The Westminster Cat Show - Studio C

Studio C

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    The stakes are always high at the Westminster Cat Show. These talented felines and their trainers have a few tricks up their sleeves for this year's competition. The question is, who will take home the grand prize and be named the perfect cat?
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    Cast: Tanner Gillman, Jessica Drolet, Tori Pence, Dalton Johnson, Garet Allen, Austin Williams
    Director: Neil Hiatt, Paul Rugg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Neil Hiatt

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Tenseigod

      This video was sponsored by PETA

    2. Izaak Kerr

      can you bring back the old cast the new cast sucks

    3. Reina Frohling

      Why did dog owners have to win.... 😢(loved the sketch though)

    4. Tsuyu Asui

      *my cat being one that would actually run the coarse with me because i taught him to walk on a leash with me*

    5. Alex 알렉스

      Poor kitties 😥💔

    6. Rach screech

      I haven’t laughed this hard at a studio c sketch in a while

    7. Plastic Productions

      “Catt Meese” *Everyone Liked That*

    8. Nyssa Brown

      Don't worry. They used stuffed toy cats for the leash scenes.

    9. LMG50


    10. Ethan Holman

      Cat meese the cat the myth the legend

    11. Bailey Karren

      I love Studio C but this was disturbing

    12. Crystal Frost

      There will now be so many cats named Cat Meese in the world.

    13. Mary Carlson

      The second contestant is the villain from stargirl xD

    14. Statesrights O

      HAHA... that cat in the middle looks just like our cat.. acts just like him too :D

    15. Logan Walthers

      thats mean to cats

    16. Sugar Wolf

      I really want those sound files LOL.

    17. Typhon

      I love this channel I just subscribed

    18. Mr. No0bie

      Dogs are the best, always have been

    19. Mr. No0bie

      Cat Meese was so mad at getting hit in the face he took it out on Dalton

    20. Eduardo Rodriguez

      My favorite animal is a dog I don’t really like cats that much

    21. It’s Really Reagan !

      I love the stuft cats!

    22. Claire Anna

      C-cat Meese?

    23. Edmond Longo

      I like how Garet just chucked his cat into the tube

    24. Anshal Jain


    25. Eli Carter

      Awesome! 🤣🤣

    26. Shaun

      Is it just me or is the old videos more funny? No hate though...

    27. Michaela J


    28. Olivia

      Maybe I’m tired and just needed a good laugh but this one had me rolling!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. Spencericity


    30. gillian pinarski

      Launches cat into tunnel Me o my god😂😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Lisa Jones

      This one was clever!

    32. Ash Niesl

      All of those cat breeds were wrong 😂 two were ragdolls (not just the plushies) and the orange one was the actual tabby

    33. Mr. Powell

      Hey, those are real cats!

    34. ANOOP A

      Following is my personal opinion, written to the best of honesty... Sorry, i did not enjoy this sketch at all. I am not comparing the present crew with the original cast, still...very little passion, no spunk, dull timing, poorly framed animal jokes, progressive deterioration of sketch originality, quality, props and content. In my humble opinion, there is no spirit or life in these sketches anymore. I try to support the present team by watching all their new videos..and it is starting to take its toll on me...prompting me to write this comment. P.S. if you have to brute force include the name of former cast member/creator on you current sketches, to make the audience laugh...well, may be its time to take an up close, honest and personal introspection on where this show is headed.

    35. Jocelyn E

      the studio cs have not been as funny lately so I think the actors are good but the sketches are not.

    36. Rachel Chastain

      I have a cat and a dog I love them but I agree dogs are amazing

    37. Rebekah Griffith

      I was like, what is happening? Then I heard , "Cat Meese" and I was like, I'm in

    38. Sarah Burt

      When you hear Cat Meese and think it's going to be Matt Meese playing as the cat and then feel depressed when you realized you got your hopes up too high.

    39. The Junglesey Channel

      I would have really enjoyed this if the cats you dragged around looked realistic but it’s super obvious that they’re stuffed animals. Lot of potential but fell short.

    40. iTs Messiah

      Sooo why you used dummy humans and real cats

    41. a1958memaw

      The second cat is not a tortishell. Come on, it’s orange & white

    42. Blue Mer Studios

      Cat Meese! Best cat name ever!

    43. Ilex Ater

      As the proud owner of a dog that may be part cat and a cat that may be part dog, I love them both just the way they are.

    44. Amy Chappell

      Boo! Hiss!!

    45. ClareBerries

      I swear that first stuffed cat was my old stuffed animal i would love when i was small!

    46. Kooky Juice

      Catt meese is he related to matt meese?

    47. Cody l

      I’m glad when they made the cat run they didn’t force it to they just used a stuffed animal

    48. Saffron

      This is funny, but it would be great if the tabby, tortie, and siamese were actually the right colors. It was the equivalent of calling a Poodle a Labrador, 3 different times.

    49. Anonyomus Stryker

      Now why did I laugh at this 1:29 when he tossed that cat in there xD sooo funny

    50. Byron Severson

      haha mat meese cat mess

    51. Red Jenny

      I share this with my nana thinking that this was an actual Cat show whoops...

    52. Banana Llama

      I’d say he’s looking for a cat

    53. Magical Potato

      I wish I had a dog😿

    54. Hakoda

      IM DYING this was amazing

    55. Slashshot_YT

      I HATE U STUDIO C, a cat is not a bad pet, and yet YOU keep stereotyping them as horrible, arrogant creatures!! as if dogs are the best things out there. your sketches are becoming worse and worse, and NOW I will unsubscribe to your stereotypical channel once and FOR ALL! 😡

    56. AJ Lovely

      I’m glad they’re getting Jason back! They need help.

    57. Ryan Hunter

      I only had 2 minutes to watch before a call, so I watched at 1.25 speed. So worth it! rofl

    58. RainyPlays

      my fav animal is doggos


      No actual cars were harmed during the making of this video.

    60. Snow White

      That host guy... is that Tanner Gillman? I just watched NOT CINDERELLA'S TYPE and he looks a lot like Maxton.

    61. Daniel Christianson

      I love cats, so I'm kinda upset that they chose dogs (again), but I liked the sketch anyway. 😁

    62. Kel Carlisle

      So funny. Has to be one of my favorite skits now as well.❤️

    63. Meredith Carroll

      It's not that hard to change the script if you can't get the right breed of cat. Seriously, it's such a small detail that ruins this right off the bat (not that the "cats are evil, dogs are awesome" joke isn't tired and old anyway). I mean, you had a tabby at least. Too bad you called it a tortoise. Man, I miss old-school Studio C.

    64. Galaxy Vaporeon

      Why is no one talking about Ruth Bater Ginspurr

    65. Ada Lindenau

      "Cat Meese" We all thought of the exact same thing, didn't we?

    66. Marguerite Sherlock

      the roasts matt is getting in the comment section, yeesh but they're quite funny

    67. Misty Doog

      I was not ready for the tunnel 😂

    68. Shannon :S

      What a totally real cat

    69. Hazel Thomas


    70. SB Skinner

      My vote is for Cat Meese!

    71. Kathy Sarden

      I can’t stop laughing 😂 !

    72. niners rule

      sad to say but remember when this was funny?

    73. Anonymous Axolotl

      Closes captions said “pretentious breath” XD.

      1. Emma Green


    74. Ναομι Τριμβλε

      Wonderful, another “Best In Show” movie

    75. Sam Wordhouse

      i haven’t watched studio c in years and have no idea who any of these people are

    76. PanikGamer

      Why are the messes always on people’s faces

    77. Maxell Power

      So Matt kept the vending machine cat and name it Cat Meese?

    78. mcrain99

      Literally one of my favorite sketches! Just fantastic!!

    79. Owen Bishop

      As a cat owner I am deeply offended 😅

    80. koreanelvis04

      YES!!! Go DOG OWNERS!!!!

    81. E. Talamante

      The obvious breed mislabeling! Am I the only one who noticed?

    82. Eldrimur


    83. Scruffylooking 21

      This was pretty funny. It reminded me of an old Mr Bean dog show episode. :)

    84. ThundergirlGaming

      I freaked out for a second when Garrets run went on. Then I found out it was just a stuffed cat. Phew!

    85. Jordan Fisher

      The puuuuuuuuuuuuurfect cat 😂😂😂😂

    86. MissHatter

      Dog are way better XD

    87. Benjamin Fliehmann

      Brilliant use of "stunt cats".

    88. T J

      I like bitbs

      1. T J

        Birbs I meant

    89. King_A

      this new team is not pulling the numbers the old team made

    90. Averi Bone

      These cats are the stages of me getting up in the morning.

    91. Zoltan Ruschak-Kelemen

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    92. Byrd Xills


    93. Jessica Wang

      My favorite animals are horses

    94. Dallen Humpherys

      The country of Siam is still a country, it is just called Thailand now.

    95. the explorers

      Cat should have won dogs stink

    96. Roslyn Pettay

      It was”Puuuuuurfect”🐈until the dog was brought in,Lol!🥇🐕🥲

    97. Rebecca Seidel

      Cat MEESEEE

    98. Reader of Books

      The fact that the stunt doubles were fake cats only made me laugh harder!

    99. Kassi Thomson

      Them: Mr. Mittens, an American Tabby Me: ah no (calls on oddly extensive animal facts) the is a rag doll cat Them: Ruth Bater Ginspurr, a tortoise shell cat. Me: now that’s an orange tabby. Them:Cat Meese (angry) yup that’s true

    100. bree anne

      I was watching a really good video from another channel and then saw this new video...lets just say I'll have to watch the first later😁