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    You've never seen a mattress store until you've seen Ezekial's Mattress Super Store. This mattress store is so big, you might lose your whole family inside--literally your whole family. We hope you find them.
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    Cast: Tanner Gillman
    Director: Jed Wells
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Tanner Gillman

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. ReddReaper Toys

      dat sad for him... even though it is fake

    2. Ariel Gonzalez

      This reminds me of Jones Bigass Truck Rental and Storage

    3. Cassie Andersen

      I want to see another sketch of him finding his family, and how they’ve gone into survivor mode and built a mini civilization

    4. EP films


    5. blepfish

      This is giving me SCP infinite IKEA vibes.

    6. Xergyo Salgado

      IKEA of no return

    7. Prior2Popular

      I DIED 😂

    8. Random SloMo

      *"BALANCE RESTORED!!"* "oh wait... he actually literally meant it."

    9. Arada Butterworth

      ezekial b is my comfort character and i hope him the best with finding his family

    10. Grayson Wheatley

      Scp 3008

    11. Sabrina Rockelmann

      this has been Dateline with Dwight Schrute

    12. pink sheik

      Super clever

    13. Larissa Pothoven

      We need a sequel!!

    14. SingularBDC

      James would have done a better job

    15. Jacob You

      I wonder if the mattress store has any relation to the SCP Ikea.

    16. Cecille Gultiano

      more of this please. I adore Tanner's sense of humor.

    17. The three Amigos

      Every time I watch this video I always laugh

    18. Xxgacha_gumxX

      Wait though, can't he just get hos wife by calling her. Because if she dosen't have her phone then she must be dead.

    19. IB_M V.2

      We need another sketch for the lore

    20. Andy Scott

      Not funny. New members suck

    21. Ang Meg

      Hahahahahaha I am icarus 😂😂😂

    22. Fulton Plant Science

      Is that Kip Dynamite?

    23. Sammy Knapp

      This feels like a Gravity Falls bit.

    24. In love my dramas

      Did anyone try to call the number ???

    25. Bethanie Child

      I have not laughed so hard at a studio c video since the Nintendo pitch meeting one from three years ago.

    26. The Wiggler

      I've been obsessed with this sketch since I first saw it. Help.

    27. weird things i do!

      WHY do I feel bad for Ezekiel

    28. Fortnite Stuff

      This is not a sketch this is a beg for help “Moooom where is the credit card”

    29. A.J. Pitcher

      Sorry the comment split up

    30. A.J. Pitcher


    31. A.J. Pitcher

      It’s so weird it’s 😆

    32. Moriah Garrett

      This is the peak of my existence omygosh the talent

    33. The Flash and the Flame

      The question is, has anyone tried to call the number? I'm curious

    34. Catalina McCarron

      This sketch made me feel a new feeling but I don’t know what it is. Like I feel so weird, but...not.

    35. D L Johnson

      News update: Police have a suspect in custody. Police are questioning a hide-a-bed mattress after skeletal remains were found inside of it. They suspect it ate his wife similar to that of a Venus flytrap. The children are still missing.

    36. Viola Heartstring

      It’s like Kip and Napoleon’s secret cousin...

    37. Eric Culver

      The first punchline was pretty funny. Then the joke overstayed its welcome.

    38. WideBroadcast

      I want to know what happened to his family

    39. Karson Fonnesbeck

      That looks like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

    40. Katrina DeKarver

      This went from bad 80s commercial to cold case files really fast. Love it!

    41. Shadow_Mustang 101

      We need more videos like this. It makes me laugh and Ezekiel B. Is HILARIOUS he makes me laugh especially when he said he lost his family. Every thing he says is just funny every second is hilarious!

    42. Shadow_Mustang 101

      He said to tell a dream you’ve had...here it goes its not weird or anything fyi heres my dream: Me and my family were at an aquarium and we were looking at the sharks, but they were below, us no glass above them they were just there and the bridge we were on had no railings...the bridge was crowded and packed everyone was rushing....someone accidentally shoved me off, and i was eaten alive. This is an actual dream i had ok i hate sharks and i had this dream when i was young...not saying im old im 12 but when i was tiny i had it

    43. Shadow_Mustang 101

      His family has been living in theres and sleeping in there LOL

    44. Lightning Dragon

      😂😂The voice he's making in this sketch reminds me of Lil' Gideon from Gravity Falls ;-; I'm dying XDXDXD

    45. MiyaweDaPlayer

      Plot twist his wife left him with the kids and didn’t tell him

    46. veronica mars

      the lorne malvo haircut!!

    47. stefoehmen


    48. KikiKitty :3

      Napoleon Dynamite, anyone?

    49. Zac Clark

      Sounds like IKEA. You'll lose your family in there.

    50. Sarah Gilliland

      Wait this is not a IKEA advertisement?

    51. Jason Siquig

      i just saw matt in a cemershal

    52. Teraindemal

      this is great, but is still miss the old cast

    53. mLafayette9845

      1:54 "You have married an icarus, he has flown to close to the sun"

    54. Terance Cresto

      The real question is; how did the studio manage to sneak in to a warehouse with all those mattresses.... don't tell me they bought them all, cause that ain't likely

    55. Natalie Duncan

      okay but for real that accent gives me life

    56. Brandon Keyes

      We need more sketches like this! Preferably with Ezekiel

    57. Nelson Miller

      I don't get it.

    58. Out of My Element

      My inlaws actually got locked inside a furniture store in Florida. They were there near closing time and were well into the maze of fake living rooms when suddenly, the lights went out. No. Lights. at ALL! There had been no "We're Closing" announcement, so they were pretty confused. They hollered and called, but no one answered. They had to feel their way along end tables and recliners and refrigerators for a LONG time before they finally found an outside wall and made their way around to an exit door. They pushed their way out and all the alarms went off. It was the door to the back parking lot. There was a car sitting there with 2 employees in it smirking. (The employees were smirking, not the car.) Dad marched right over to them and gave them an earful, but they just laughed. They did get out and turn off the alarm and lock up, but they never even apologized for locking customers inside. Needless to say, the folks were a little uneasy about shopping for furniture after that!

      1. ahumanmerelybeing

        I'd never dare to be in a store around closing time after that!

    59. Anthony Caldera

      Ima say it when season10 came the views has gone down

    60. Shaun Gonda

      Bro this is where I will sleep from now on

    61. Papa Duck

      I'm so proud.. This skit is so funny! I've watched this channel grow since the first crew started this. 🥲

    62. Toby Bartels

      Is this the first one you filmed under covid?

    63. Willatour

      I came back to studio c after one and a half years who tf are these peope

    64. MorganAshley Peterson

      This totally gives me UHF and Weird Al vibes. 😂

    65. Jingle Bops E

      a crazy dream that i had was my sister went missing inside a tv and came back 10 years later, she was hiding in the walls

    66. Madelyn Y

      This sketch makes me sad

    67. MC Fawful

      This feels like a SkyCorp commercial and I love it

    68. Brilynn Westwood

      "It's so big! That my entire family has gone missing inside of it"

    69. Melissa Jones

      I laughed way harder at this than I should of

    70. horribomb

      people listen up studio c just got to the top of the popular section on byu tv *and it aint going back down*

    71. gkygrl7

      But what about his family? So many unanswered questions. When is the sequel coming out?

    72. Mafdie_

      I think this is one of my favourite sketches, Tanner did a great job

    73. S Ja

      We need a part 2 where all the mattresses are sold with his family in them and now the search has gone worldwide 😆😆

    74. Lord Babalu

      So much cringe

    75. Echo Plots

      This gave me existential dread

    76. ideamiles

      The new Studio C cast is really talented (especially when it comes to singing/performing), and the production values, editing, etc. are generally very, very good, but this is the first video since the old cast left that has had me laughing throughout. It's just so funny--but not merely in a bizzare or outlandish way--this character of Ezekiel is at once believable and larger-than-life, pathetic and sympathetic; one can't help but identify with him or feel for him even while laughing at him. So good!

    77. Maria Corbin

      Things that made me chuckle: The music editing is on point! The accent...just all of it! :) "InVENtory" lol "Now on sale!" . . . "But then I lost her too"

    78. Backyard Rebel

      Anyone notice at the end, how he wasn't wearing a wedding ring anymore?

    79. Stéphanie Li

      Infinite Ikea but only for mattress ?!

    80. YaMom Shrek

      "im an icarus thats flown too close to the sun" thats a quote from hamilton the musical!

    81. Madison Hackner

      Ok but did he find his family?

      1. MacaRon · Weasley

        We need a sequel

    82. John Michael Brenner

      This is one of the best Studio C videos of the year. Love it!

    83. NevermoreMadDame

      *Crying* I'm so sorry Ezekial, it's my fault that your wife is gone! 😭 I went into your mattress superstore and got lost AF. I had been living off of mattress filling when I spotted her. She ran over begging for my help to find you. I brought her to my mattress fort and suffocated her under several queen mattresses and then... I needed something to eat besides mattresses!

    84. Helen Lauaki


    85. Dennis Fox

      Something make me want to call that phone number and extension.

    86. Julian Gregory

      we love you ezekial

    87. Kelly Barnett

      I will definitely buy a mattress from you! You are hilarious!

    88. Sophia Mccullough

      Part 2! Part 2! Haahha

    89. Pokekid Challenges

      This made my device think this was a ad you made it so well that it tricked a device wow

    90. AriSongcake

      But... did he ever find them tho?

    91. Danielle Spencer

      I want a skit from the lost family perspective now. They're probably still selling mattresses too because they need to sell their way out.

    92. James Rogers

      This needs a follow up, where he is the one missing and his families been looking for him since 1992. Flight of the navigator style!!!!

    93. No Snarf

      "I am Icarus"

      1. MacaRon · Weasley

        You've married an Icarus He's flown too close to the sun

    94. ripping goofy footed

      I'm still laughing lol!!!!!!!!!

    95. Shani Joseph

      I am Icarus, I HAVE FLOWN TO CLOSE TO THE SUN. This cracks me up too much

    96. Random SloMo


    97. Ike Ford

      Best mattress ad ever

    98. Makaneek

      Im surprised I haven't seen any IKEA SCP jokes in the comments

    99. Hadley Marston

      What about Purple Mattresses?

    100. Anna Johnson

      This is totally Kip from Napoleon Dynamite and he’s looking for his wife Lafawnduh

      1. Evelyn Prete

        I didn’t think that before, but he totally looks like Kip

      2. Prior2Popular


      3. Alicia Jaramillo

        yessssssss i thought the same thing!! lollll