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    These witches thought they’d be spending the afternoon brewing potions, but little do they know, Karen is about to introduce them to an essential oils opportunity that could change their income and their life, almost overnight.
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    Cast: Tori Pence, April Rock, Jessica Drolet
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Paul Rugg
    Writer: Tori Pence

    Published on Month ago


    1. At least I try

      Eye of newt Is actually Musterd Seed so witchcraft is natural many of the spooky sounding ingredients are actually just midevil names for plants

    2. Teeg Setsoafia

      Me watching with my lavender essential oil diffuser:

    3. Talis Mastny

      the witches explain a pyramid sceme Me: so now they're mummies?

    4. Bake It So

      Tori, you play that character super well 🤔🤣

    5. MesaGuitarGuy

      thanks for showing us the evils of Oils Essential

    6. Brevin Earl

      I think Tori is my favorite cast member

    7. Random duder

      At the end part, it sounded like....... are they a group of witch essential oil cultists? "You get three more witches, and then those witches will get three more witches, and then...."

    8. badbiker666

      Tori is my dream girl.

      1. badbiker666

        @Tori Pence I didn't know that you were aware of me. I hope my admiration of you doesn't weird you out?

      2. Tori Pence

        Good gosh I have missed you

    9. Lindsey Mohnacky

      I loved the Macbeth references! 😂

    10. Heather Thatcher

      This is so true! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. Hope Star

      She sounds like a kardashian XD

    12. PizzaHunter

      Plot twist, the white suburrban mom is actually a salesman not a witch

    13. Mike Campbell

      My wife is always mixing essential oils. I didn't realize they were potions!

    14. Nope

      The witch on the left is putting everything into this and it’s amazing

    15. Gretel

      her voice changed drastically during the video BWAHAHAAAAAAAHHHHHHhahah

    16. Tessa UW

      It was the wig for me

    17. Kuurro

      Okay, it would be so cool if they did Davy Jones’ locker. Except in normal Studio C fashion it’s about Davy Jones the pirate as a sports player (maybe swimming?) in a locker room. His locker, which is covered in seaweed and smells like rotten meat causes some of the other people on the team to try and open the locker. Instead of being able to they get hit with sea water or octopus tentacles come out and takes ones of the team members into the locker. Then Davy Jones comes in and pulls out the heart saying something along the lines of, “Oh, it’s just my heart, and that’s the kraken.” (Or something along those lines.)

    18. Persefoni Ajax

      Tori's accent was PERFECTION.

    19. I Am Casserole

      I noticed that the new cast doesn't have any recurring characters!! With the old cast we got Star Farado, Lady shadow, Kyle, Lobster Bisque Guy, Captain Literal, and Mr. Eckelstone etc.

    20. CrazyJayBe

      Is this SNL? This looks like SNL. I don't like SNL. They suck.

    21. Cory Powell

      I love all of the new cast and all of the new sketches

    22. Sabrina Rockelmann

      this gives me hocus pocus vibes

    23. The Jammer Bone

      I Really Liked This video

    24. le dollar bean

      who else stopped watching when the original cast left?

    25. Darin


    26. Sam Beetle

      Woooo PYRAMID SCHEMES! 🤣😅😂

    27. Gabrielle Park

      This MLM is hardcore.

    28. The Bee's Knees

      FINALLY a newer skit thats actually funny

    29. Angeline Manga

      Go to JK studios if u want to see the original cast of Studio c :)

    30. Prior2Popular

      Tori just became a whole other person with that voice lol I didn’t think she had such crazy range, it sounds so different than her natural voice!

    31. Brianna Shurtliff

      I come from a family of big essential oil lovers and this is hilarious 😆

    32. Whitney Lee

      Eye of newt is actually a plant

    33. Mary Gerlach

      This whole thing gave me PTSD flashbacks. 😂

    34. Sylph Animates

      Ngl y'all are great but I miss the old stuff. Crayon song was the peak of this channel😔

    35. Sergio Aurora

      The OG cast should come around everyonce and a while

    36. Charlie Gehrig

      ASFGH seeing MLM and instantly thinking Men loving men where are my LGBT folks at

      1. Tori Pence


    37. Eduardo Corrochio

      I'm new to this channel and was wondering if I should watch some earlier sketches from their playlists or just subscribe and get notifications. I like sketch comedy-- Kids in the Hall, Carol Burnett, Little Britain, Tracey Ullman Show, Caesar's Hour, etc. Thanks.

      1. Eduardo Corrochio

        @Amy Ness Cool beans. Thanks!

      2. Amy Ness

        Older stuff is especially good. If you haven't come to know the legend of Scott Sterling, you definitely should. The older seasons (which you can find under the playlists section on this channel) are extremely funny.

      3. Eduardo Corrochio

        @Tori Pence Okay :)

      4. Tori Pence

        I mean, I’m biased but I think it’s a pretty solid show... watch some older stuff and also subscribe! Best of both worlds!

    38. Banana Llama

      EYE OF NEWT!!!

    39. justalittlebitmo

      Tori's accent tho 😂😂😂

    40. Harper family Harper

      Lol I love this!!!!

    41. Mackenzie Mohnacky

      Love the references to Shakespeare's Macbeth with this sketch :) This is a great sketch!

    42. Malachi Reynolds

      This sketch looked like they were desperate for a idea. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you know none of these make me laugh the old one's did the you know the ones with the old actors. Also I am not saying that these sketches are bad I am just saying that I think the old sketches where a lot better

    43. koreanelvis04

      Oh boy, this is Hocus Pocus 2021!

    44. Stéphanie Li

      Ah yes, Witches pyramide scheme ! 👀

    45. Madelyn Y


    46. Ais

      there's gonna be goats everywhere after this.............

    47. Maile M

      It is really not okay to be doing witch sketches. Sacrifices are rampant. Sorceries are trending. Last day marker. Not a joke.

    48. Simone Perry

      lol wow Tori talking in this voice was hilarious XD it reminded me of Mallory 😂

    49. FreedomFighter2714

      Wasn't Karen already a witch before she joined the coven?

    50. Amy in Alaska

      My Grandma got sucked in to essential oils after a stroke and when she was declining in mental health. It was flat out elder abuse. Really disgusting. 🤢

    51. Nero Tasmani

      Could you produce more "Oh Snape"? If possible.😁

    52. Eric Culver

      This isn't funny, it's true.

    53. dakota123422

      Turn me into a goat. 🐐 It sounds like a good excuse to get out of work.

    54. Tracy Stout Behunin

      Oh my word torrie is soooo good in this role!!! She is soooo dang versital!

    55. Aman Kumar

      Macbeth + Pyramid Scheme = Studio C Sketch 😂😂

    56. Olivia

      I almost didn’t recognize Tori, that voice.

      1. Olivia

        @Tori Pence I have to say I agree.

      2. Tori Pence

        I enjoy that voice and also deeply hate it 🤣

    57. Ace Aders

      Miss the old cast 😪

    58. SOS Gaming

      Wow how did you get footage of my mom and her friends?

    59. Ken Lieck

      I wonder if Coriander has considered being a representative for Sarah COVEN-try, at least for a SPELL?!? She seems to have a suitably ENCHANTING personality so she should be able to SALEM! And she could enlist the other two by telling them "WICCAN do it, sisters!" (Sorry. I can hear the moans and CRONES out there already!)

    60. Roslyn Pettay

      What is this”Team Rocket Witches??”🚀🐁⚡️I ONLY say that,cause of the witch on left was like”& make it double!”😉🧙🏼‍♀️

    61. Audrie King

      Bringing me flashbacks to when I was on facebook 😅

      1. Audrie King

        @Tori Pence 😂🤣 I guess it means you did so well hahaha!

      2. Tori Pence

        Oh man, I am so sorry...

    62. Zachariah Johnson

      “Alright, now let’s start with some essential oils. Now drink up!”

    63. Null

      so in the end its just a piramid scheme

    64. coco

      I definitely read the title as "Essential Oil Men Loving Men for Witches"...

      1. bobomcfoe

        i came for the gay agenda and it was a good video but ngl i left disappointed

    65. Ryan Adams

      I feel like Tori's voice went from Witch tone to simple girl to "THAT multilevel-marketing girl" voice anyone got that?

      1. Tori Pence

        @Ryan Adams 😘😘😘

      2. Ryan Adams

        @Tori Pence *gasp* Senpai noticed me!? Tori I love you!

      3. Tori Pence

        Very glad you picked up on that 😊

    66. Pacey Hoskins

      My family has a lavender farm

      1. Tori Pence

        Okay but that’s dope. I LOVE legitimately does everything for headaches 🙌🏻

    67. Lois Wright

      Karens always find their way to shine, and Tori did VERY well xD *round of applause for tori!* 👏🏼

      1. Tori Pence


    68. KiraEXP

      Oh this is that kind of mlm, not the gay kind... that makes a lot more sense now that i think about it

      1. Lily Rendahl

        @Tori Pence do it

      2. KiraEXP

        @Tori Pence would absolutely love this!!!

      3. Tori Pence

        Would love to see a sketch about three witches fangirling about their favorite slash ships...

    69. Clara

      This is so incredibly accurate, and I love it. One time I wrote a sketch about essential oils so I asked someone I know for her empty DoTerra bottles. She made me promise her that it wouldn't "paint essential oils in a bad light."

    70. Simon McMillan

      "you COULD be pulling in a six-man-goat income". Classic.

    71. Orbit

      I just refreshed the page and the likes went down ):

    72. Mr. Powell

      Why does Tori sound like a valley girl?

    73. ian melvin Fernandez

      Austin's photo is on another level of grand witchery... hahahahah

    74. Some Guy

      She will be bringing out the Plexus soon.

    75. Blue Mer Studios

      I would join that coven!

    76. Gudarz Davar

      Well, may I just say. Where do I sign up? my coven is growing quickly, and we too, wish to join.


      HOW DOES TORY CHANGE HER VOICE SOOOOOOO MUCH... or is it just me. :O :l

    78. ijk7

      yay! Early Halloween!

    79. Anna Gundestrup

      0:44 -Karen reveal

    80. froggylove224 :D

      Jessica makes a good witch, I mean that in the nicest way possible

    81. katie j

      i- the accuracy

    82. Liliana Talbot


    83. Brooklyn T

      Fantastic writing, Tori!

      1. Tori Pence

        Thank youuuu!!

    84. K bm

      I love Studio C, Genius Comedy!!!!! Also, Did any of the witches invite Hansel & Gretel's Witch? She could use their products!

    85. Marina Gibbs

      Tori totally slays the obnoxious sales witch role! (Honestly, I use and love essential oils. It's obnoxious sales reps and pyramid schemes I can't stand).

      1. The4Tier Bridge

        @Unknown I once found a bottle of one at target for $5.87, so.

      2. Unknown

        @The4Tier Bridge Fair enough lol, idk if they’re the most economical for a gift since some can be pretty high priced

      3. The4Tier Bridge

        @Unknown well, on account of the fact that roses, apples, and baking bread smell bad to me, I’ll pass. Might be a gift when I’m short on cash though.

      4. Unknown

        @The4Tier Bridge You can’t give a lavender oil bottle to an insomniac and proclaim they’re cured but they do have some effect in relaxation, like chamomile tea or chicken soup for a fever. It’s not a cure or any replacement for medical care, but it’s nice and does It smells nice, is natural (if you get it from a good source) and I’d highly recommend it in perfumes and soaps. It’s a nice gift or add on for patients but definitely not a cure. That’s my opinion based off personal research and experience, feel free to share yours.

      5. Tori Pence

        Yaaas, thank you! I’m all for people using whatever they can to help them be well, but people who prey on individuals looking for relief INFURIATE ME.

    86. I'm a Pomegranate

      They even got the hair!! That's awesome!!!!

    87. Jackal Nerf

      Essential oils men loving men? Huh...

      1. Ayla Crissman

        MLM: Multi level marketing (in business/legal vocabulary). Basically, a pyramid scheme. Like Tupperware.

    88. ben pedrazzi

      I honestly I like the old cast a lot more. I miss them. Jk studios just doesn’t post that much. I don’t really like the new cast.

    89. Aspen Therevol

      Tori would make a great Vraska

      1. Tori Pence

        Oh wait, the Planeswalker???! I accept!!!

      2. Tori Pence

        I don’t know who that is, but I am flattered!

    90. Classypuppy warrior


    91. Tim McConnaughy Jr.

      laugh track is too loud and distracting IMO

    92. Daniel Pelkey

      I dont know what to say for you guys to reply lol!!!

    93. Daniel Pelkey

      hey Studio c keep up the good work !!!!!

    94. Tori Pence

      I got pulled into my first Mary Kay meeting my Freshman year. This sketch helped me navigate my trauma.

      1. K.J.Draws1149 Blah

        @Tori Pence oh man, good reference.

      2. Tori Pence

        @K.J.Draws1149 Blah SO LUCKY

      3. Tori Pence

        @masked oh man, I’m all kinds of blushing, thank you!!!

      4. masked

        i had a feeling you wrote this. absolute masterclass!

      5. K Waldron

        It was Plexus when I was a freshman in college. It was the new hip thing for ppl my age. I was tired of all the posts.

    95. Sammy Berry

      I missed you tori I wished you did more skits

      1. Tori Pence

        Yo, me too ❤️

    96. Andrew Mattar

      Tori was amazing here. The way she talked was perfect. I think that she and April were about to crack but they somewhat managed to hold it back!

      1. K S

        For some reason, Tori’s voice reminded me of Susan Weebers at times 😂 Perhaps a distant cousin?

    97. Jocelyn Schindler

      "Was eye of newt not already natural enough?!" Ah, yes. Nothing says natural like mustard seed.

    98. Ficklebee W.

      Why is your USfilm channel called Studio C??????

    99. Sarah Schmieg

      Her name is literally Karen. 🤣🤣🤣

    100. The Banana Squad

      Heart this