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    This is nothing the producers or the audience, have ever prepared for. Will team Mission Control be able to do enough to save the sketch, before the audience gives up on the cast forever?
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    Cast: Jetta Juriansz, Ike Flitcraft, Dalton Johnson, Matthew Galvan, Arvin Mitchell, Austin Williams, April Rock, Tanner Gillman, Tori Pence, Jessica Drolet, Garet Allen
    Director: Paul Rugg
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writers: Paul Rugg, Matthew Galvan, Jetta Juriansz

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Felix Rodriguez

      Where’s Matt

    2. Snow Flower

      Arrived on Mars. Finally out from that cursed planet full of hypocrisy they called Earth. Time to make the first tomb for me to live in.

    3. shaddy sehly

      if only they knew they could save the sketch by just pulling out a big monitor and playing footage from the cameras inside the control center.

    4. Ellie Bingham

      something unexpected: h

    5. Bobby Retrac

      I really had hope in you guys. I did. But to be entirely honest, you guys arent as funny as the old studio c. Maybe you need to warm up to it, or change your game plan, but I have hope that I will laugh in the future watching you.

    6. Brandon Nelson

      Apollo 13 meets Inside Out?

    7. Billy Bobertjoe

      3:06 why… why did you put the screens like that

    8. Ammon Felt

      0:08 Learning English videos

    9. leo song

      Worse sketch I have seen.

    10. John Steele


    11. DefinitelyHumanGamer1218

      Why was I hoping they had a big bird costume and he just kicked down the door on top of them, I figured it wouldn’t happen. But that would’ve been great lol, it’s still a great sketch though.

    12. Joshua Kovacs

      I love this Apollo 13 reference! You even got the box scene too!!

    13. Sakura tempest

      something unexpected

    14. Ryan Mattes

      Something unexpected

    15. Susan Duncanson

      I miss the old guys, they were more funny.

    16. iTs Messiah

      Let's see the unexpected comments

    17. Pepsi Fifa

      This was.. meta

    18. Yu Hailey

      I would’ve screamed if “blinky” appeared. It sends shivers down my spine.

    19. Sarah Kimball

      I would love to see this sketch redone, where command & control is monitoring problems with their prototype android (girl) whom they've sent on a test run as a blind date for the guy. The guy wouldn't know she's an android & would go thru all the normal flirts, jokes, slang & familiarity that comes with dating, but she wouldn't compute any of it & would take everything he said literally. As a result C&C would be freaking out & be trying to explain to the robot what the guy actually meant in an effort to help her emulate human behavior better. They communicate through verbal internal commands that the guy couldn't hear, but she'd reply audibly to C&C, which the guy would think she's talking to him & answering his questions instead. As a result of the litteralness of this android, she'd could get into all sorts of hilarious scenarios (similar to Amelia Bedilia books) & could even turn into a series of sketches!

    20. Fabulous Family

      Apollo 13 is pretty good...

    21. Fabulous Family

      Awkward Avoidance Viking would have solved this by beating the entire audience.

    22. Deval Maheshwari

      This new cast isn't a tenth of what them good ol' people were

      1. Deval Maheshwari

        They couldn't get me to laugh ONCE

    23. Joshy Games TV

      Something unexpected

    24. Katherine Wadlow

      Apollo 13, love that show!

    25. Solar Flare


    26. Drake Murphy

      Something unexpected

    27. Fortnite Stuff

      I think the old cast should make an appearance in a sketch and make every one happy and then all 20 or more do a telephone game sketch.

    28. Yoji Shinkawa

      Is this the weirdest sketch Studio C has done?

    29. derBene

      3:27 I got Monty Python flashbacks. 👍

    30. Alex Buchan

      I was trying to figure out what year were April, Arvin and Jessica born in.

    31. Sarah Moore

      Ah.. good ol Apollo 13

    32. Punnery

      Of course, if Blinky has really saved 2,000 sketches from failure,--would he still be unexpected, and therefore useful as a sketch-saver? Or maybe he'd have been promoted to "Running Joke" somewhere along the line. In any case, I trust the writers aren't depending too heavily on mere absurdity as a substitute for good writing.

    33. Preston Michael

      I don’t think anyone knows what this is parodying 😂😂

    34. ian Rodriguez


    35. Opticprogy 427


    36. Lego Master 52

      This must be how ther like when ther coming up with jokes while ther writing the skits. That's how I'm like when I'm trying to make good videos.

    37. Izzie Bing

      something unexpected: jaundice

    38. Isaac Fesmire

      I absolutely love this! Apollo 13 and sketch comedy done in a comedy sketch! Beautiful. One my favorites with the new cast!

    39. Leon Charles

      sketch pandemic lol

    40. Ioan Moldovan

      LOL! They are parodying Apollo 13 :-) This is an exact duplicate of everything they have on set ROFL!

    41. ELEVATE singers of One Voice Children's Choir


    42. Emily Houser

      something unexpected

    43. DHS222

      What they should have done is pulled out a feather! And placed it like so, and that’s the end! 😉

    44. Mr. No0bie

      "Or they could comment something unexpected" Cheese

    45. ideamiles

      This was a really funny and unexpected premise! Will we get to see this mission control again?

    46. Jashua Richardson

      Is that blood cuz?

    47. Sophia McClain-Cooper

      Something random: Birth certificates are baby receipts

    48. Tiana Jensen

      They needed the awkward avoidance viking!

    49. Valijah Seritt

      At the beginning, I was getting Middle-aged Dora vibes.

    50. No Snarf

      I want the Snarf award. . .

    51. TITANBRO Games

      Dude the new studio c guys are boring a like the old cast

    52. Gudarz Davar

      Excuse me Studio C, but you literally are super amazing and make me and all of my friend's days better! May I please have a like? I would literally go bonkers. Literally.

    53. TheEvilSheepy _

      I wish I was in Studio C because I wrote a really good skit😔

    54. Grayden Varell

      This is also like ready player one

    55. Grayden Varell

      This is like wandavisiin all over again

    56. Scott Floyd


    57. Roslyn Pettay

      Dolphins CAN’T blink!😉🐬Is that something that should be considered”unexpected??”😏

    58. Caleb V.

      The joke landing was a fake. I have proof.

    59. Saffron

      The vest was a nice touch. And Dalton's haircut.

    60. Megan Knudsen

      Loved the Apollo 13 vibes, didn't expect that 😆

    61. choirsteve

      Banana muffins are delicious!

    62. Ilikecheese

      I miss the original cast

    63. Caleb Barton

      why did the failed sketch seem like almost every other sketch since they took over for the original cast

      1. dveřecz

        I love original cast

    64. Madison Libby


    65. MoronaNamchawt

      Something unexpected.

    66. Tyler Barton

      I laughed at the fake sketch... So that shows were my humour is.

    67. Bowen Matthew

      Make a Star Wars sketch about General Grievous.

    68. Blue JA

      Dan bro you got the whole squad laughing. (5:24)

    69. Ellie Navarro

      Tori looks awesome with her hair down!! Of course she always looks awesome ☺️☺️😂❤️❤️🔥

    70. Michael Denison

      I gotta say, it was really fun to be in this sketch!

    71. McIntyreOriginals

      I'm at 2:40 and if Matt doesn't make a special appearance, imma be disappointed

    72. Lydia Stekkinger

      Love the glasses and hair 🤓

    73. Nnanna Otuh

      Am I the only one who watched it twice?

    74. Danny mahé

      Jetta is absolutely amazing, darn girl you're absolutely gorgeous.

    75. Heather Hess

      Something Unexpected. Boom! Funny

    76. Averi Bone

      Studio c, you never cease to amaze me

    77. Alex Rosich

      So Blinky is kinda like the Awkward Avoidance Viking of sketches...?

    78. Strange_ evolution

      Something unexpected.

    79. Kai Whitcomb

      Something unexpected

    80. Specimen 42

      This feels like an SNL skit (except without the mission control’s intervention).

    81. WrappingCave740 yeet

      Why does this remind me of the movie Apollo 13? :)

    82. Not2be4gotten02

      "something unexpected" *opens door* Me: pie in the face? Another blind date?

    83. Ephram Nitz

      a pregnant cow with a lufa in its mouth now that's unexpected

    84. Selah Mink

      SOMETHING UNEXPECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're welcome lol :) y'all are awesome

    85. Why Magic

      This is a good rendition of "Apollo 13" I recognized this scene right from the movie.

    86. Ryan Stallard

      Wow, someone liked Apollo 13 - so many references.

    87. Stacy H

      Okay, you got me. I did not see Blinky coming, and I chuckled.

    88. Kiana Lambert

      Hi 🙋‍♀️

    89. Rpg Penguin

      something unexpected although this was expected but me referencing the expectance of you expectance deems this comment as unexpected

    90. PigAdmiral

      I've heard of a viking that does something similar

    91. Adalynne Lovins

      I wonder if this was inspired by Wandavision...

    92. jason bower

      This is actually entertaining, because it's like the writers have become self aware of the fact studio c has been severely less funny since the old cast left. I'm sorry to leave a negative comment. I've been watching studio c pretty much since season one. Each new release I watch with hope and anticipation, but each time I've been disappointed. I think the green screen one was the only one from the new cast that actually made me laugh. I really want you guys to succeed. I'm not just throwing hate but I think the stats will back up that I'm not the only one who thinks this. You guys are awesome and I will continue watching each new episode that comes out. I'm looking forward to laughing with you guys one day.

      1. poor Cicero

        I think Daltons funny. But I really don't think the sketches are very good.

    93. Rebecca Seidel

      gives me Apollo 13 vibes.

    94. Matthew Hall

      I bet you didn't expect this comment

    95. K N

      I was in a skit a few weeks ago, and it went the worst a skit could ever go. Half the people forgot their lines, all but two of them (including me) talked really quietly, and no one had any emotion whatsoever. Maybe it was bad because we hadn’t actually rehearsed before, but that wasn’t my fault. What a nightmare for me.

    96. stealthyshiroean

      Haha, love this! Coincidentally, I recently watched Apollo 13.

    97. Gabe Ginorio

      Video posted 1 day ago

    98. Robert Walker

      Writer just watched Apollo 13, I see.

    99. emojigirl Phoebe

      Oh mai o wa....MOOOOO shin dai oo....NANI?!?!?!?(is that unexpected enough? :> )

    100. Tristi Pinkston

      In a case of art imitating art, this sketch was pretty good, but several recently have fallen a little flat. Always glad to cheer you on.