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    The tale of The Lady of the Lake has been told for ages, even by the great Merlin himself. But when two travelers decide to seek her out, they are quite shocked and a little disgusted, with what they find.
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    Cast: Ike Flitcraft, Garet Allen, Tori Pence
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Paul Rugg
    Writers: Matthew Galvan, Dalton Johnson, Neil Hiatt

    Published on Month ago


    1. subent

      Tori Pence is so good at completely transforming herself into whatever character she's supposed to play.

    2. sara neziri

      Where'd you find these actors?? They're amazing!

    3. Blake the Fairy

      is this lady of the lake from florida?

    4. Tessa UW

      Wales? I don't have any whales in my swamp 😅😅😅. That bog lady knew what was up.

    5. daniel buckner

      Looking hot, Tori! You can come.down here and run ppl off for me too if you want! 😜

    6. Armaan Ahmad

      That.. is some spit

    7. Ariel Fitzsimmons

      "I ain't been called a lady in a month of Sunday's!" 😂😂😂😂

    8. Prior2Popular

      I know it’s probably just pudding and gummy worms, but I can’t watch Tori eat that “stink bait,” I just can’t


      I lost it at “GET TO THE TRUCK!!!” 😂😂😂😂


      I lost it at “TO THE TRUCK!”

    11. Brilynn Westwood

      Only the sword Excalibur huh.

    12. camrillvile studios

      This channel isn’t dead! Huzzah!

    13. N B


    14. Kie

      This is excactly how it went back in AD310

    15. Sean Corbett

      The people vs. today's government...4:00

    16. zekrom916

      why does the brown hair guy look a lot like Tubbo

    17. Lander Kirby

      What i want to know is what did Tori eat???

      1. Tori Pence

        They glued sunflower seeds to that sunflower 🤣 And the stinkbait was just gummy worms and oatmeal. Quite yummy 😋

    18. Emma Catherine Brown

      you guy are not funny at all !

    19. Jannat's World

      Haha so funny 😂

    20. jdvadergaming

      Cringe :/

    21. Mr. No0bie

      I want the truck!

    22. Miranda Nunnally

      Tori is an ABSOLUTE QUEEN. Fight me.

    23. Not2be4gotten02

      "It's Wales" "Ain't no whales in my swamp" 😂

    24. TheGrenner2007

      they look so difrent now i even think there new actors

    25. Ruth Hutzel

      Oh comment from studio c, I summon thee.

    26. Alexander Dunnill

      Probably one of my favourites

    27. Mary Gerlach

      This whole additional legend thing is really cool as well. Tori had an awesome performance in this one

    28. ViviAnne Osterbind

      The new people arent as funny but really good guys! keep up the good work.

    29. Glimare

      ... stealing the lady of the bog for a campaign! 8D

    30. Nutty Gram

      Tory just shines at every single role ever. I absolutely love her skillz and her personality

    31. Sophia Adams

      Still not funny

    32. Jacob Knott

      I gotta say, this sketch I think might be my favorite since the new cast! Hysterical, witty, and cleverly written. Thanks for this!

    33. Rachel_Su

      😂 I would have loved a "did we forget something" at the end

    34. Andrew Turner

      Merlin logic: Give the expensive magic sword to the woman that you found chewing tobacco by a puddle of swamp water

    35. ijk7

      Yeah, I can proudly say that Studio C can both entertain AND disgust me! Hahahahaha

    36. jadenova

      Studio C and the Holy Grail

    37. G48DownX

      The ending was weaklk

    38. Henry Norman

      Who remembers when Tori was the newest in the cast now she is the oldest.

      1. subent

        @Timo Blankenbehler You can say that again.

      2. Timo Blankenbehler

        And the best one right now...

    39. Josiah Whitley

      wow. it’s been a long time. who’s the new cast?

    40. Elora Rose

      Ok but this video is brilliant. I need this as a whole series. Like a sitcom or something.

    41. Saffron

      I wondered how they chose which actors to play which when the guys came out. But when I heard Lady of the Lake and Swamp, I was like... that's gonna be Tori. I don't know how I knew, but I knew. EDIT: I understand now why they choose the male actors too. I was so blind.

    42. Jessica Umrigar

      They catch the accent so well!!

    43. Moritz Wiehler

      If they are looking for Excalibur, why is Arthus wearing the crown already? The sketch was funny, don‘t get me wrong, but I found it inaccurate as to the source material.

    44. Jelly Deen12


    45. Brody Lucas

      it is my birthday!!!

    46. Banana Llama

      Ahhhhoooooahhhhhh! Hock spitting lady of the lake comes out Harry be like :/

    47. Alex 알렉스

      "You from the government!" So spot on! 😂

    48. Roslyn Pettay

      I just liked & enjoyed this very video!!👱🏼‍♀️😉☺️👍🏼

    49. Eijiro Kirishima

      “King!? Your from the government!” Ha same.

    50. Daniel Johnson

      This the funniest one I've seen in a hot min

    51. Joseph Koester

      Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

    52. BluStar ッ


    53. Adam Gourley

      This kind of does fit in with Arthurian legend, funnily enough. There is the tale of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell. Arthur is hunting deer in the forest alone when he is uncaught unawares by an armed knight who is angry because the king took his lands and given them to Sir Gawain. The knight says that he will spare the king's life if he will promise to come back in a year alone and answer the knight's riddle: What do women want most? Otherwise, Arthur's life is forfeit. King Arthur and Sir Gawain spend the better part of the year searching the land for answers to no avail as to a universal answer. Arthur meets an old hag in the forest named Dame Ragnell, who promises to give Arthur the answer to the riddle in exchange for being able to marry Sir Gawain. Sir Gawain agrees, and Dame Ragnell gives the answer of sovereignty (the power to make one's own decisions - so that also fits with the sketch). Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell are married. When Gawain takes Ragnell to bed, he is surprised to see not an old hag, but a beautiful woman. Ragnell explains that she was cursed by her stepmother to be ugly until a good knight would marry her. But she tells Gawain that the curse is only half-broken, so he can choose to have her beautiful during the day before others and ugly at night, or ugly during the day and beautiful at night when they're alone. Gawain decides to let Ragnell decide for herself, which breaks the curse fully.

      1. Ace Q

        Why is that lowkey so wholesome

      2. Felicity

        And I've also heard that the one telling the riddle is actually her enchanted brother whose course is also broken then...I really love this legend (;

      3. Prior2Popular

        This is actually a really cute story

      4. Joshua Borre

        I thought the answer to the riddle was the power to rule over all even men I might have bean reading a jank book

      5. Hannah - H.S.J. Williams

        Came to the comments looking for this story and I was not disappointed.

    54. Yucky

      Haven't watched in a while what happens to the og cast?

      1. Yucky

        @Julia Sikes thank you

      2. Julia Sikes

        They left and now run a youtube channel called JK Studios :)

    55. Emmaline Anderson

      is this a weird wizards tails of arcadia because it menschiness merlin , lade of the lake but its suppose to be a giant monster with onw eye , and Arthur , and its a straight give away when they machine the sword of EXALIBUR why would they chose the sword of EXALIBUR if it wasn't a weird wizards tails of arcadia.. i have watched that show on Netflix so many times.

    56. drsdino

      Just mind your footing... I think some castles sank into this swamp.

    57. Marina Gibbs

      The Swamp Hag of the, the Lady of the Lake is several centuries early in her accent. And on the wrong side of The Pond (Atlantic Ocean).😂 Coulda sworn she was a hick from the American 19th to 21st Centuries.

    58. William Johnson

      What about the laddie of the loch?

    59. CrazyKungfuGirl

      Basically an episode of the adventures of merlin...

    60. Gini Burt

      Aaaaaaaaa(Tori comes out) whatch y’all want???

    61. Liberty Black

      BYUtv doesnt work in the country I just moved to. But Im super exited to see the new cast members.

    62. Satine Kryze

      King , YOUR FROM THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. Paul 20

      I love this a little Monty Python meets the deep south.... :) keep it and maybe think about making a weekly hour our show

      1. Gillian M

        Those muddy constitutional peasants may have a really good point.

    64. Virginia Briggs

      So Juan is not allowed but this Dixie chick is?

    65. Captain Cornetto

      I love Tori 💖💖

    66. Local Maple

      Why does this sound like it could be in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

    67. BDawg

      I Challenge you put this comment in the video

    68. Yoyo Panda


    69. Professional Nargle finder

      ThE fAnCy BoYyY

    70. Mr. Powell

      Nice touch with the sideburns Tori!

    71. K bm

      You know Studio C is worth it when you always check for a new notification!!!

    72. Wolftal 117

      You got the legend right when he said it was set in Wales, so many people think it was set in England, despite the fact England didn’t exist at the time.

      1. Wolftal 117

        @01 The History Guy I haven’t heard that one, however it’s now been theorised that Arthur had actually died in Gaul, as there is a story of a British warlord who answered the call for aid from the Roman Empire and took his army to Gaul where he died in battle and was buried in an apple Grove at the village which is still there today and it’s still called by its original name Avalon.

      2. 01 The History Guy

        @Wolftal 117 some of the stories claim he fought off the Roman invasion

      3. Wolftal 117

        @01 The History Guy True but that’s what Arthur was trying to fight against, people Who are ignorant to the legends in history always say he was king of England, or an English king but considering the English were the descendants of Saxons and angles, England was the very thing Arthur was trying to prevent and fight against.

      4. 01 The History Guy

        But Angland did and it was a tiny little peninsula.

    73. Music Craftsman

      Did not expect that

    74. Shalayne Johnson

      King Arthur

    75. Jonathan Thornley


    76. Emily Robbins

      Garet, I do have to say I love your crown. :)

      1. Liberty Black

        And ur beard

    77. Lord Eyepatch

      Lady of the *Pond* more like it.

    78. Ivan Archeous

      A truck, you say? But did you put wheels on them, ma'am?

    79. Taracinablue

      Oookay, that was a bit of a weird one.

    80. Anirudh Garg

      You could have atleast let them see the truck

    81. Genre Productions

      I never thought of an Arthur sketch

    82. ZillaconeUltra

      I love how they just ran away the truck last sec anyway 🤣

    83. Maggie M

      Last time I was this early the og cast was still a thing

    84. Russell Boyer

      you should make a movie

    85. danwich

      What is with y'all and trucks? 😂

    86. Scot Coppock

      i am here

    87. Mind Might Studios

      This feels strangely more accurate. I mean, would the actual Lady of the Lake be nice-looking after living in a swamp?

      1. Jesse Springer

        That might not be the lady

    88. Steinbros Stein

      Man goes through birth pain part 2

    89. adrien and other stuff

      When you are finally early to comment on a video so studio c can reply, but you don't have any ideas for a good comment

    90. Gudarz Davar

      I'm early?? I'm early. that's weird. The lady of the lake is QUITE civilized!

      1. Chloe


      2. Chloe

        @•Thêsafehaven-Chan ••Lost•• I am doing well, thanks for asking. How about you?

      3. •Thêsafehaven-Chan ••Lost••

        @Chloe how are you

    91. Riley Bartlett


    92. Elijah Exists

      i hate opinions on the internet

      1. LittleWashy

        I read this as, “ I hate unions on the internet” lol

    93. Andrew Skywalker

      I just love how Garet loses his accent for a second when asking about the truck

      1. G48DownX

        He was supposed to that’s why it’s a sketch -.-

    94. Tiffany Oliveira


    95. Augustus Green

      Can you do a episode of Studio C with the studio audience filled with fully vaccinated healthcare heroes and the frontline workers and essential workers in the Utah area who helped get through this year-long COVID-19 pandemic

    96. reagan hawkes


    97. Brooklyn Feltz


    98. FaceTheOdds

      didn't you just upload yesterday? i'm not sure but it was fast.

    99. deeda woman

      Happy egg day