Neighborhood Kid Wants Attention - Studio C

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    The neighborhood kid is starving for attention, and he'll do everything in his power to get it. No cost is too high, and no bike crash is too severe.
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    Cast: Jetta Juriansz, Garet Allen, Austin Williams
    Director: Brandon Christiansen
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
    Writers: Austin Williams, Michael Christian

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. whofandb

      Very true to life.

    2. Elsa Prado

      This is ridiculous.

    3. Tpaat

      my gosh thats so relatable

    4. Alyssa Rayburn

      Lil bro said he should name it “Wear your helmet every day”

    5. Prior2Popular

      Poor dude don’t get attention or boundaries from his parents, so now he hangs out unsupervised around the neighborhood and thinks he’s gonna grow up to be a BMX biker lol

    6. John

      I miss James

    7. Victoria Tomoko Countryman

      I don't know any of these cast members anymore...

    8. Simon Blood

      no one can EVER replace kyle

      1. Jonathan Hoskins

        Yea :'(

    9. Rudyolf Schiermeister

      "zacks" costume makes me think he has a giant key and hes gonna unlock the door to darkness

    10. paulette

      Great funny...great acting! Thank you.

    11. Rachel Sedlacek

      It's Kyle's son!

    12. iTs Messiah

      What a dance man what a dance woouhuuuuuu

    13. Jen Y Thatcher

      stupid helmet

    14. Ang Meg

      The accuracy is killing me 😂😂😂

    15. Lexi Morton

      I can’t let my brother see this. This is practically my brother don’t want him getting any ideas 😂

    16. Out of My Element

      I did respite care for this child. ;-)

    17. jacob perry

      you guys keep getting better

    18. Jennifer Hughes

      yall dont deserve this job

    19. Jennifer Hughes

      your bad just sad

    20. LittleWashy

      And then there’s me thinking about how when I was young I used to kind of be like this to my older brothers friends... yikes

    21. Nate Christensen

      Imagine if that kid was in that ultimate skateboard park disaster with the old cast and Shonduras. Who remembers that sketch?

    22. Lindstheteacher

      All my students in a nutshell.

      1. LittleWashy

        I feel bad for you lol

    23. Anderson Lee

      it be like that tho

    24. phantom AJ

      Which one do you guys like, og studio c or this one

    25. Caleb Wright

      this is exactly correct

    26. Jimins Jams

      My sister says the new studio C sucks but I LOVE it 💜

    27. Ducks Luck

      Yo btw this kid sounds like a kid to be friends with Kyle

    28. Jordan Benton

      What the what? What is happening with this kid 🧒

    29. Flower The Unikitty

      0:28 That is me when I finally get to take off my helmet

    30. Benjamin Loyd

      This is why my mother started out bandaging all of our road rashes, and wound up telling us to put healing ointment on it if it wasn't profusely bleeding.

    31. ideamiles

      This was pretty funny--then the comedy got real with the faceplant into the mud! I was not expecting that, and laughed hard.

    32. Ilikecheese

      No hate I just think the old cast was funnier have a great day

    33. Deacon Roberts

      I’m offended

    34. No Snarf

      Callin' Collin, Kyle, and this kid. Yes please.

    35. Emma Bell

      this is totaly everyone during quarantine trying to get noticed

    36. Jill Jensen

      like this video if this is readable

    37. Addison Showalter

      Im terrified. I have... 5 siblings and none are like this.

    38. Jelly Tortoise

      No one: Neighborhood Kid: WaNnA sEe Me DaNcE!?!?!

    39. Venti

      That kid in the neighborhood your mom tells you to play with but you really don’t wanna

    40. Danny mahé


    41. Talya Dobner

      ummm.. progress for the new studio c but i miss the old crew so muchhhhhh

    42. David Craig

      When that kid dances is he doing the Truffle Shuffle from The Goonies? Cuz that's what it reminds me of.

    43. Cresta Christensen

      HYS-TER-ICAL!! Oh my gosh! One of the best sketches I’ve seen in the last year. I totally know a boy who acts just like that. This made me laugh because it was so accurate! 👏🏼👏🏼

    44. Mary Macmillan

      why did this remind me of the ohhhh yeeaahhhh sketch with mallory mixed with the bad karma sketch

    45. VE ZONE

      You can call Your snake to Slytherin.

    46. Alana Brown

      The accuracy.....

    47. Tracy Stout Behunin

      You guys rock!! Your recent sketches are soo good.

    48. Madelyn Y

      I know this is super out of the blue but does this kids energy remind you of Jojo Siwa

    49. Kimona Aang

      This is too accurate!

    50. Theatrekid- Hi

      I love the “Think our kid is gonna be like that?” “Yes😶” “Cool😎”

    51. Theatrekid- Hi

      This guy needs two friends, Callin’ Collin and Kye 🤭🤩🥳

    52. UmeetmeUbawl 06

      That was pretty cool

    53. Kia Noori

      Wow this has to be the worst video I've seen in my life

    54. Raegan

      Jetta looks sooooooo pretty!

    55. Gavin McEleney

      Hey you guys are good but I really want to to matt back in this show

    56. AWC official

      What was the point of this video?

    57. Jordan Sawatzky


    58. Alexander Main

      Fun fact : mat actually played the loader in the movie "saints and soldiers"

    59. Oddity


    60. Arby’s, We have salad now


    61. infinite beats0000


    62. Sam Nardella

      i miss the old studio c

    63. KenzieGirl

      Honestly one of the best dancers I have seen 🤔

    64. 82jp

      Is Austin actually doing those stunts?

    65. Jordan Fisher

      Every neighbourhood has that one kid 😂😂

    66. Kara Leist

      haha I have known so many kids like this! So annoying you gotta love them but still want to send them home to their parents hahaha

    67. Game with SamanthaM

      the car one just got me laughing

    68. Gacha impossible

      This is my twin bros in one

    69. badbiker666

      Why are they walking in the street?

    70. Ashley Clinton

      Every primary class I've ever taught, ever.😂 Me: "What can you do to be Christlike?" And then this video.

    71. Pickle Syrup

      mia k

    72. James Haining

      Is this a Studio C collab with Twooba?

    73. Joshua Handoko

      Brother in a nutshell: extreme (Which is regular to him) edition

    74. Anthony Takata

      Okay, Scootaloo...

    75. Ducky Shot

      Last time I was this early, Studio C was actually funny

    76. EdenVee07

      my friend told me not to watch to new studio c vids because "they aren't funny" but u guys prooved him wrong!! this one is soo funny i watched it like 7 time and till laughed through the whole vid! thanks for this vid

    77. Studio C Fan

      They need to do a live stream and we can share our ideas

    78. M H

      “Pretty sick, right? I wrote that sketch and I’m only 10”

    79. Elise Easton

      This gives those of us who like snakes a bad name...

    80. Shadow_Mustang 101

      “Stupid bird house for mail!”

    81. Bianca Di Angelo

      Kid: *struggles to pick up bike* "what's that, like 200 pounds?" XD

    82. ClareBerries

      LOOKLOOKLOOK! NOEYES!!!*hits car* Me: *doesnt know why he is still alive*

    83. Yuri Boyka

      Acting like a kid was incredible! Great job.

    84. Rochelle Gary

      I broke out laughing when the kid hit the car 😂😂😂

    85. Micah Owens

      Name your snake fluffy

    86. Robert Kerr

      I believe we've found the next Kyle

    87. M. L.

      Just about to go biking... I hope I'm not THAT neighborhood kid

    88. AJ

      If this kid and Kyle ever had a playdate...imagine the chaos...

      1. Scarlett Saam

        YES PLEASE

    89. Obed Glanson


    90. YummyBuddhaHead

      Can we just talk about how amazing Jetta looks in her glasses?

    91. zia mehta

      hi love you videos studio c. Just wanted to say me and my friend are very offended that you think a ten year old acts like that. Were 10 and we know no 10 year old who acts like that.

      1. Professional Nargle finder

        Well how many ten year old do you know??? 🤔

    92. Ivy Winters

      So true. My brother is JUST like that!!!

    93. Joy's joyous life

      PETITION TO MAKE A VIDEO OF GARET BEING RICK ASTLEY. i already saw somebody with this idea but i also had it so i thought i woulf make a petition.

    94. Dina Mirm.

      I hate myself now knowing I was that kid.

    95. PokéDubby ᑌ

      It would be that kid I got best friends with. I'm a weirdo too

    96. E Mac

      Great sketch!

    97. Rey Skywalker

      The force is strong with this one...

    98. Joel Enns

      Birdhouse for mail😂

    99. Asma Aziz

      Its better to be childless than have such kids.Funfact-hyperactive kids turn into hyperactive adults!

    100. Queen Ellie

      He fell into the mud, then said Awesome. He must be related to my brothers.