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    Everybody is a podcaster in 2021, but that's not going to stop one ambitious man from following his dreams. The podcasting space may be crowded, but this guy is about to take an elevator to the top.
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    Cast: Dalton Johnson, Ike Flitcraft, Tanner Gillman, Tori Pence, Arvin Mitchell, Austin Williams, Jetta Juriansz, April Rock
    Director: Chantelle Squires
    Writer: Dalton Johnson

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Kami Clements

      Hearties Hotline and Deliver Me a Podcast. Hope you like the Hallmark Channel! I’m also a part of the Hallmarkies Podcast team

    2. Rob W L

      ‎A Bit of Optimism Simon Sinek

    3. Pi for breakfast

      “Mike” and “Ike”? Flashback to Limitless, anyone? I wish season 2 had happened.

    4. Roslyn Pettay

      What IF,someone”ACTUALLY”creates a”Peas In A Pod,PodCast”though??😱🎙🥦🥒☺️

    5. Андрей Смирнов

      Woman-president, wow its top comedy right here

    6. Chickie

      How about a Tide- pod -cast?

    7. Todor minchev

      This is what Mikey did after finishing with the Scorpion team

    8. Sean Jagiello

      Wait. There’s other Podcast besides Joe Rogans? And if so....How?

    9. BlueberryTomato

      Did anyone realize that Dalton’s left handed

    10. mnmcat lol

      I don't like podcasts

    11. Madison Libby

      Full disclosure: the part at 1:55 helped me get over a breakup.

    12. Heather Toomey

      A WALWRUS?!

    13. Ana Dominguez

      East to west Unearthing the Jesus of History is a great podcast

    14. Jeb the sheep Moop

      Hey this isn't knew

    15. Encouraging Joy & Strength

      Some favorite podcasts of mine is: One Extraordinary Marriage and Daily Grace My own podcast (which I haven’t done a lot with yet) is Encouraging Joy

    16. Fizzy King pop

      I miss the old crew they were funnier and had better sketches that’s my personal opinion

      1. GrandmaTildy FromTennessee

        come over to JK! we have Freelancers. And Evening Plans and Stuck Inside :)

    17. Zee


    18. Rachel C Zumaya

      Her impression of a rich Utah Wasatch side girl is spot on 😂😂😂

    19. Graham

      NO WAY! I WAS 7 WHEN I LAST WATCHED THESE. THAT WAS 6 YEARS AGO. ITS CHANGED SO MUCH. But I will always love the originals and I mean like the OLD ones.

      1. GrandmaTildy FromTennessee

        they still make stuff :) On JK! Studios. They are amazing :)

    20. Maddison Ray

      I like how Ike is taking over Jeremy's role of: Only Person with Common Sense.😂😂

    21. Tron4x4

      This looks like it could be some kind of movie.

    22. Tomb

      In the beginning of the sketch they keep throwing money at him after he tells them what the podcast will be about. Almost as if piles of money can’t save a weak idea.

    23. Danielle Huber

      Myths and Legends is a great podcast!

    24. Some Guy

      I was so inspired by this sketch that I am going to start my own business in selling used cars or set up a frozen yogurt shop.

    25. Milo Cocola

      I love how the president was a black women.

    26. GordonFan No.488


    27. Grey Zachary

      My friend’s podcast is called “the timelines project”

    28. Casting Stones


    29. Elliot W

      Ya know, I was gonna say this is likely a bit lile how Joe Rogan started out but then that girl said "shut up and take my money" so I definately can confirm this is actually Benders fantasy of starting a podcast. EDIT: He then said app. Therefore it is Bender's fantasy but he is either in Silicon Valley or Austin for some reason.

    30. UniSpaceLlama 13

      The only podcasts I listen to are ELT, Myths and Legends, and occasionally Unsolved murders.

    31. Crimson Cloak

      The starting a podcast on bizarre deaths🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    32. justalittlebitmo

      Healing the guy in the wheelchair was a nice touch 😂

    33. Abby H 2025

      i miss old studio c

    34. Kat S

      Ooo that was so funny

    35. Dersings Dothman

      The Glenn Beck program

    36. badbiker666

      I don't know what a podcast is. I don't want to know. I have never seen one, I don't ever want to see one. All I do know is this ... Tori is my dream girl.

    37. Gnoy's Generation

      Here Is my podcast

    38. justalittlebitmo

      I would probably listen to a podcast about bizarre deaths...a natural next step after all the Agatha Christie I've been reading since quarantine began. Lol!

    39. justalittlebitmo

      Oh man! I'm laughing so hard and I'm only halfway many people and their friggin podcasts!

    40. Gudarz Davar

      Mikey got mauled by a walrus? Mikey got mauled by a walrus. Mikey got mauled by a walrus!!

    41. Faith G.

      I literally just got an email today from a blog I'm subscribed to talking about how they were starting a podcast... An hour or so later, this gets recommended to me. XD

    42. FlowerTheTimeLady74

      My favorite podcast is Welcome to Night Vale Also I would totally listen to Ike’s podcast about bizarre deaths.

    43. Zig and Zag Show

      We have a USfilm channel, does that count? 🥸

      1. Jeff Mahoney

        Very nice girls! Keep up the good work!

    44. Propeller Knight

      So the official "Dalton's Face on a shirt" merch comes out when?

    45. Rebekah McCullough

      Studio C said they would comment on my now have a reason to start a podcast!

    46. Joe Cross

      I love the dadville podcast!

    47. Ruhmaya Shan

      Podcasts I like : Prohelika Borah the song savage love with a rainbow for the cover it always made me laugh or smile even and Unlocking Us with Brené brown by Parcast Network .

    48. Máté Jancsek

      Thank you! Finally... Podcast is nothing more, then just a radio talk-show, that is exist for decades, the one slight difference: even a mediocre hobo can have a podcast... and still attract less people, than an actual radio show

    49. M. Refqy Dharmawan

      I can clearly see the reference from the movie Tusk (2014) played by justin long as wallace bryton who have a podcast about bizzare death, while investigating one of the guest speaker he was kidnapped and surgically turn into walrus

    50. Satine Kryze

      I think the box beach ball was a better idea

    51. Hassan Selim

      "It's like Uber for suitcases or something" This is literally how we jokingly describe our Startup 😂 We match ppl who want to buy stuff from abroad with travelers heading their way (instead of paying for expensive international shipping), we're quite well-known in Egypt 😅

    52. Cat Duffy

      I feel so called out right now. I was literally just thinking about starting a podcast at work today (granted it was uni related content but still)

    53. Angeline Manga

      Go to JK studios if u want to see the original cast of Studio c :)

    54. BuddyBud7

      0:06 that cup on the back table sliding LOL! Don’t know how I even noticed that.

    55. Carissa Hoffmann

      Ologies!! Great podcast if you love science!

    56. Reina Frohling

      Sorry can I just say loved the sketch but dang those outfits!

    57. Kimberly Tousley


    58. Wolverine 367

      What's the difference between radio and Podcast

    59. LegoMaker

      I like there older videos a lot better

    60. not zaily

      chuckle sandwich podcast i rest my case.

    61. Tanner Gillman

      Great video! Almost distracts from the fact that Dalton Johnson broke into my house last night and screamed the entire script of Kung Fu Panda 2 at my children

    62. LordKekz

      For a moment I thought Studio C was starting a podcast and this was going to be the announcement xD

    63. Well That's Awkward

      I mean I don’t have a podcast.....yet

    64. Mary Browne

      All the Web’s a Stage is my favorite podcast!! People perform short plays they wrote, and I was a guest on it- SO fun! It’s a community of artists supporting artists and I love it. GREAT sketch!!

    65. devin covington


    66. Alex 알렉스

      Shenanigans indeed Ike, shenanigans indeed!

    67. Vera Bean The Tire Ant Queen

      I'm going to start a podcast reviewing other podcasts.

    68. theRCB

      Thought this was a pic of Colton ripping off his shirt to be Superman, not disappointed though.

    69. RedCaio

      David W Collins does "The Soundtrack Show" and it is sooo good!

    70. Cache the Line

      This is so true! lol Also I co-host a podcast about geocaching, on The Geocache Talk Network (which is a series of podcast topics), and are also video podcasts. The word has lost all meaning...

    71. Genre Productions

      First podcast in Studio C history

    72. Maverick Wolf

      Favorite podcast: Critical Role. It’s a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast.

      1. fuzzyfriendlydoggy

        I really enjoy the adventure zone, tried getting into critical role but honestly, didn't know where to start

    73. Bryan White

      Didn't this sketch come out a couple months ago, but why is it saying it came out 5 hours ago?

    74. Pandarro

      Starting a podcast is the genz equivalent of streaming - said someone on tiktok

    75. Aaron Long

      0:03 GHOST CUP!

    76. drsdino

      Never say that you're going to live forever... you'll be lucky if you live long enough to rethink that.

    77. Quantom X

      Some of my favorite podcasts include Ben Shapiro, Andrew Kalvan, Michael Knowles, Mat Walsh, Officer Tatum, and SinCast for CinemaSins

      1. Nicholas Ramirez

        ooow, Michael Knowles is one if my favs also!

    78. Asrig

      I like Ike being the straight guy

    79. CarysLibri

      Five Tree Christmas is my favorite poscast. It's about movies, esp cheesy Christmas movies. It's so fun, just like Studio C

    80. Isaac Smith

      This was bad

    81. Kvothe Arlidenson

      Trash Taste is good stuff

    82. Nutty Gram

      This sketch is literally genius 😂

    83. Bryce Spencer

      Can we all take a minute to appreciate the opening cinematography. Wow, that looked good.

    84. MermaidDrue

      My fav is Sweet Boys by Garret Watts n Andrew Suwicki (idk how to spell his last name)

    85. Braedyn Howard

      Mauled by a walrus. XD

    86. Chance Rowley

      i thought he was starting a real podcast

    87. TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81


    88. Super44

      how did you think of this? Also the man in the wheelchair moved his legs before Mikey even got to him.

    89. Dinah Bacher

      The Unmade Podcast and Popcorn Culture are my two favorites! Y'all always give me a laugh! Keep up the good work!

    90. The Audacity to Podcast


    91. mst3kJoel

      As a host on the family-friendly pop-culture podcast Baconsale, I would feel personally attacked, but this is EXACTLY how my podcasting story played out (except the walrus part).

    92. jacob perry

      Fact: this was in your recommeneded.

      1. jacob perry

        I can’t spell

    93. Mary Faber

      This is a perfect metaphor for 'Who tf lets the idiots in charge?'

    94. Adecentbeing

      Just gonna say, I've been a fan of studio c since it started, since I was 9. It means loads to me. And the new cast has grown on me, and I thank studio c for not dropping quality.

    95. Logan Kearsley

      Lingthusiasm and Welcome to Nightvale are the best podcasts.

    96. Seth Kemple

      I love the Mike N Ike joke.

    97. Chicken Gaming 2563

      Rip mikey

    98. Mister Jokestar

      I should start a podcast rating podcasts, and have other hosts of podcasts on as guests to talk about how they got started with their podcasts

    99. Steve Warner

      Our Dad Life podcast. Fun little project for my buddy and I to talk about things as dads.

    100. Ryuzaki Hirokai

      Uhh...what is a podscast