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    He’s just trying to be a supportive boyfriend after his girlfriend endured a horrible day at the office. Unfortunately the staff at the restaurant has misunderstood his good intentions.
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    Cast: Arvin Mitchell, April Rock, Jetta Juriansz, Tori Pence
    Directors: Micah Merrill, Paul Rugg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Arvin Mitchell

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Dragon draws


    2. whatthemusicknows

      One time I threw up at a school dance

    3. Joseph

      i would soo hem

    4. Brandon Nelson

      For that, no tip!

    5. Smile Mad

      You are beautiful , you are enough

    6. Prior2Popular

      This is actually really funny dude 😂

    7. Sell

      I like seeing everyone in the background eating air

    8. Adnel Ortiz

      The social criticism of this sketch is pure genius. Laughed like mad at his one. ^_^

    9. Claire Anna

      No one's going to point out how Tori is literally dressed in black and white?

    10. Ilex Ater

      Soup the man!

    11. KaityMay_ClayDesigns

      This has been a horrible misunderstanding let's just get you some free food." The entire food industry. XD!

    12. Londer Land795

      "Alright, this has been a horrible misunderstanding, let's get you some free food thank you very much." My duuudde

    13. Afwe Griffin

      That was too real for me and my girl Except IM the crybaby 🤣🤣 Shes my rock 😌

    14. Remind You of Who?

      “Get him! Soup the man! Soup him!”

    15. Genre Productions

      Plot twist: They’re racist towards Arvin

    16. Amber Gaston


    17. moe lester

      Death of humor 2021

    18. David Aleman

      This is an excellent metaphor of what happens in real life to a man

    19. Bryan White

      haha, the waitress seemed like such a karen! XD

    20. Bella Sola

      "Soup the man! Soup him."

    21. David Wood

      I needed that ! Thank you !

    22. Edmond Longo

      Wow poor poor Alvin, he was just trying to help his girlfriend!!

    23. Ryan DeWitte

      SOUP HIM! -Tori Pence

    24. Louis Osuna

      My favorite part was at the end when Tori mouthed the words “Are you ok?”

    25. Junior Ranger Clara

      Soup the Man!!!!

    26. Nathan Langlois

      so so funny

    27. Nur Saadah Binti Saari

      Hope that's not real food, pity

    28. Utsman

      Let’s be real they just wanted to throw food on arvin

    29. Athena Sabaria

      All I need in life is for Jetta to tell me I'm beautiful and enough 😭

    30. Rob Colt


    31. Rob Colt


    32. Rob Colt


    33. Rob Colt


    34. Rob Colt


    35. Rob Colt


    36. Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir

      Now *I* feel like crying... cause I never had any date!!!!

    37. QuackInABox Of The Duck Army

      pov: you comment on this video and get a bunch of likes

      1. Nicky G

        Nice try

    38. Rhea Stanfield

      Note: Do NOT watch Studio C when trying to be quiet. Either they will make you laugh sooooooo loud, or they will make random loud noises😂

    39. Serenity Beddes

      Me: but they waisted so much spaghetti. 🥺

    40. The Flash and the Flame

      At 3:39 Toni is carrying some of the spaghetti away and I, for one, think it's funny she didn't take the plate and just used her hand instead.

    41. Abby Jones

      I was talking to her!!!!!!!!! you are beautiful you are enough!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. Olivia edits

      Who else misses oh snape

    43. Sarah Grape

      there must be a lot of white Mercedes in the employee parking lot

    44. Overtdoublooon90

      soup the man

    45. Different Park

      I heard what I heard

    46. Ken Lieck

      Wait a minute -- when the pelican joke didn't go over and just got the guy in deeper doodoo, shouldn't that have set off an FJMA* and gotten Mission Control to provide him with help? I mean come on -- the poor man nearly got *souped* , for Pete's sake, and *still* they were nowhere to be seen! *(Failed Joke Master Alarm)

    47. Sarah hinman

      i love this one it lol

    48. Alana Kenny


    49. Daniel Walker

      Arvin: Comment your worst awkward moment on a date Me: I've never had a date

    50. Bi- Han

      😆🤣😂 But man what a waste of food.

    51. Armaan Ahmad

      Life is full of spagetti and bad work daysim told

    52. d frost

      I thought that after they got the free food they would high five or something and she would stop crying. idk

    53. Avery Ethington

      lots of pizza

    54. Amanda Williams

      Legend has it, his still getting souped

    55. susanne anique

      Tori es the the BEST!

    56. Spriy

      this is why you hear both sides of the story kids.

    57. Lydia Walton

      That's actually a pretty good joke. Lol.

    58. Bailey Quinnelly

      Where was the Viking. 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

    59. Hope hop

      So funny 😂 love these sketches

    60. Miranda Hendren

      At the end the girls broke character. Which made it funnier. 😂

    61. Lightning Dragon

      . . . I am utterly appalled.

    62. Bri

      Hahaha omg tori and jetta are so awesome

    63. MacaRon · Weasley

      I read the title as I was listening to sad musicals songs- Hmmmmm For Forever, So Big So Small, You Will Be Found, Its Quiet Uptown, Laurens Interlude, Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story, Letter From The Refuge, Lifeboat *e c t*

    64. Syberyah

      Studio C: Has a lot of kids in their audience Also Studio C: Comment below on your most awkward moment on a date

    65. neeraja unni

      Actually what the boyfriend was being the entire time his girlfriend cried was exactly what someone SHOULDN'T BE DOING when a GIRL CRIES. INSTEAD ➡️ Be sensitive, comfort her, sit beside her and tell her soothing sweet words, offer a shoulder to cry on, give her a warm comforting embrace, imagine yourself in her situation and see how it would make you feel (empathizing) etc. That's what you should be doing ➡️ Not telling her things like "suck it up" or "deal with it" or "please stop crying" or just leaving her there to cry it all out till she " gets better" ( which actually doesn't happen ) or simply thinking let her cry she'll eventually stop crying once she gets tired from it........... THESE ARE ALL just WRONG and BARBARIC. And NEVER EVER call her "weak" or make statements to her that sounds like "she is wasting your time or so" even in a playful manner or as a joke.

    66. Suji Ks

      Back in the days when studio c used to get 10m views for 1 video . What happened to all the ogs like Matt Jason , mellery and the guys I don't remember

    67. Bella Sanders

      Waitresses: **dumps 3 bowls of spaghetti on his head** Also waitresses: **takes of 2 noodles to 'clean him off'**

    68. Ash

      It would be funny if it wasn't so true to life. Men are guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of modern feminism.

    69. Anonymous Person

      [depressed sobbing] in the subtitles.

    70. Gabe Nabors

      I love it.

    71. JG Abraham

      If I was had had such a bad day at work that I was going to start crying uncontrollably about it, I wouldn't wait until we were sitting at a restaurant before I started telling my boyfriend about it. That's just awkward. But of course, that wouldn't make the sketch. ;)

    72. Avery Ford

      I got boiling hot coffee on my head neck and throat cause my ex saw me at a cafe and "accidentally" spilled her coffee when she walked by me

    73. Skittles

      I want to know what fell in the last second of that😂

    74. Joshua Harris

      Not funny bad taste of comedy needs to back to the writers to get a rewrite or stick with the classic joke's that work

    75. Martin Andersen

      Now that's a stigma we'll never get over. If a woman cries at the table with a guy, it's the guy's fault.

    76. The Dark Jedi

      From pineapple pizza to politics, this is a reenactment of what happens when you post your opinion on social media. Someone cries, and someone else takes whatever you said out of context...

    77. ThundergirlGaming

      When someone is crying and you have no idea what you should do... 0~0

    78. Массон Массонович

      Okay that's made my morning. Made me a bit of a giggle. Thank you, studio C l, for this funny video

    79. veronica mars

      what did tori find on the ground at the end of the sketch?

    80. Samuel Nwobi

      I feel bad for man's hair....sauce gonna be in there for a good week.

    81. Averi Bone

      "Soup the man! Soup him." I'm dead XD

    82. Ryuzaki Hirokai

      This reminded me to set my alarm tomorrow for my 5AM shift. Thanks.

    83. Trash Cuber

      staff just ignoring that ring box

    84. Katelyn's Balderdash

      Honestly crying that much for that long is impressive

    85. SleepWalker

      This is exactly how modern culture works. If you're a man, you're guilty by default.

    86. Johnny Johnston

      Plot twist: This was a genuine proposal, but Jetta and Tori didn't want Arvin taking April away from girls' night.

      1. PennyForYourThoughts

        Lol yasss

    87. Danny mahé

      Jetta ❤❤❤❤, angry jetta is absolutely gorgeous, you're an angel lysm

    88. Julianne Lin

      when you're crying because you stubbed your toe but then your sibling tells you the funniest joke EVER

    89. Glimare

      What is this 'date' thing you speak of?

    90. T Decker

      comedy sketch? not funny

    91. Elora Rose

      This was so good! I couldn’t look away! 🤣

    92. ASAVAGE J

      April is too pretty to be crying that much

    93. K15hw4r M

      SOUP HIM

    94. Anthony Nguyen

      Wow the new studio C cast actually ain't half bad. Maybe I'll stay here!

    95. BlackAshKetsoup

      4:16 What happened to Arvin there? Everybody broke character (on screen) to react

    96. _WlidTiger_

      It's like school. " I WAS TALKING TO HER"

      1. _WlidTiger_

        I love it

    97. Orbit

      Omg 1.1k like

    98. Juicy Days

      The waiters outfit is BOMB

    99. kings chapter

      It's horrible how this is so true

    100. Trevor Williams

      Arvin is hilarious. He has such great delivery.