Sinking Cruise Ship - Studio C

Studio C

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    It's just another day in paradise for a few happy cruise passengers, but when shipwreck seems inevitable, the Captain plans his own escape. Every man, woman and child for themself.
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    Cast: Ike Flitcraft, Arvin Mitchell, Jessica Drolet, Matthew Galvan
    Director: Paul Rugg
    Writer: Ike Flitcraft

    Published on 8 days ago


    1. The American Coin Hunter

      Can my comment get pinned? Dont think so. PROVE ME WRONG STUDIO C PLEASE!!

      1. Thelaw88898

        woah it actually worked

      2. Raymond Mendelovits

        Fair play

      3. Twotinytoes 222


      4. The American Coin Hunter

        @Leandro watch my videos..then see.

    2. Kurt Cometa

      Tried watching new Studio C sketch: uhmm.. NO

    3. A B

      I miss matt meese and jason gray, the new cast is quite funny but cant be compared to these legends... Yet (except tori, she got it). But they are already better than jk studios. I think jk studios is a big fail. They lost tons of quality and can be compared to jeremy's look: poor and neglected.

    4. Menachem Salomon

      Worst Captain Ever.

    5. Joseph Cook

      Came back after years for some nostalgia, never coming back, seeing this junk made me sad.

    6. Shaphan Bates

      The original crew was better😪

    7. oo7 posam

      Where is Scott sterling

    8. jofeg priposki

      The new cast is like comparing Colby jack cheese to blue cheese one is amazing and taste good the other is musty and old

    9. Rydal S

      "Joe" abiden

    10. randomcactus56

      Such a private phone call

    11. Spiderboy6065

      Can my comment get pinned? Don’t think so.

    12. Mighty shiv

      I love how they do another small sketch after every sketch.. Quite an effort... Hats and pants off to you guys

    13. Terry Hilton

      wow, all of your videos are amazing studio c!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that they're so funny

      1. Terry Hilton

        he kinda sounds like mario

    14. Sophia Adams

      It wasn’t funny

    15. Sebastian van der Spuy

      The original studio c cast and videos were 200% better than whatever this is now

    16. Sam rening Rening

      Why the face go more different

    17. Joaquim Playz

      Sinking little IT WILL SINK rlly and u will get arrested if the capitan leaves the ship first like SS Californian's Capitan

    18. Frank Furt

      Jason is returning...

    19. Aaron Long

      Props to extra #11!!

    20. David Warap

      Studio C always my favorite

    21. jonathan keay

      This is for kids, right? Surely this isn’t aimed at adults?

    22. muliersicarius

      I think you need to work on that accent but the idea of the sketch was good.

    23. Reese Gundersen

      Just came back after years, where’s Matt, Mallory, James, etc?

      1. Reese Gundersen

        Welcome old friends...

      2. Sitdogy

        You can find them at the Channel jk studios

    24. Liam B

      Bro this isn't funny. I swear studio C is over, the actual good actors are gone. It isn't the same anymore.

    25. Cory Powell

      Please post more videos on BYU TV The app

    26. Armaan Ahmad

      what captains are really like

    27. Satine Kryze

      Do you know the idiot that made the whoopsie Captain : well of coarse I know him , he’s me

    28. atrianYT

      where is scott sterling need more funny videos to keep me up

    29. Natanel Frank

      You should totally make a sketch about being a bitcoin millionaire. Or something about dogecoin

    30. Ayla Moore

      Who else really misses the old studio C cast

    31. Clara Di Paolo

      If you have ever heard an Italian person speaking, you would know Ike was way off. Also can I please get a heart from studio c? It would mean a lot because that would literally be the most exciting thing in the my life right now.

    32. Beavis Kapowski


    33. kibukun

      I found the captain of the Ever Given.

    34. LEE-MAN 64

      I bet that captain ends up on the island Mark Rober is on

    35. Kelli Larson

      they said to coment bellow ... so i did

    36. nightraven 8097

      They need to bring back some of the old characters like captain literally or shoulder angel just played by different characters

    37. Benjamin Birch

      So honestly I miss the old Studio C cast. They had chemistry. You guys need to find your MOJO, right now I feel like you keep making "whoopsies". I want to like you guys but, I can't...

    38. D L Johnson

      Glad it was only sinking a little. 🤣

    39. b r u h M o m e n t

      i miss the old cast 😢

    40. M H

      Wait, how did they make it out???

    41. Katelyn Marks

      Lol “is this your first time abandoning a ship?” “Yes!”

    42. Flynn Denby

      wow studio c has gone downhill.. what's up with the acting, its terrible, like im watching a children's show

    43. Tusk


    44. Anirudh Garg

      Why is Mario on the ship.

    45. thoughtslikerabbits

      Dear comment section, I like both the old and new casts. The old cast was mostly extroverts so they had a wilder energy to them, they also had more experience beforehand. The new cast is mostly introverts so they have more limited energy, what you get with them is musicals and a darker sense of humor and I think that's what is throwing people off. Some of the jokes fall flat because they are running a marathon without proper training. They're going to fall and scrape their knees once in a while.

      1. John

        I have only seen one good one with the new cast

    46. Blackout Lol

      Wow this is literally just what happened to the Concordia

    47. Kaiden Bloor

      This is garbage, the original studio c was infinitely better, prove me wrong

      1. Jessica Umrigar


    48. Dusketeer

      Well...keep trying guys. You've got potential but you've got a ways to go before you fill the shoes of the original cast.

    49. Somos Hubers

      117 comment!

    50. Adalynne Lovins

      This reminded me of Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events

      1. Adalynne Lovins

        @gillian pinarski they are!

      2. Cor's Happy Fun Times

        My thoughts exactly!! 😄

      3. gillian pinarski

        @Adalynne Lovins they are so good

      4. Adalynne Lovins

        Yes... and I've read the books

      5. gillian pinarski

        Have you watched that show

    51. Mr.Flame1013

      I miss the old studio c

    52. dmkccR2ventureMade

      I'm not seeing, hearing, or feeling laughter for this one.😁 I did not feel connected to anything. Possibly because of the accent? Maybe? I don't know. Maybe on the next one. 😁 The switches to different characters was a quick and fun idea.

    53. Piranha Plant

      The sinking youtube channel makes a skit about sinking, ironic

    54. Isaac Smith

      I hate this

    55. Tim McConnaughy Jr.

      this sketch aka "the Big Whoopsie"

    56. Boglenight

      Women going first is like majorly sexist. I’m a father, so is my husband, if there was an emergency situation we would not let a single cishet woman be prioritised before at least one of us and our daughter.

    57. cool dude

      this is bad, god yall suck , i miss the old studio c

    58. Jarred Walton

      That was a terrible fake accent! Sorry, has to be said.

    59. Chloe R

      the ship is not a sinking! Then why are you wearing a life vest? OK its sinking but just a little.

    60. Some Guy

      Don't worry, it was a Carnival cruise. He did them a favor. 😉 Some of you might actually get that reference.

    61. Ethan Cheney

      Do a one were they are going a math test and they double check their answer but keep getting a different answer every time

      1. Ethan Cheney

        please like if you want them to make this sketch

    62. Koopa And Troopa

      What is Mario doing on a ship?

      1. Elliot W

        Guess the go kart/deadly board game/sports/coin collecting/mystery solving/hotel/health/life rescue industry isnt his forte. He decided to steal Peachs cruise and persue his passion finally. Still didn't work. :/

    63. Cezary Cezary

      There is a good reason why studio c is going down. Just look at the views.

    64. lava lamp

      Make a skit about heroes abound buildings

    65. Micah McLellan

      That was hilarious! Unexpected ending as well! Loved it!

    66. Cassi Banman


    67. Wow_ 123456789101112

      imagine if ann was on the boat

    68. Robert Lang

      Next sketch: The Rescue 😁

    69. Wow_ 123456789101112

      *everyone panics* MARCO!!!! no its your wife sharon. anyone get the refrence?

    70. Gudarz Davar

      Can I please be hearted by Studio C? Please?

    71. Tiffany Oliveira

      FIRST (welp.. if 93 counts as first.......)

    72. imawr3ck

      I’m an hour late 🥲

    73. J.J. Liu

      “Okay it’s a-sinking a little” Well that’s encouraging

    74. Emma Greenwood McKenney

      "Captain uh where?" I'd like to give that captain a piece of my mind". Lmbo! 🤣😂 Ike in a blonde wig acting like a spoiled brat, while wearing a mustache, while with the same Italian accent. My favorite part! Lol

    75. Daniel Glavin

      Wow I was one of the first 400 people to like this video

    76. ThatOneARKGirl ARK

      Who else loves the effort on each one

    77. Nate Christensen

      Well, this is quite a cruise.

    78. Satellite Wonder

      Studio C never disappoints us. Will my comment get pinned?

    79. Nathan Seeley

      What's is this capitan character supposed to be...

    80. Caitlyn Halliday

      Love it lol! It's funny how in the end the guy just helped him! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    81. Nate Christensen

      "Look at me!! I am the captain now!"👲

    82. Elliana Minter

      “Everybody’s an expert...” I feel that tho....

    83. Andrew C

      Can love my comment I would love it I love studio c

    84. Lauren Raquel

      Titanic: The sequel

    85. The4Tier Bridge

      Slowly turns to the captain of the Costa Concordia. I'm assuming this sketch is based on that disaster.

      1. Uldan1988

        yes it is

    86. Connor McAndrew

      This video makes me want to ride my helmet without my bike.

    87. Elz Mc

      Great job. I like eating on a cruise. I never been on one tho.

    88. Lemon boy

      Did mat get quit?

    89. Glimare

      missing punchline: *crewman comes up* okay! now that we've gotten rid of the idiot, the real party can start! *passenger* so the ship wasn't sinking? *Crewman* no. We were just sick of his 'little whoopsies'.

    90. AlphaWoomy

      Ike's accent is just WOW!

    91. fireflyyy gaming

      that ascent is fire

    92. -LLM Official-

      His lady disguises was so real 😌👍

    93. Pitchy Not Perfect

      we know it's you ike: yes it's me*looks at name tag* joe

    94. adrien and other stuff

      You hate him and yet you relate with him

    95. Maddison Ray

      I need Studio C to make a Supernatural parody. Then I can die peacefully😂😂

      1. Cezary Cezary

        @Maddison Ray Well, that's how normal conversation should look like :) I'm also tired of snowflakes and emotional "arguments". Check out Ryan George channel. He has a very different approach to humor witch, for some reason, appeals to me.

      2. Maddison Ray

        @Cezary Cezary Oh well I personally love Hillywood and both the old and new cast of studio c! But that's your opinion :) I'm just glad there are still people on the internet who can have a different opinion that mine and not freak out lmho!

      3. Cezary Cezary

        @Maddison Ray Personally, I don't like Hillywood SPN. Not my type of humor. Since JK! Studios arrival, Studio C is getting weaker and weaker. Imho the best of them just went to JK hence lack of good comedy is noticeable.

      4. Maddison Ray

        @Cezary Cezary I disagree, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion :) Have you seen the Hillywood SPN parody? (If not you're kinda living under a rock no offense)

      5. Cezary Cezary

        They lack of good comedian to achieve that.

    96. drsdino

      Huh... you know when I saw this. I thought it'd be like that one Monty Python sketch... it follows shortly after the Fish Slapping Dance if your curious.

    97. TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81

      Ike's talking reminds me of Rowan Atkinson in Rat Race 😅

    98. IcyLightning3000

      Okay if this is what qualifies as comedy, good luck

    99. PotatoPigz

      First comment

    100. Dalton Johnson

      Ranking Ike’s looks in this: 4: wig, no mustache 3: no wig, no mustache 2: mustache, no wig 1: wig and mustache 😍😍😍

      1. An Awesome Turtle

        @Lauren Raquel #2 :0

      2. Lauren Raquel

        You forgot the part where he was wearing a mustache and no wig

      3. Esahcae Eneiradgbo

        I knew I was seeing the same thing. So I'm not going crazy. LOL 😂