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    When a baseball team gets caught up in a moment of context clues and sign language, their focus shifts to everything but the game they are playing.
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    Cast: Ike Flitcraft, Jetta Juriansz, Tanner Gillman, Matthew Galvan, Arvin Mithcell, Dalton Johnson, Garet Allen, Tori Pence
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Director: Brandon Christensen
    Writer: Dalton Johnson

    Published on 18 days ago


    1. erroneousdays

      Never watched baseball before .. so it has a video game soundtrack huh..

    2. Harry LLC

      Hearing the talking at the end scared me a little.

    3. derp smith

      *pinches back of bill of baseball cap and slides the two fingers to the front of the bill* *aka LOL*

    4. Grant Huber

      You guys are so bad now that the old cast left

    5. noah arnell

      i hate the new sketches

      1. noah arnell

        the sketches just aren't funny anymore

      2. noah arnell

        jk stoudios is so much better

    6. Charlotte Hayden

      I LOVE GBBO (great british bake off)

    7. Roslyn Pettay

      Good Talks Boys!!😏😉⚾️

    8. Praharsh k studios

      I just realized tori was in the sketch... *Slides 2 fingers on cap*

    9. Praharsh k studios

      2:47 omg

    10. Sarah Flaugh

      This is such a good wedding

    11. Foodpanda1 11

      Where is the senior actor, haha long time not watch studio c what happen now🤔🤔

    12. Emily Mejia

      "HE IS A GENIUS!" * enthusiastically points at elbow *

    13. Taiyeba Ahmed

      Okay this was pretty intriguing and funny

    14. Heather Toomey

      One of your best!

    15. DRD Cleaning

      houston go

    16. Ella Pasech

      Why did I find this so entertaining, like just watching them talk about things not related to what they’re doing, I was see more of this

    17. Heather Legler

      THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! Well done, y'all!!

    18. Lisa Jones

      Ok, now THAT one was very clever! Nice job, guys.

    19. ijk7

      It took me a while to realize that it was Tori the one with the orange outfit O.o

    20. dycedarg19

      I really like this video. 👍🏻 Very creative. Almost ranks up there with: One shot Lincoln Ride Gingerbread house Handphone ransom

    21. Isabella Arevalo

      2:52 does no one see he do macarena

    22. Persefoni Ajax

      I'd watch a whole movie like this.

    23. Ozzy

      I miss the old cast of studio C

    24. Kyle Adams

      It gets boring out there on the field, I'm not surprised. I wonder how many play with discord these days...

    25. MedievalGamer FunGaming

      Where the heck is my old studio c

    26. Bob McSkermish

      Can you guys please make a sequel? Please

    27. Helen Johnson

      Cute & clever.

    28. E-Hardt Family

      I wish my comment can get pinned by Studio C Mabey even sub to me

    29. G48DownX

      So where was the comedy?

    30. Joey Prom

      That was funny!

    31. Blanket Toys

      I got show this to my friend he knows way more about baseball than me

    32. Stevi Caviness

      Gotta say, this is now one of my top favorites from the new cast. Impressive!🙌🏻

    33. Caleb Shrgesburywgy

      “I grew up in Houston” Underrated

      1. Hothrax

        I dont get it

    34. Banana Llama

      i saw this when it aired LOL

    35. Hazman Badrunsham


    36. Thelaw88898

      👌 🧢 [LOL]

    37. Nora Johnston

      This was actually really interesting to watch.

    38. Esahcae Eneiradgbo

      Now I know I need to work on my context clues. LOL! 😂

    39. Micah Loves Jesus

      Seriously when Garet took his hat off, loving the hair 💖

    40. Daniel Walker


    41. shaddy sehly

      a sketch blind people can understand, without closed captions.

    42. Astrid Icelight


    43. Micah Owens

      So funny!

    44. Marcuri

      love this!

    45. Jalena S

      Okay, I haven't liked many (if any) of this season's sketches, but that one was funny and well done.

    46. DGD Video


    47. Kayla Galka

      Wow. They even referenced the Astros. Brilliantly done skit mate

    48. OneWeirdDude

      2:56 He must have felt pretty strongly about this.

    49. Muhammad Uneeb

      LOL will never be the same again! 😁

    50. K bm

      Anyone an SD Padres fan? + STUDIO C IS SO FUN TO WATCH!!! Great Job!

    51. Ben Lacy

      Only speaking in this sketch, "Oh man, he's actually stealing." 03:43

    52. Breanna Scalf

      I give this a like for the sheer effort it took them to learn all of that.

    53. Sally

      Really clever!

    54. Daniel Christianson

      The best part is that there was not a single word spoken throughout. 😂

    55. Studio C Fan

      What kind of slider is that

    56. Nur Saadah Binti Saari

      There sure are lots of sign languages in this world, i like this sketch, thumbs up!!

    57. Strainj1

      this is the most sense that baseball has ever made to me

    58. Ken Lieck

      Just as I was thinking that Dalton had *the* perfect silent movie mustache... well, he didn't have it any more!

    59. Devon Krumme

      This is art

    60. The Dark Jedi

      Geez, why was everyone talking in such an annoying voice in this sketch? Also those British accents you guys tried when talking about the baking show need some work! 😂😂😂

    61. Master Of Awesomeness

      So tell me. How was this written. Did they do all the hand motions and you only told them a few and just let then do stuff just to put in the words later?

      1. Master Of Awesomeness

        @Dalton Johnson ahh. Well it was effective. This is now one of my favorite Studio C sketches 😂

      2. Dalton Johnson

        We had the whole script written and gestures choreographed, but we realized some of the lines weren’t working once we started editing. Luckily, we were able to change whatever lines we wanted during the edit!

    62. Daniel S

      That was clever

    63. Genre Productions

      Who’s staying subscribed to studio c cuz I know I am

    64. SJHFoto

      Can someone tell me, the cast says Tori and Jetta were here. WHERE? I didn't see any of the girls in this one

      1. SJHFoto

        @Tori Pence Thanks, why was Jetta in the credits then? (And this is a compliment to your acting and makeup crew-but I had to watch the skit 4 times to recognise you!)

      2. Tori Pence

        Jetta isn’t in this one, but I’m the hottest dude on the orange my humble opinion.

      3. Ruth Cook

        i think tori was the player in the orange jersey, but idk where jetta was

    65. Saffron

      This was adorable.

    66. JakNekon


    67. SimplyKay

      When you can't read... 😔

    68. Aydan Wong

      this is sign language but- evolved

    69. A Hemsley

      I love how they have a sign for Oliver garden.🤣

    70. Bryan Nguyen

      “Wait you understand us?” “Yeah, I grew up in Houston.” That had me dead😂😂

    71. Valentio live

      With man

    72. Eva Tindal


    73. Studio C Fan

      Okay Arvin was the best by far

    74. QuantumLeaper25

      A genuinely funny sketch! You did good this time, Studio C!

    75. Lauren Raquel

      Fun fact: A deaf baseball player back in the day, named “Dummy Hoy”, helped introduce some of the hand signals that baseball players use today.

      1. Phteven Sekluchi


      2. Tanya C


    76. Hay Bale


    77. Kay Tournay

      This skit is so durn good! Made me laff, a lot! bet u had fun making up all those signals!

    78. Jacob Schwartz

      I know American Sign Language, so I was surprised to see how different it is from American Baseball Sign Language! ( ASL vs ABSL )

    79. Backyard Rebel


    80. gkygrl7


    81. Josh The Red Pen

      What about Jason Gray!? He was returning! Where is he!?

    82. Dalton Johnson


    83. Ryan DeWitte

      "brim touch"

    84. Sandra Ozuna

      This is how it feels to have conversations in American Sign Languge😂

      1. Edith Margaret Jones

        @Sandra Ozuna I know ASL so I can tell you it's not the same at all. A sign for an object normally has something to do with the object. Like the sign for "lion" is showing the mane. And as to the communication... well I don't know how to describe it but it's not like that.

      2. Sandra Ozuna

        @Edith Margaret Jones I know the video used gibberish, but the COMMUNICATION aspect of this video stongly resembles ASL, which is like a fun secret language.

      3. Edith Margaret Jones

        That was nowhere NEAR real sign language. That's why it's funny!

    85. Not2be4gotten02

      The voice acting was perfect!

    86. Gudarz Davar

      Day 1 of hoping to get pinned by Studio C! (okay, I've been hoping for a long time, but this is the first day I've asked.)

    87. Cactus Creates

      My friend and I are trying to learn sign language and we hope this could be us one day! pinches hat*

    88. Monique

      How did they come out with the gesture for “spit?” Whoever did that deserves a raise

    89. Sabrina Rockelmann

      and that ladies and gentlemen is when sign language was born

    90. Selma Brave

      im just wondering how they got so many different variations of "LOL"

    91. Antonio Casarella

      poor reggie

    92. Coko Fleischer

      As someone who always reads the subtitles, this is a useful video 😂 the hand movements and the ammount of times you used each joke was perfect 👌

    93. Topaz Phoenix

      This is one of the highest quality skits this new group has put together, well done!

      1. Anthony Aroni


    94. Sawyer Wuerth

      It’s hard to pull off a sketch with absolutely no talking

      1. Oliver Delica

        @Ken Lieck 🤯🤯

      2. Ken Lieck

        That's why Charlie Chaplin is such a legend...

      3. Maxell Power

        True. I enjoyed the low crowd noise over the laugh tracks of their other skits. So peaceful

    95. Yoyo Panda

      algorithm boost

    96. BDOG


    97. Oct

      He did the Macarena

    98. Violet Giles

      I love your show

    99. Tori Pence

      It’s okay if everyone is in love with dude Tori. He is powerful.

      1. BeastRover Nascar

        What who was that-

      2. D.J_KoolKat

        @Tori Pence well I love djs, being cool, and cats and the reason I have that name is cuz I might be remixing some songs. But our electric piano we have I crappy. Also, CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 14!! And remember: YOU NEED BOTH YOUR PELVISES

      3. D.J_KoolKat


      4. D.J_KoolKat

        O.....kayyyy welllllllll you guys and my favorite show(invader Zim) are my inspiration to become an actor😋

      5. Tori Pence

        @D.J_KoolKat I don’t know if it’s your name that makes me want your validation so badly but I do and thank youuuuuuuu

    100. Tyler Hatch

      This is probably my favorite new cast sketch! I'd get so caught up in the "dialogue" that I'd forget that they were playing baseball too