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    Behold the Keymaker, the maker of keys! This keymaker is about to take one lucky customer on the adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the customer has no desire to go along for the ride.
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    Cast: Matthew Galvan, Ike Flitcraft
    Directors: Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Paul Rugg

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Trevor Shook


    2. Prior2Popular

      Why is this so freaking hilarious I’m literally in my room DYING 😂😂😂👏🏼

    3. Prior2Popular

      That “I wondahhhh” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    4. Jo-Ann Geerman

      It's okay I think he forgot the original, so ask him to pay if he comes back for it.😊

    5. Shadow_Mustang 101


    6. Shadow_Mustang 101

      “I am the key maker, the maker of keeeeeys!”

    7. Maanasa Miriyala

      I didn't understand why this seemed so familiar, but then i realized this is literally a Olivanders parody

    8. Echo Mara Swift

      ...and i forgot to get paid again...

    9. I'm a Goose

      harry potter reference :D [1:20]

    10. Leah D

      "Don't help me, I got it. Just gotta get over there. AAAAAAAAHGGHHHH. heh huh huh. I got it." (not direct quote but you know the skit I'm talking about)

    11. TeddyNinja

      This episode gives me flash backs to when Matt was on the cast.

    12. ijk7

      Man, I felt his pain and sorrow T_T

    13. MissGimpsAlot

      Started with a good idea, but there was no twist. No change. The actors don't have anything to build upon. Get your writers some help.

    14. paige Collins

      Theater kids after high-school LOL 😆 🤣 😂

    15. U:P

      When I watch football, I always see some theatrical flair added to an every day situation xD

    16. FlowerTheTimeLady74

      I wish for happiness for the Keymaker with all my heart

    17. Simone Perry

      Well, this just wasn't funny at all :P It was actually painful

    18. Denise Casey

      Omg...Just seeing when he was sad when he said "No! I DONT LIKE IT!" made me sad:((

    19. M mohamed

      Is it secret ? Is it safe?´◔‿◔`

    20. Ammon Johnson

      Did he just swear????!

    21. Lightning Dragon

      I got a good laugh from this, thanks so much for making my day when I've had such bad luck for so long. 🤗🥰❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

    22. my vintage life

      "Who dares seeks the key maker"

    23. Krishna

      Old studio c is much better than this Script Acting ❤❤

    24. Rayne Bailey

      Ike: ... I wonder... Me: oLiVaNdEr??!! Ike again: Keep it secret... Keep it safe... Me again: GANDALF OLIVANDER?!?!?

    25. Krewmate

      this man is precious and needs to be protected at all costs

    26. Specimen 42

      Ollivander's disgraced little apprentice shouldn't be muggle-baiting, I'm gonna go report him to the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.

    27. Brevin Earl

      You know that time when you try to only watch one studio C... and then you don’t watch only one Studio C...


      Anyone else miss the old studio c

    29. b a d b l e e p

      I miss the old studio c

    30. Imran Deshmukh

      I loved the old cast more than these ones :(

    31. Darin


    32. PenguinsAreEvil

      Love the sketch. Hate the canned laughter.

    33. Uni Corn

      Harry Potter in a nut shell

    34. Brandon Scarth

      I make MOST situations into THEATRICAL situations cus of my background going to theatre camp and then theatre in high school, then theatre in college until my mind was taken over by a girl...never doing THAT again. LoL!

    35. ulina joy saragih

      Hi studio c!!this is such a cool sketch! Hey I wanted to say: since I was 8 or 7 I loved watching studio c (I'm 11 right now) it was always my fav show!! And I would watch the sketches over and over again, until now I'm still watching you guys!! I hope you get to see this comment! I love you guys ❤️

    36. Jason

      I'm glad you added the laugh track so there would be at least some laughter somewhere for this clip

    37. Kitty Cat

      My name JEFF

    38. Lydia Walton

      Honestly, if this happened to me in real life I would just play along. It looks fun.

    39. Olivia Hasler

      I love that its a harry potter spin off

    40. Aerozeppelin -

      The new studio c is unfunny...

    41. Toby A

      Wow the new cast killed studio c 33k views every old video made by the old cast had over 500k some in the millions Sorry but you don’t have what the old cast had 😔😔😔😖😭 Studio C is ded

    42. Sara Noscenti

      Ike is slowly losing his mind. He will soon assume his final form as comedian extraordinaire

    43. Darth Vader

      Hmm I think I’ve been on too much younglings

    44. Menachem Salomon

      So was that a reference to _Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,_ followed by Ollivander and Gandalf? What did I miss?

    45. lil clan

      This is is a mix between the never ending story and Harry Potter

    46. Canairy Cartoon

      When TF did I sub to this channel?

      1. Canairy Cartoon

        @Aerozeppelin - I think I subbed after watching that super popular ‘crayon song gone wrong’ video

      2. Aerozeppelin -

        Probably when they old cast was still here and they're were actually funny.

    47. Austin Joseph

      The original were more fun.

    48. Alexander McDonald

      “I forgot to get paid again”

    49. Mustafa Imran

      Plot twist: thos is Ollivander from HP's deranged cousin he doesn't talk about

      1. Wolvie

        The one they don't invite to family reunions

    50. Blade _78

      I miss old studio C with the old cast

    51. Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir

      You've just made an old man very-very sad!

    52. David Katz

      Okay my Like is specifically for the set dressing. Daaaang.

    53. Evelyn Lily

      This is the most fun I’ve had watching a USfilm video in ages

    54. MrNobody

      İs this the keymaker in the matrix

    55. Portalscout0

      Lol I accidentally clicked another video and it said, “I am the key maker the maker of... EBay”

    56. Ahmods

      Just bring the old cast back

    57. Morning Dusk

      He never gave him back the original. HE STILL ONLY HAS ONE KEY.

      1. Kamya Fred

        It was intentional... When Jeff comes back he'll have to pay first.

    58. mrowomi

      Hogwarts: Rural American Version

    59. Ryuzaki Hirokai

      This is what happens when theatre students can't find a job.

    60. Kiddish

      He is so sad making that key 😂

    61. Emma M

      Anyone else think of tiny wizard 😂

    62. Averi Bone

      I kind of related to Ike's character......

    63. RedCaio

      Really solid premise for a sketch, but the pauses weren't funny, they were annoying.

    64. sampaths1000

      Ike's acting like a crazy version of Ollivander....

    65. Roslyn Pettay

      I love keys,ya know??🥰🔑🗝Like,I love seein keys made onto jewelry,such as earrings,necklaces,or even as charms on bracelets!In fact,I have a couple or so necklaces with keys on them,that’s how much I love keys!😉💜🗝

    66. Aaron Burkholder

      Free handing a key like that does not seem practical

    67. Vatsal Goyal

      Ollivander would be jealous

    68. The Top Comment

      Woken in a nutshell

    69. Aaron Long

      He didn't deserve to get paid! That key must have been garbage! *he never added a lock of hair to it*

    70. Olivia

      Aww! Haha his sniveling pulled my heart strings 😭

    71. Syberyah

      Awwwwwwwww, this poor guyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! DDDDDD: XDDDD

    72. Ay P

      It was so cute, I just can't...

    73. thebruce

      Punchline... Wait for it.......

    74. Rathna Isaac

      I’m Harry Potter vibes from this and loved it !!!

    75. Ella Gibson

      The wizard looks like Daniel Radcliffe ...just me ok 🥲

    76. Mighty Makenna

      1:09 ...a message from the keys, a message from the KEYS!!!

    77. Barney Awesome

      Is it just me or the dust blew in the shape of on heart

    78. Michael Reeves

      Excellent use of silence for comedic effect! It's hard to write a skit where that works, but they did it.

    79. Tim McConnaughy Jr.

      imagine if Jeff had asked for a lock for his key....

    80. Ryan Adams

      I honestly thought this might be a "The PageMaster" thing but it was good none the less

    81. Jennifer Keener

      Why is this funny?

    82. Azizul Adnan

      I think he's an NPC from a game that got stuck in real life XD

    83. Veronica

      When the D&D game at the comic store gets interrupted by a customer hehe

    84. The Four Musketeers

      ayo Jesus loves you very much so He died and rose again so that you could hang with Him in heaven because your filthy self couldn't make it on your own... cheeeeeeeeeeccccckk

    85. jonathan olson

      Ahhhhh, I miss the old crew so much, it’s just not the same and not as funny without them

    86. SoulsProYo

      This channel sucks now.

    87. Steinbros Stein

      More like the wand maker from Harry Potter are u sure the key maker is not 2nd cousin of the wand maker. Yep definitely 2:08 unicorn hair or human hair. Oh the key maker is just acting or maybe the key maker is acting he is acting a normal man acting to be a super amazing key maker. I have an idea do the skitts of old cast anew

    88. yodela yakubov

      ha the poor harry potter fanboy was just having a (verey respectful) fanboy moment :( rly funny tho :)

    89. Luke Ahn

      I feel REALLY BAD for the key maker wish I could give him a pat on the back even though he is acting

    90. Ella

      Lol. Those sideburns🤣🤣🤣

    91. Jgide1

      NGL they aren’t as funny as the last cast and their skits just aren’t as good

    92. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here ..

    93. Oddity

      What? and why?

    94. MacaRon · Weasley

      As a HP fan THANK YOU

    95. FoxStudios !

      so much harry potter refercenes its so funny

    96. Hayden Lafferty

      Reminds me of Harry Potter

    97. Anne Onimus

      Dude who wouldn’t be excited about a guy acting like olivander

      1. proud hufflepuff

        @White Peacock whoa don't go hateing on muggles they don't know any better.

      2. White Peacock


    98. rock lee

      Knock knock

    99. Anne Onimus

      The guy just wants to be olivander LET THE MAN LIVE HIS DREAMS

      1. Kayla Heinrichs

        it’s hard to be a wizard in a world of muggles

      2. En d

        And Gandalf. He also tells "Jeff" to "keep it secret. Keep it safe." I think he just really really really wants to be an eccentric wizard, and I personally he's already halfway there.

      3. Emma Garn

        Although in this case instead of wands its keys 😆

    100. BlackMoorMan12g

      he's from dnd