Backstage Hair Drama - Studio C

Studio C

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    Welcome to the clash of the titans-the hair edition. These actors are in a battle to determine who has the best hair, and they’ll go to any length to outdo the other. May the best hair win.
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    Cast: Tanner Gillman, Matthew Galvan, Jessica Drolet
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Kade Atwood
    Writer: Matthew Galvan

    Published on Month ago


    1. Alison Mirani

      This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins. George is the kid on the left with the tie and the flat-top. Harold is the one on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut. Remember that now.

    2. chippy

      The backstage was the stage

    3. Brokowski the Great

      1:23 Zack Snyders Studio C

    4. Arrows and Aces

      I like to think this happens routinely

    5. The Junglesey Channel

      I did enjoy this this video! Very clever!

    6. H G

      He went super sprayin’

    7. Deacon Roberts


    8. Wretched Egg

      With all the sparks and smoke I truly thought we were about to have a Highlander moment.

    9. Darth Strem

      yo is that Sonic the hedgehog?

    10. C

      I was hoping for Super Saiyan 3 and they didn't disappoint!! I think SS3 has the coolest hair but in terms of overall design I actually think SS4 is the coolest. SS3's lack of eyebrows bothers me.

    11. Sanchira Vanity

      They both don't have Shawn hunter hair XD 😆 that when it's flipped girls go "Shawn is that you"

    12. Naomi Rose

      Eighties much

    13. Evelyn Prete

      I want whatever hairspray they’re using- looks powerful. Maybe my hair will stay in if I use it

    14. The Legendz

      The anime hair. THE ANIME HAIR😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Gideon Kleyn

      Who Misses the original group?

    16. Sean Samudera

      the ozone: bruh

    17. Brian Hebert

      Amazing! The DBZ parody is fantastic. Finally someone had the guts to parody how hilariously dumb it is that 50% of DBZ episodes is monologuing and screaming! 🤣

    18. Grampa Lettuce

      The fact that half this sketch is a dig on DBZ...makes it the most amazing sketch since forever.

    19. ymt20023 LIMBU DEEPNY

      And ammmm FANNN

    20. ymt20023 LIMBU DEEPNY

      Either one is not:>

    21. ymt20023 LIMBU DEEPNY

      Why are they all ugly?

    22. Ellie's Reviews

      This is funny to some people? Like, I love Studio c and while I was sad to see the old cast leave I was excited to see some new faces and writers but this is just sad...

    23. Saumya Suvarna

      1:54 Unless you're in france

    24. Ev

      I love Tanner the queen

    25. Betty Vroman

      Y’all are total nerds.................. its hilarious.

    26. I wish you happinnes

      Basically how every 90s and early 00s school bathrooms were.

    27. Alana K.

      Tanner's pompadour is giving me Franny flashbacks.

    28. A J Somebody

      Haven't seen Studio C in a while and oh my gosh this was great.

    29. Persefoni Ajax

      This is so absurdly random and that's why it's funny.

    30. Star Heart


    31. Arlo Tharp


    32. Tee Johnson

      The hair styles went south so quickly!!😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Daviss207


    34. Winky 832

      HAHA!!! This was so good, I loved the whole sketch hope you didn't get too much hairspray in your eyes.

    35. D!tto

      Also that swan's face is vibe UwU

    36. D!tto

      That anime fight tho you've made us proud Matthew & Tanner ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    37. Cor's Happy Fun Times

      This was... some kind of awesome.

    38. Redstone Casey

      From Super Saipan to Krillin in five seconds.

    39. BDOG

      3:22 caillou 30 years later

    40. Frenchie Quassont

      2:20 anime kids on Halloween be like...

    41. Larissa Pothoven

      It would be great for Franny (Jason) and Tanner to meet in a sketch!!


      Is it just me, or did 1:13 look like they both just farted. XD But thats what i saw.


      I think this is one of the best of the new cast by far!!! And by that, I mean Tanners hair. Sorry Mathew.

    44. 4 Stephanie


    45. Lil Drummer boy

      The slow no reminded me of the fencing sketch from the old cast.

    46. MsBirdsong 77

      3:29 Tanner 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. Eric Kotter

      I actually thought this was pretty hilarious. I guess I like this kind of random stuff sometimes. :)

    48. Art by Ree Also know as Ree

      What happened to the original people

    49. Lakita Houston

      Vegeta is my fav, but all of those hair dos were pretty sick!💙

    50. Fluffy Vixen

      More Scott Sterling pls.

    51. Villade

      Splat explain why i threw up green

    52. Life of Leo

      Pretty sure this is just anime, guys

    53. amb3rharris

      i always thought his hair looked weird

    54. Andrew Wunrow

      I just hope the special effects team had a fun time with this one.

    55. QuickSilver

      I wonder who was playing Jeremy in this ske- Oh wait no, wrong cast, sorry. Still a great sketch tho, great job!

    56. Taracinablue

      Well done to the artists behind these melodramatic hairdos, lol =)

    57. Bond Denhalter

      The giant mohawk was the best

    58. Ilex Ater

      I loved the Marie Antoinette hairdo the most. The drama was truly majestic.

    59. Roslyn Pettay

      Who knew that hair was so MIGHTY💪🏼⚡️in ALMOST to the end of the video!!😉👍🏼

    60. Tipsy

      I'm a sucker for dragon ball so yeah I'm here

    61. JakNekon

      Omg, lol

    62. Jaclyn Dias

      P.S. Tanner is my fav!

    63. Jaclyn Dias

      BEST. SKETCH. YET. Who wrote this one? Best one besides the Sailor Moon one!

    64. Avery Rutledge

      In the end tanner looked like sonic the headchog before they were bald

    65. Ben Hunter III

      Awesome sketch. Loved it. Of course, the last hairdo was the best. Bald is bold!!! 😁

    66. Arun Raj

      the true strongest hair style. One punch man baldness

    67. Lego Master 52

      It's battle of the hair styles: The movie! LOL. XD

    68. Bug Bitez

      DUDE! This just got intense... until it's time for the show.

    69. Ryuzaki Hirokai

      Now for One Punch Man?

    70. unique unikitty

      Girls Girls, you're both pretty, can i go home now?

    71. R & R Channel


    72. The Bee's Knees

      Wait... Where's the humor?

    73. Banana Llama

      Tanner already has the best hair

    74. Kori Clay

      We need more sketches like this 😂😂😂

    75. Michael Howard

      Dragon Ball in a Studio C sketch. I did not see that coming. I absolutely approve

    76. Mary Peterson

      I had to stop watching cause I'm in a library and was laughing too much😂

    77. Pozut


    78. Areeba Asad


    79. Radical thelithuda

      Too bad saitama is most powerful person in the world... The bald guy 😂😜

    80. 55Ramius

      I was waiting for one of them to whip out a can of gorilla glue...

    81. ijk7

      No hair-spray or wigs were harmed during the making of this video O.o

    82. Madilyn Ross

      * hair flip* I died laughing! Love your sketches!

    83. William Pachev

      New studio c is lame they can't even make anything worth watching.

    84. Yellow Ladybug

      These two...just great! I love how the crew member couldn't help but chuckle. Also, now we need a full sketch with Tanner as Marie Antoinette, he was spot on. Edit to add that the sketch could be Jason's character from the French revolution (can't remember the name). Since Jason is would be brilliant.

    85. DrKoolWolf ・ᴥ・

      That was… different?

    86. Trinity Gardener

      How dare you make fun of Dragon Ball😤

    87. Coldtenq L

      Just ✍️use✍️hair✍️spray✍️to✍️turn✍️into✍️goku✍️

    88. K bm

      TANNER!!!! YOUR HAIR IS A WORK OF ART!!! DON'T HAIRSPRAY IT!!! Btw, anyone rocking bedhead?

    89. Lightning Dragon

      My mom: Honey, why are you laughing?? Me: Nothing.. The screen: *Tanner aggressively spraying his hair*

    90. Ken Lieck

      Now *that* was a masterpiece -- a true aerosol ballet that was beautifully realized, amplified & executed with fine conditioning, body control and volume that will hold its fix as long as it takes! As Will Shakespeare himself once said, "The spray's the thing!"

    91. Van Sun

      These hair styles were OVER 9000!!

    92. Soufian El Aiassi

      1:44 was sounding awfully giorno there at the beginning...

      1. No Offence

        Lol I'm glad I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that

    93. Ryan

      This has significantly better CGI than the actual Dragonball Evolution movie

      1. BelGarath

        @kirby shroom Shyamalan produced the movie, do i need say more?

      2. kirby shroom

        @BelGarath well thats just sad for the people who made it.

      3. BelGarath

        @kirby shroom I guess my joke ran a little to fast and now i have to explain it. The joke being that the movie is so godawful bad that fans all over the world say it dont exist.

      4. kirby shroom

        @BelGarath Silly it came out in 2009

      5. BelGarath

        Silly, that movie dont exist.

    94. Marcuri


    95. Ebrahim Mookadam


    96. Jimmy Youtube

      Ok more dbz stuff would be epic 😂

    97. Alex 알렉스

      Still a better live action Dragonball movie than "that movie we don't acknowledge"

    98. BooHi

      From Goku to Saitama în a minute

    99. Vasily Bullock

      From all that spray, they're probably just hallucinating

    100. RoraBoryAlice 2187

      Tanner has the best hair by far, and the best hair floofs XD