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  1. Pink Wolfie

    All the colors bounce around! black:I’m dead inside

  2. Unicorn Lover

    Did yall make Santa black cause it's black Friday

  3. Luis Serrano

    Severus snape didn’t died…… He became a black crayon..

  4. onE mEmbEr studio

    I would love to pay to see a full movie out of this

  5. That Indie Reviewer

    I will disrespect Zeus all I want. That thing is barely worthy of being acknowledged, let alone worshipped.



  7. Garrett Downs

    Ah yes, interpretive dance.

  8. Tamamen Duygusal

    This is the retardest thing i have ever watch but still I laughted everytime when it hits

  9. Clayton Murphy


  10. Amara Rose

    Anyone else notice how the persons profile is part of a group called the Capt. Literal Fan Club?

  11. badbiker666

    Is that a wig on Tori? It looks good. Tori is my dream girl.

  12. Alicia Colon

    You know........I was not disappointed. In fact, I just found a new game to play.

  13. Kry Family

    This deserves more views

  14. kaleena davis

    My favrets blue

  15. Des Pet

    Childhood 👍

  16. Caroline Martin

    What we’ve learned from this video- -She has a boyfriend *update*- She had a boyfriend

  17. Queen dollnew salma Indonesia baik

    Is fun so funny and laogther

  18. Omega sealey

    Omg is funny

  19. Michael Clark

    This sketch sees the future way more clearly than Yoda ever did!!

  20. Đức Nguyễn

    See, now this's a fun sketch. Great job guys!

  21. •Aperson•

    2:57 You can actually see the babys head if you look closely

  22. Renju Ppittapillil

    Hey where are the main actors

  23. evergreen

    i am so confused on how they filmed this

  24. Timothy Tyson

    Girl: “hey Matt wanna kiss?” Matt: “sure” *pulls out sugar cubes Matt: “dang it’s!”

  25. Richard Aching

    who are these people

  26. Blue Miracle

    Matt/The Devil is savage in this sketch. All the lines as well as the delivery are perfect. I love it.

  27. Abhijit Paul


  28. Jared Dempsey

    Emiliano looks delicious

  29. Saffron

    Burning books you could have resold would have been grounds for murder when I was in college.

  30. Haidarkb


  31. James Hammel

    This looks like a Wes Anderson movie hahaha!

  32. Shadow King Dark Sin

    Check your grandparents girls and dudes because theres no shame in calling them everyweek 😊

  33. Adaline OCA

    The line about seeing his girlfriend twice a week is amazing lmao

  34. Syed Muhammad Taqi Pervaiz

    I feel like Stacey just performs every role perfectly

  35. Ismail rajini

    A master piece 👏👏

  36. SJHFoto

    I have to admit, these guys are getting funnier! That's two recently from the new cast that I really enjoyed

  37. Sarah

    Is it just me or does black remind me that of Snape (From Harry Potter) if he acted in a kids show lol

  38. Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)

    is the girl named after a car-

  39. Levi is Funky

    Ike's face just like "oh shi-"

  40. Sadia Tasneem

    This is how DC makes trailers.

  41. Nero Metal

    I still remember those first few minutes when you think this was real... Good days XD

  42. Triết Nguyễn

    I’m no Poker expert, but why on Earth would Jeremy goes all-in after that river! :v There’s no way a professional poker player would go all-in with 7-high. Even if he thinks everyone is bluffing, that’s still a bad idea! People can bluff with 10-high! LOL this sketch is too funny hahaha!

  43. Jay Black

    I genuinely got into this thinking this dude was a real football player.😂 Once the ball hit him in the face the third time around i got what was happening.

  44. The Chidds

    This my house mate

  45. SkeletauR

    Is this legit or skit? For real im asking.

  46. Seán McChicken

    You did Britain perfectly

  47. The eight gacha heros

    Robbers ✅ Black clothing✅ Ropes✅ Jake✅ Adam✅ Guns✅ Jakes mind✅ Adam’s mind❌

  48. Timothy Tyson

    Whitney has irital bowel sendrum

  49. sr. pucci

    this was the first video to make cry laughing in a long time

  50. Gacha_blu

    I know this is off topic but am I the only one who has made up a whole personality and life for almost every number for example 5 is a like a teenager obsessed with their phone really bratty and always sneaks out their always annoyed by their younger brother number 4 and they are really rebellious they are secretly questioning their sexuality and are really worried about others opinions which is why she takes it out on others such as her brother her parents and classmates/teachers

  51. Plolop

    No one else noticed ? Marguerit thatcher kinda weird that it’s close to the dead witch

  52. Timothy Tyson

    These are amazing

  53. Gwen Walravens

    Wait, isn't that Scott *the man the myth the legend* Sterling? That guy knows how to take a beating.

  54. ISeeYouSleep, Dad

    2:05 def sure this part wasn’t meant to be happen

  55. LilFoxyCosplay

    This was great 😂😂 the grans acting is hilarious

  56. The Three Catomigos

    Why does black look like.... SNAPE FROM HARRY POTTER. i am so into green and skin colour crayon.

  57. Syed Muhammad Taqi Pervaiz

    She will be disappointed and he will be poor,which is essentially the slogan or valentine's day 😆😆😆😆😆

  58. Idiotik

    Plot twist this was filmed and sent to Canada so they could edit it

  59. *RoyaltyQueen*

    Brown: hi I’m brown there are brown things like dirt I can’t remember the words... please don’t hurt.... me. *gets tased*

  60. Ariea Ilezion

    best new cast sketch

  61. Toha Hawlader

    When coughing was funny...

  62. heruaza elxia

    Now this is a great sketch! Who wrote this ? Really like this one 😍

  63. Mustafa Mehmedov


  64. Scarlett Rainey

    I love red

  65. Doni Jaya

    Haha at last. It's funny. 😅😅

  66. Easter Island head

    1:03 A M O G U S

  67. pxy online

    She was being robbed Hahahaha

  68. I am Cake

    Purple is the colour of many pretty things from a lilac - *Black tazing everyone*

  69. pxy online

    The way she talks reminds me of key and Peele, Consequences

  70. xeralt

    the great wall of sterling

  71. Skit Studios


  72. idkWhati'm_doing& youCan'tstop_me

    this is my favorite of all of Whitney's rolls

  73. Saffron

    Whose guns were those? Grandma wasn't the only one enjoying the view.

  74. Jennifer L.

    Honestly if a robber came up to me like that I would probably give them my money

  75. D73W

    Is it weird that these sketches actually inspired me to play dnd?

  76. Brandon Lacy

    At 3:40 when she says we will come upon a series misfortunes it wasn't a was foreshadowing. This video was released May, 2019...right before the 2020 pandemic

  77. Beavis 2310


  78. SingleBit

    MATTORY? 0-0