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    Introducing Student Driver, the newest, cheapest, and most unsafe feature available on the Uber app. You won’t need any more excitement in your life, because this is going to bring all the thrills.
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    Cast: Tori Pence, Ike Flitcraft, Jetta Juriansz, April Rock, Matthew Galvan, Jessica Drolet, Dalton Johnson, Austin Williams, Arvin Mitchell, Tanner Gillman, Garet Allen
    Director: Gabe Casdorph
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writer: April Rock

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Sherry Goodman

      My craziest car stories all took place during a very dark and rebellious part of my life. But, I do fake a British accent to charm policemen. (Imagine Emma Watson's accent.) Ticket free since 2016! 🤣😂🤐🤫

    2. Cayleigh Green

      The narrator sound like that Vat19 guy

    3. The4Tier Bridge

      I actually thought it was an add until about 30 seconds in And I’ve seen this sketch before...

    4. Robert Cotton

      the app wont download

    5. Connar Weight

      I thought that was a add😂😂😂

    6. Amy MacDonald

      Imagine if they made this a real feature🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. NatapixAS

      I cant breathe this is toooo funnnyyyy

    8. Art Deco times

      Hm, odd, its like its 1999 and station suburbans rule the road in this dimension.

    9. Brick Phelps

      I love this one! Sometimes the skits are a little weird, but then ya'll pull out hilarious ones like these. Thanks for all the work!

    10. Emma Green

      One of my favorite sketches from the new cast so far! Haha! xD

    11. culpo R6

      i miss the old studio c... like if you agree😢

    12. Eric Culver

      11pm is a late curfew.

    13. Hydra

      I legit thought the first 5 seconds was a actual ad.

    14. Banana Llama

      0:32 I am April April is me That is how I will feel when I start driving


      It’s pretty obvious that the old group had way more fans. The group now isn’t getting 1/10 of the old groups views.

    16. Ethan Nicklin

      I want the old cast

    17. Random Person 2

      It’s honestly amazing how Austin can pass as literally anything, a man, a little boy, a woman , an old man, a baby, an old man , and anything else you can possibly think of! She’s truly amazing 😻

    18. Tanya C

      Well, my weirdest Uber experience was that I was sitting in the back seat and there was a couple making out next to me... in the same car.

      1. Random Person 2


    19. What's Kraken?

      this channel has really gone down the tubes

      1. Random Person 2

        @What's Kraken? o

      2. What's Kraken?

        @Random Person 2 i meant in views. their videos are only getting 45k views, as opposed to millions

      3. Random Person 2

        And they all can sing

      4. Random Person 2

        No they haven’t at all, for example It’s honestly amazing how Austin can pass as literally anything, a man, a little boy, a woman , an old man, a baby, an old man , and anything else you can possibly think of! She’s truly amazing 😻

    20. Edmond Longo

      Wait available untill 11?? They should be in bed by then not driving

      1. Edmond Longo

        And yes schools just care if the teachers get payed

      2. Edmond Longo

        @Random Person 2 yes i stay up until 12 too but i mean kids that dumb should get extra sleep 😂

      3. Random Person 2

        And also, it’s proven that teenagers and preteens get tired way later than adults and children, and they sleep in later, that’s how school should handle it but they don’t. :( it’s sad

      4. Random Person 2

        Bruh I’m 13 and I stay up till 12:00 often

    21. Mychaela Fegter

      I thought this was a legitimate ad, and I was waiting for the skip button 😅 oops

    22. shim3212

      Did Arvin really run through the house to make curfew, or is that the magic of editing?

    23. Pepsi Fifa

      These kids are going places.. just not in student driver ubers

    24. 1funfamily1

      Brilliant !

    25. Stella Owen

      As a student driver myself I find this hysterical and mildly offensive🤣

    26. Morter 4

      Only legends remember the original cast

    27. Living in the Pacific

      UBER in the Philippines... it's Just More Fun! ... or it was until they got kicked to the curb.

    28. astronomer 72

      I've never been to oover javer

    29. Randy Unsworth

      They just don't make em like they used to

    30. Kentendo 64

      Kinda hate how obnoxious they are, like it’s Disney/Nickelodeon obnoxious

    31. Kyra Lee 李

      I love it!!!

    32. Sparkle Princess 6482

      This is what happens when ecklestone retires

    33. Gudarz Davar

      This is gonna be me when I learn to drive... haha!

    34. Yotaly Goatly

      I literly was waiting for my ad to be over lol

    35. natidaschoolboy _

      I would do this seems fun. A fun way to meet ppl my age since we are not allowed to be on tinder

    36. Jackson Giddens

      Where’s mat

    37. Elliot W

      That already happens half the time though 😂

    38. veronica mars

      always blows my mind seeing how expensive ubers are in the us

    39. Jeff Dude

      I can’t seem to find the app place

    40. JakNekon

      Omg, lol

    41. Haylee Oller

      You guys should make the logo an actual car decal so that it could worry other drivers on the road😂

    42. Nutella 14

      ✨That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.✨

    43. Deval Maheshwari

      What if Robin drove Uber as part of this. Would Studio C place it in the Batman drives Uber series or the Student Driver uber series? With Jason coming back soon, this question is something I want answered... AND WHEN I SAY I WANT IT ANSWERED I MEAN IT. GIMME A SEQUEL. NOW.

    44. Jacob Schwartz

      This is for people who like living life on the edge.

    45. JordanzArt

      This makes me feel really good about my driving😆

    46. Fuzzy Stripetail

      Even though she self-professes to not yet be good at making left turns, that one girl did display perfect 10 and 2 hand placement on her steering wheel.

    47. Doof Senpai

      Student drivers are allowed to drive by themselves now?

    48. Some Guy

      Practice makes perfect...if you survive.

    49. YouFoundHeidi

      As an Uber driver, I've seen and heard too much to comment. It's definitely an experience, and eye opening about people in general. Sometimes the younger passengers are the most fun!

    50. Solar Flare

      "Because we believe practice makes perfect" In other words they didn't practice. They're acting like 4yo with mini shopping carts.

    51. Yoyo Panda

      Did Arvin actually jump out a window?

    52. Esahcae Eneiradgbo

      Support student drivers (You're gonna regret it) 😂

    53. pixolotl

      Is it just me or did that guy just swear?

    54. FaceTheOdds

      I thought the beginning of the video was an ad 🤣

    55. Lego Master 52

      My favoret part was when mathew was driving. His chariter was very deprest. LOL.

    56. Paige C

      Who would dislike this masterpiece?

    57. Shalayne Johnson

      this is how I feel;)

    58. Nate Christensen

      Imagine if Batman had a curfew from his driving business. Who remembers that series?

    59. Jamie fernandez

      Lol imagine

    60. Jamie fernandez

      Oml so early!,!

    61. Alisha Leef

      This could be any adult's nightmare.

    62. Averi Bone

      I would just get lost and the passenger would have to navigate for me

    63. Greenkitten45

      121st 😜😜😜

    64. AlphaWoomy

      Those student drivers are so fearless... They were Obviously not taught by Mr. Ecclestone.

      1. Arrows and Aces

        Nice reference

    65. MsBirdsong 77

      1:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    66. Terance Cresto

      You should make a sketch with the conversation between Bilbo and Smaug in the mountain

    67. Iamdastorm TrustGod

      *falls out the window* me: GAHHH WHAT THE also, me: *immediately think of how they did that* creepy 5 yr old who's watching the video behind me with braces and glasses: they actually chucked him out the window....🤓

    68. kyla bhim


    69. Scruffylooking 21

      But I use Uber specifically because I'm not good at left turns.

    70. Brandon gaming TV

      How do I sign up to be a student driver uber driver?

    71. Bianca Di Angelo

      How much do they get paid? Bc if this was a thing, I would apply. And probably crash and get sued, but it would be a fun experience.

    72. Juggie Bonebrain

      "I think I had a stroke"...the fact that was written in for him to actually say ... Is funny

      1. Jimins Jams

        You’ll- what- lik me

    73. Kylie Ruby

      Oh...My...Goodness!!! 🤣

    74. Brilynn Westwood

      "there bedtime is 10:00" ( kid runs inside "hi mom hi dad at home on time" goes through the window then back in the car) "alright so where do you want to go"

    75. FaceTheOdds

      who else misses the old cast?

    76. justalittlebitmo

      April halfway out her window whooping hit on a bunch of high school driving memories! 😂😂😂

    77. Ahmad Amirulhaziq Zulkifli

      Dang it HAHAHAHAHHA

    78. Cool Breeze Yt!

      I've been here a long time with the old cast and it keeps getting better

    79. Ryan Adams

      0:18 I dont know why but I see Ike Flitcraft as a geekier Peter Parker

    80. anish dhore


    81. Kami Lish

      My sister is a new driver and every time I get out of the car this is how I feel when she drives : 1:10

    82. Zeke Gore

      Make some cash *and* learn to drive at the same time. Sounds like a deal lots of 16 year old's would go for.

    83. McKenna Broadhead

      Sup guys i love being in top 100 comments

    84. Zoey Milne

      1:06 - 1:30 sneak 100

    85. Zeke Gore

      "And you know what she said?!" *Crashes.* If I were a teen girl, I wouldn't go to prom with him either.

    86. Funny Sqaud

      Its cool that i live by where they made this so i got to see them make it

      1. pocket sized wisdom

        wow! awesome!

    87. 黒い猫

      I was early for once but but didn’t have anything good to comment, and now I’m having a mild crisis.

      1. Nutty Gram

        It's okay, I'm pretty sure that's 99% of us 😂

    88. Genre Productions

      Plot twist: The ubers are having the best time of their lives!

      1. 7th_Phoenix

        It’s for adrenaline junkies lol

    89. Ender Craft7393

      😲. Mindblown at the video editing

    90. livinginfantasy

      bold of you to assume teenagers of driving age would even talk to their passenger.

      1. Mikkel Sv


    91. Monkey D. Franky

      Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually better than someone at driving

    92. Wetfur

      I thought I got an ad when I first clicked to watch this.

      1. Jalynn Scott

        Same XD

      2. pocket sized wisdom


    93. BuildyBearMC

      Who actually misses the og cast tho? 😔

      1. Ashton Graves

        the cast isn't terrible, definitely not as good as the old cast, but the writing isn't that funny anymore

      2. Ashton Graves


    94. jacob perry

      love it

    95. Kyla Baker

      Ok then......

    96. Josiah Stewart

      You've gone it again Studio C! Great sketch.

    97. Grayson Wheatley

      I’m early

    98. Moonlight Aldc

      I saw a video on TikTok earlier that was clip of a movie or something with Garret and Lucky Blue Smith in it and I have no idea what film it was 😫 I’m sure someone here knows Note: the clip was garret and a couple of other ppl in a car leaving Lucky on the side of the road if that helps

    99. Elijah Siegler

      My gosh I thought this was an ad when I started it so I was waiting for the skip button gahhh

      1. pocket sized wisdom


      2. justalittlebitmo

        Same! 😅

    100. froggylove224 :D

      Seems pretty safe to me