those four lines over and over for days lol

      1. Alexis

        @Tori Pence Can we please get the full song somewhere? Your voice is absolutely stunning and I've been listening to that one clip on repeat just for the beautiful voice!

      2. Kathy Guitard

        @Tori Pence that is FANTASTIC.

      3. Tori Pence

        If it helps, the full lyrics are: “Whisk me! It’s so hard they’re not with me With this carton so empty All alone with their shells If you whisk me please make it over easy Look, a new day! The pan is on!” We recorded the full thing, but y’know, time 🤷🏼‍♀️

    36. Shadow_Mustang 101

      Tori sang really well!

    37. Bake It So

      Freaking Tori 👏👏👏👏😭❤❤❤❤

    38. Drake Murphy

      Is that really Donny Osmond?

    39. Kate Legends

      Okay but those songs tho-

    40. Lego Master 52

      I like the music.

    41. Human ? School despiser


    42. shaddy sehly

      Hello there Andrew Lloyd Weber! This is the U.S.A insane asylum, we've got a cell for you!

    43. KyleXD gacha

      Wow last song totaly not copied from joseph and the technicolourd dream coat go go go joseph song

      1. Drake Murphy

        Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat it was red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ochar and peach and ruby and olive and violet and faun and lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve and cream and crimson and silver and rose and azure and lemon and russet and grey and purple and white and pink and orange and blue!

    44. Lego Master 52

      Oh man, imagine if this was an actuall play. I would go there. Even if it's four hours. LOL.

    45. Edmond Longo

      what did i just watch!!!😭

    46. Eric Marshall


    47. Amanda Robbins

      I need to see this everyone was amazing at singing

    48. Chadwick Hufft

      “If you whisk me, please make it over easy”

    49. Chadwick Hufft

      They out did them selves on this one

    50. Precious Ana Dinorog

      imagine this would happen in real life it would be boring HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you gays are funny

    51. Choosy Apple Picker Productions

      Legit impressed. I’d go and see it, they were pouring out their heart and soul. And the spectacle alone is entertaining.

    52. TolkienFan2007

      Please, make a full version of Tori's song! It's great.

    53. Micah Peters

      Alright this is the first time I've laughed really hard at a Studio C sketch in a long time XD

    54. dahyuns water bottle

      Felix would love this.

    55. daniel buckner

      I would have loved to been in the room when this sketch was pitched.

    56. Cracked Gummie

      what song is Tori singing

    57. Timmy Van Loon

      u should have put that outer shell will soon be thorough

    58. Jean Vogler

      Wow, that was so cool!

    59. Ezekiel Stroman

      I would actually watch this.

    60. Tom Ganji

      Tori’s scene was so emotional

    61. Elese H

      Who actually wants to watch this? I do!!!

    62. Shannon :S


    63. Smiling Red Panda

      Dang, Tori, you SLAYED that solo!!!!! I want to hear the rest of that song so bad! Your voice is AMAZING!!!

    64. MissEllaBella

      actually make this, plz.

    65. EchoEmma

      Somebody needs to send this to Wilber soot

    66. Stephen "Jackson" Miller

      woh woh woh nobodys buying tickets unless its the crayon song

    67. Noah Song

      You guys should make this into a full thing

    68. Obed Flores

      i would wach that

    69. SorryNot24


    70. TNW Creations

      I never comment but um, HOLEY SMOKES, Tori!! Where have you been hiding that voice?! Girl, you are incredible!

    71. Angela Namkorw

      Yeah I’d watch it

    72. Samuel Intriago

      This reminds me of a Mexican movie about eggs XD

    73. Claudia Zequeira

      if you whisk me make me over easy 😍😪👋👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤘

    74. Soul Skully

      The old crew is still missed

    75. Joshua Kovacs

      Can we get a sequel?

    76. Grace Richter

      Ok Tori needs to be on broadway

    77. RyderTitus Gaming

      also next: the story of a chicken

    78. Tyler D S

      This is definitely in my top five favorite studio c sketches. More people need to see this!

    79. Grace

      Why does this exist?! 😂😂

    80. Naomi Weed

      The Tunes sound like the ones from Joseph the the Technicolor Dreamcoat Musical.

    81. imajeff Smith

      Well I said the same about cats

    82. Elliana Minter

      Sometimes you forget how good of singers the cast really are

    83. t w

      i miss the old cast. the new cast are ok. they try to be funny instead of just being funny naturally

    84. Olivia Johnson

      Now why do I want to see eggs the musical? It seems silly. 🥚

    85. Sarah Berkner

      Also featuring Close The Fridge Door, O Carton Days, and Any Cheese Will Do.

    86. Victoria Klaver

      Petition to make this a real musical along with the one about William Henry Harisson

    87. Ezra O'Connor


    88. Ryan Gabbart

      I haven’t watched Studio C in like 4 years

    89. Elizabeth Snedeker

      No stop I want to watch this!!!

    90. Addison W2021

      We need a sequel

    91. BlueThunder and Frank Challenges and parody’s

      One question ... shell their be another?

    92. Silent Cloud

      Petition for this to become real because I am now too invested in the plot

    93. Justin Grynkewich

      I can’t stop watching Tori singing “If you whisk meeee please make it ooover eeeeassyyyyyy” P.S. Tori is the best ok bye

      1. Audrey Mohrmann

        Do you happen to know which song she’s parodying?

    94. Eliza Shannon

      o my gosh I LOVE STUDIO C!!! I DIE OF LAUGHTER

    95. Cassi Banman

      This is the best thing ever!!! Did any body else think this was so silly it was beautiful. I also loved the voice that Dalton. This is something I would go to actually go to in real life.

    96. that Weeb

      I would watch this, and I am afraid for my sanity

    97. Elizabeth

      This look Eggcellent! sorry, someone had to do it.

    98. veronica mars

      i am perpetually in awe at how well the cast sings!!

    99. Elizabeth Fujimoto-Maza