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    Their sergeant is tough on them, but these soldiers have a way of taking harsh criticism in the best way possible. In the end, they may discover that the sergeant has a soft spot for them after all.
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    Cast: Arvin Mitchell, Garet Allen, Matthew Galvan, Ike Flitcraft
    Directors: Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: Garet Allen

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Eev The Candle Seller

      this is a copy of the old Cast's sketch..............

    2. Prior2Popular

      I feel so flattered and it’s only the beginning... 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    3. Dreamer255 Gmail


    4. Elin Szelkina Holdvölgyi

      This is an awesome way to handle bullies, no joke :,)



    6. Alan Yeap

      Looks like china will beat usa easily.

    7. GordonFan No.488

      R.I.P Private Allsop He turned into a Margaret, defeated by one of the ghost guards, while doing tenty pushups.

    8. John Price

      I know it's a show just a reminder not to be serious but as a joke. Hair for the pvt is off and should be cut, no army flag patch is on no one, it would be outside most of the time unless during a class session for ranks.

    9. Ray Strecker

      "Did you finish your push-ups?" "Yes, I did twelve." "WHAT?!" *tries to blow his whistle*

    10. Goong goong Ging gong


    11. Cecille Gultiano

      maybe next time I'll say this who call me dirt or scum but I'm afraid I'll say it with sarcasm

    12. Avishek Mazumder

      This just not same without ghost guards

    13. Gerbil Person

      What's the name of the guy on the far left?

    14. Big flying spaghetti Monster

      I miss the old studio c

    15. Ahmad Amirulhaziq Zulkifli

      If someone's feeling down, i recommend them to watch this video.

    16. Sarah Kimball

      Yall did a great job on this one!

    17. Dukester7

      I love watching them try not to laugh

    18. Isaiah Skates

      I’m still sad the OG cast left 😢 it’s not the same

    19. Helena Krieger

      now i want a full length drama movie of this unique military relationship who wants to tag-team write it?

    20. JoeyJar99

      “We think you’re a real lady maggot baby” (I laughed SO hard)

    21. Enoch Ross

      lady maggot baby

    22. Franzz Codm

      I miss the original one:(

    23. Nathan Day

      I have seen just about every Studio C sketch every made. I like the new cast but some of their stuff is just not that good. This sketch is a good one :) I have been seeing real progress with these guys lately and that makes me happy!

    24. Makelle Ellingson

      this is just a copy of the first one from the old cast

    25. Cody l

      Why does this remind me of the original casts sergeant video?

    26. Ruby Hamm

      Why did they copy old studio c? I don't like the new cast as much as the old. Buy they are kind of new tho

    27. Eandvwigle Games

      These are the men to came from Vietnam when the Ghost Guard were deployed to relieve them.

    28. Dictress

      This seems quite, almost too similar, to the “what did you say, sergeant?” Old cast one.

    29. Rozi Finlinson

      These guys literally aren’t funny at all. They try WAY too hard, and are definitely not naturally talented comedians like the original cast. I don’t like any of the new videos, they’re all rip offs of the original video, just like this one. I miss the old cast

      1. Rozi Finlinson

        @Anonymously MJ first of all I have seen their jk studios so chill out. Second I’m allowed to have an opinion thank you very much, and I DO NOT find them funny.

      2. Anonymously MJ

        First off, the old cast left to form jk! Studios, so go check that out. Second of all, I think you’d find these people a lot funnier if you let go of your preset biases against them.

    30. Madilyn Ross

      Subscribe- YES SIR!!!

    31. ijk7

      Man, that was hilarious

    32. natidaschoolboy _

      You need to research before you roast these guys

    33. IPlayBedWars

      I need a play list of like every one of these videos

    34. Little Mac Is underrated

      Haven’t watched studio c since the old cast, man I should’ve

    35. Shadow Panther

      This is just a bad recreation of the original casts version

    36. Holly Dockstader

      noooo this one is so bad compared to the old one

    37. Harllie J.

      this is one of my new favorite sketches

    38. veronica mars

      i genuinely laughed at this sketch, especially garet's part :') the way that he wrote this sketch too? man's pure talent

    39. Ducks Luck

      I saw this and thought of the old one

    40. Wayne Staples

      Real funny stuff. Happy New Year's to the Studio C team!

    41. Suzanne Tapia

      Ugh this is a rip off of the old casts military one this one is just bad

    42. Nicholas Briggs

      They should be saying "yes, drill sergeant" not "yes, sir" he is not a commissioned officer. But, that is if we get technical, I loved the sketch.

    43. Spatty

      i wonder how many cough drops were used in the making of this sketch

    44. A Random Space Captain

      This is gold

    45. Rainbow Star

      How much people thought this was a copy of the sketch that the original studio c did p.s. this was pretty good lol! 🤣

    46. Flynt RavenSpear

      Ok, I'll admit it; the new cast has found their groove. Well done

    47. Persefoni Ajax

      I love how they're all yelling. There is not one single drop of chill in this video and it's great.

    48. Monique

      These are the most optimistic cadets I’ve ever seen 😳 😆

    49. Angela Sky

      Who else misses the og cast 😭😭😭I know there’s jk studios but it’s not the same😭

    50. Duncan Hemelstrand

      Wait what happened to Adam and Matt and jermey and JASON

      1. Angela Sky

        I don’t know I’m sad about it

      2. Duncan Hemelstrand

        @Angela Sky why

      3. Duncan Hemelstrand

        @Angela Sky what??

      4. Angela Sky

        They left 😭 they’re on jk studios now

    51. Marie M

      I sent this to a friend of Kobe who is a therapist. We agreed- it’s all in how you frame things

      1. Marie M

        I meant "Friend of mine," no "Friend of Kobe"

    52. Elise Tibbitts

      “Drop and give me twenty!” Me: NO ITS TENTY!

    53. Jessika Lassen

      these people suck

    54. Jessika Lassen

      their copying the better studio c cast. When jason talks weird

      1. Ella Cupcake

        It isn’t a copy just because the locations are similar. The jokes are completely different. If 2 sketches take place in a restaurant, are they copies of each other? No, because they have plenty of differences, just that one thing is similar.

    55. Cameron Bablandananavan

      hey margaret

    56. Luke Johnston

      I was just waiting for someone to say “drop down and give me tenty”

    57. Elijah Pearrow

      Come on! You totally could have pulled a great ending there. Have the sergeant walk away and them all laughing that they got to call him names. And that he’ll always call them strong men now!

    58. Ali Musawi

      can you make a epp wech suppervilen is the top vilen 2020 is the top vilen

    59. Ali Musawi

      can you guys make a epp suppervelins wech 1of them is the top velin

    60. Heather Wise

      He shouldve called them cats

    61. Quantom X

      The guy on the left looks so much like the Dead by Daylight version of Stranger Things' Steve

    62. Percy Jackson

      The old cast was so much better than this, I mean, who would not like lady gaga, ghost guard and Barack Obama with Jason's brilliant acting

    63. Superfun_K

      The Mariners are the best.


      The wholesomeness of these new recruits 😭😭😭

    65. 05-13

      I remember the good old days of studio c

    66. jaren da hamster

      You guys are a bunch of maggots😊

    67. Lightning Dragon

      I thought this was our old favourite "you think it's FUNNY THE WAY I TAK!?"... i'm not sure how I feel about this.

    68. Elle Snow

      I don't think you can really compare this to the Ghost Guard sketch. The big obvious difference is that in that case everyone was allowed to break character and laugh. Here a huge chunk of the humor rests on everyone keeping a straight face. In the face of both the jokes and the shouting, that takes some serious comedy chops and the new cast should be acknowledged for that.

    69. Allliiieee

      I'm just confused sir why you called us ladies when we are clearly not sir I mean that you are weak

    70. Bond Denhalter

      Good one


      YOU SUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    72. Shannon :S

      If anyone called me any of these names, I’d seriously see it as a compliment too XDDDDDD

    73. Sadie Hanna


    74. Nice I guess

      Watch the “original” studio c video, called “What did you say, sergeant?”

      1. Nice I guess

        Yeah, I get that, I just said: “hey, go watch the “original” (bc they have the same theme), bc I find the “original” funnier, so that if people liked this video, they would probably also like the other studio c video

      2. Ella Cupcake

        @Nice I guess I get you weren’t saying it was bad and I appreciate that, but they’re still different. In the “original” they were purposely doing it, and in this one they where just clueless.

      3. Nice I guess

        Actually, they are pretty similar, in the way that 3-4 guys mocks their Commander, but I didn’t say this one was bad? I’m just saying, watch the other one with studio c, in my opinion, the “original” is better

      4. Ella Cupcake

        Or, you know, just enjoy this one? They aren’t even that similar they just take place in the same location.

    75. Crazy Player

      Not gonna lie I still prefer the original cast with matt, natalie jeremy etc

    76. Surrenedy J

      Love this! 😄 Keep it up Studio C.

    77. Suzanne Brooksby

      This is still really funny but I miss the old cast

    78. Rebekah McCullough

      BECAUSE BABIES ARE PURE plus.....they're adorable sir......ike how....just how

    79. d teachout

      Hmm... funny, but you guys got all the dialogue really wrong lol. Never call DS sir... at ease is a position, not a dismissal, but pretty funny lol. Nice shouting

    80. melvin fernandez

      I wonder if him and Sergeant Lewis are instructors in the same camp

    81. Alysa Smith


    82. Cuteapple

      What would've been funny when he said "drop and give me 20" one of them drops and gives him 20 bucks

    83. Yuhin

      2nd rate version of the original skit

    84. Terrence D.

      This is why liberals should never be in the military...

    85. my vintage life

      That is the nicest thing anyone has ever sad to us SIR👈

    86. Florestin JUmalon

      This is a sweet video 😍

    87. Studio C Fan

      Please make a Neapolitan Dynamite sketch!!!!!!!

    88. Oliver Delica

      This is best sketch you have given us Sir!

    89. Viperzone

      This video reminding any of the Ogs about an old one

    90. Claire Scalia

      They copy the old cast so much :( I don’t mean to offend them in any way I love them

    91. Michael Hill

      Definitely need to look at the positive side of things like these troops do.

    92. Danny mahé

      The old studio c cast's version was wayyy better, I mean Jason in the lead and Matt breaking character was pure comedy gold.

    93. Wilson Eusebio


    94. Marianna

      ha ha this is one of the best yet

    95. Lucy Wood

      and if it hurts we think your a real lady maggot baby.

    96. Ella Cupcake

      We get it, this has a similar location to the “Margret” skit. Can we move on now and just appreciate this skit for how hilarious it is now?

      1. Ella Cupcake

        @Simon Josefsson 1. Saying “the original” implies this was copy, and know you did that on purpose, but you’re wrong. They have nothing in common except the location, which doesn’t make them the same. 2 things can take place in a restaurant and still be totally different. 2. You can have your opinion, but you don’t have to share it if it will make other people feel bad, that’s called a hate comment.

      2. Simon Josefsson

        We can't, you see the original was funny, this one unfortunately was not

    97. Toughen Yourself Up

      They only heart the comments that don't mention the previous cast. Despite the fact that the top comments are all references to the old cast videos.

    98. eli goldman

      This is the exact same thing as the last one

    99. Everette Bradfute

      Funny, wish the Drill Sergeant had his rank in the skit also I do find it odd a drill sergeant never deployed, and they all didn't have name tapes. Also 2 of the soldiers should go back the the barber, also sir is reserved for officers.

    100. call me qt

      It's the exact same video from the old cast, but with a new twist. Nostalgia, and a new approach. Great idea! (Now, don't overdo it ;)